Random Thoughts Thursday

• How funny is this tshirt?  

Punctuation Saves Lives Tshirt.jpg

• You know I like cats, right?  🙂  Bought these for me.  You’re never too old for stuff like this.  

• Finally read the book “Living with a Seal”.  I first heard about this in Wendy’s blog.  Check out her review HERE.  Jesse invites a Navy Seal to come live with him and to train him to get in shape.  His only condition is that Jessie does everything he tells him to do.  The book is good and funny.  I don’t think I would last a day with him.  🙂

Living with a Seal-1

• The Chicago Marathon medal.  I like it!  But not enough to sign up for another marathon!  Plus, they already began promoting the race for next year and this year’s hasn’t even taken place yet.

• Saw this old washer at a house I went to see last week.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen one so this one was pretty cool to see.

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