Through my relationship with Fit Approach, I received a complimentary LYFT Clean Caffeine product. As always, all thoughts, opinions and ideas are my own.

Let’s see.  This was an interesting product to review.  I am big coffee drinker.  I drink it every single day.  You do not want to be around me if I haven’t had yet a cup of coffee.  I love the flavor and the energy boost I get from the caffeine.  That is what keeps me going with 23 kids in a classroom.

LYFT® Energy Stir Sticks are a zero calorie, “Clean Caffeine”™ energy product infused with all natural caffeine derived from green coffee bean extract with vitamins A and B complex that can be used with any beverage to provide a sophisticated energy experience with a clean taste. (Source:

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It is a very simple product to use.  Remove strip and stir in drink.

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I couldn’t taste the powder in my drink.  Well, just the slight taste of sweetness.  Nothing to complain about.  Each stick has caffeine that is comparable to a tall cup of coffee.  I tried this in the evening and I was still tired.

Check out this document to see how LYFT compares to other energy giving products such as ZipFizz and RedBull.  

I like the taste of coffee so if I need a “pick me up” then I will just drink a cup of coffee.  However, LYFT is a much healthier choice.  Plus it is convenient since you can put this in your bag and take it anywhere with you.  I think they’re a bit expensive, $5.99 for a 2 pack.  Again, I like coffee so I would rather spend the money on coffee.

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  1. Very cool to hear your thoughts! I have extreme sensitivity to caffeine, so this product probably wouldn’t work for me. But it’s great that this product is so much healthier and more convenient to carry around than coffee!

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