Month: February 2014

Walt Disney World Enchanted 10K

This past weekend I escaped the cold weather in Chicago for a warm weekend in FL.  I went back to Walt Disney World for the Glass Slipper Challenge–10K on Saturday and half marathon on Sunday. After completing the Goofy Challenge last month, I was convinced that I could accomplish anything. Well, I already knew I could but the challenge “sealed the deal” for me.

Travel plans began on Friday morning.  After last month’s travel fiasco to CA for Tinker Bell Half Marathon, I told myself that for future trips I would get on the first available flight.  My flight was supposed to leave at 6am but due to weather conditions and other technical difficulties, it left 2 hours later.


AR and I arrived in Orlando about 11:30 or so, picked up her luggage, and then headed to Terminal B for the Disney’s Magical Express Bus.  Our wait time was about 15 minutes and then we were on our way to the hotel.  The bus ride was about 45 minutes but it sure went by fast.

Check-in at the hotel was fast and easy!  We each got a personalized MagicBand to unlock our hotel room, enter the parks, and buy food and merchandise.


We stayed at the All-Star Movies Resort and this was on the way to our room.

We had a quick lunch and then off to the expo.  It was pretty much the same as the WDW Weekend last month.  This time I bought two tops from Running Skirts.  I was tempted to buy a long sleeve shirt too but realize that I have too many of them.

After walking around for a couple of hours, it was time for a drink.  Check out the cool bib!


The next morning I was up at 3:10am for the 10K.  I got ready and then headed to the lobby to get on the bus.  I did not wait long and was at Epcot about 4:15.  Then it was just to wait for the 5:30 start time.  I didn’t want to put together another costume so I wore the same one from the WDW Half Marathon.


It was a humid morning.  Finally it was time to run.  The first 3 miles were B-O-R-I-N-G.  Oh dear!  It was dark and we were running on roads so pretty much there was nothing to see.  The next half was the best part.  The best part was running along the Boardwalk.  Oh, and I ran again with Jeff Galloway. He is such a cool guy!

Screen shot 2014-02-26 at 8.24.27 PM

I only took one picture along the course.  Love it!  I think this was about mile 5 or so.


Finish time is 1:10:38.  Definitely not my best time but I was not expecting to PR or anything like that.

I felt OK throughout the race.  The humidity did not help at all.  I was disappointed with the course. This was the first year of the 10K so hopefully they’ll change it for next year.

I liked the convenience of staying at a Disney property.  There was an airport pick up, transportation to/from the expo, and transportation to/from Epcot for the race.  Oh, and I loved the MagicBand.  My only complaint is that there was no coffee maker in the room.  In every hotel I’ve stayed in, there’s always been a coffee maker.  The cafeteria was not open on race morning nor was there any coffee in the lobby.  I am a big fan of coffee and MUST have it every single morning.


ZOOMA Chicago


I’ve been selected as an ambassador for the ZOOMA Chicago Half Marathon & 10K.  Yes, I am excited!  I’ve heard so many great things about this race and am happy to be a part of it.  The race will be on Saturday, August 9.  The half marathon starts at 7am and the 10K at 7:30am.

It will be an exciting weekend — a mocktail party, recovery yoga, and running with friends.  Every participant receives a cool swag bag which includes a technical tee (see below), a pair of Feetures! Performance Socks, a ZOOMA running hat, and a reusable bag.

ImageCheck out the medal!  Pretty cool huh?


Register online or download a registration form.  You can this discount code CAMB8 to save 10% for either the half marathon or the 10K.

January 2014 in Review

This month I ran 90.3  miles compared to 104.65  in December.  Almost all of my runs were on the treadmill.  I refuse to run on the snow.  I don’t mind too much the cold but I hate running on snow.  No thank you.  Yes, I’m a wimp.  And we’ve had plenty of snow here in Chicago.



I also ran three races:  Walt Disney World Half Marathon, Walt Disney World Marathon, and Tinker Bell Half Marathon.  Of course each race was different but my favorites were the marathon and the Tinker Bell Half Marathon.  On Tuesday I signed up for the Dumbo Double Dare (10K on Saturday and a half marathon on Sunday).  I am convinced that if I can finish the Goofy Challenge (half marathon on Saturday and full marathon on Sunday) then anything else is a piece of cake.

In April I will be running my second 50K.  I got myself a coach and she put together an awesome 10 weeks training plan.  So far training hasn’t been too bad.  This week was week #1 and all of my runs were on the treadmill.  Did I mention the snow?  She did tell me to set the treadmill incline to 1 percent.  My first run was on Tuesday, 7 miles with 2 at tempo pace.  I enjoyed my run.  Nice and slow but at 0% incline.  But then on Wednesday was 5 miles at easy pace.  That kicked my you know what. I was feeling tired and could not keep up so I only ran 4 miles.  Thursday’s run was 7 at a steady pace. Again I was tired so I only ran 5.76 miles.  Today’s run was 14 at a long pace.  Yes, I was determined to run all 14 today and I did.  Tomorrow in only 10 miles.  My coach told me that by next week I will not notice the incline on the treadmill.  We’ll see about that.  🙂 I realize that my 1st week was kind of rough for me but hopefully it will go smoother in the upcoming weeks.

In January I began running in another pair of my favorite Brooks shoes, the PureFlow 2.  Love them!


I am excited about this month’s races, RunDisney Glass Slipper Challenge.  The challenge is a 10K on Saturday and a half marathon on Sunday.  Easy peasy right?  I am debating on whether to wear a costume.  If I do, most likely they’ll be the same ones from the Goofy Challenge.

Tomorrow is the Super Bowl!  What team are you rooting for?