Hello April!  Where did you come from?  I am on Spring Break and really not complaining.  When I return to work next Monday, it will only be 40 more days of work.  🙂

I will admit that I don’t care much for the race swag.  After the HUGE disappointments with the swag from the RunDisney races (the shirts are nice but that is pretty much all you get), I just stopped caring about it anymore.  Sure I like the race shirts but rarely keep any of them.


I remember when the shirts were cotton, long sleeve shirts.  I kept a few and used them for sleeping.  I am sure I must have donated them because I don’t have them anymore.  There are two shirts I still have in my dresser drawer.

This is the one I really dislike.


Well, what race swag do I want?  As someone that runs various races, I want something that I could really use.  No, not another shirt.  I guess I do have something against race shirts.  🙂

• A bottle of wine or wine glass

• A necklace or bracelet

• Pair of flip flops

• Pair of socks

• Hand lotion or shampoo

• FREE meal vouchers to a restaurant

• Gift card to Target, Starbucks, or Dunkin

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14 Comments on Tuesday Topics: The best and worst race swag I’ve received

  1. I’m really digging getting stocking caps from races. I loved the one we got from the Shuffle. I think it’s hard for race promoters to please everyone, but I appreciate it when they try. The RunDisney stuff is meh and so are the Rock’n’Roll shirts. Kind of surprising for such high profile races, but then I guess giving ugly shirts is a way to get runners to spend money at the expos.

  2. When did you do Route 66? Did you do the full or the half? I ran the full (2016), and it was so fun, but oh-so-hilly (which I knew it would be). I have so many race shirts…I’ve sorted out the duds for donation, but am slowly picking out the ones that have great graphics for a quilt (because I seldom wear any of them. I do like the 1/4 jackets a lot of bigger races are giving out in recent years, though.

    • I did the half in 2014. Those hills were torture. I regret not keeping my shirts to make a quilt. I keep telling myself that I should start now but then end up giving away the shirts.

  3. I’ve never done a Run Disney race but I’ve noticed that the race shirts are always horrible, lol. I really love when races give out anything, literally anything besides a shirt (because I have so many)!

    • I did it more for the experience and glad I did the races. However, for the money that I paid, I would have expected more. The medals were nice but now it’s like meh. I am such an ungrateful runner. 🙂

  4. I actually like getting a race shirt and wear a lot of mine. Grant it I have gotten quite a few that I tossed.
    You have some great ideas for race swag. Who do we talk to? Lol.

    The Nike Women’s Marathon gave out Tiffany necklaces. Most I liked but one looked like a postage stamp and just as big.

  5. I agree with you – there are only so many race shirts a girl can wear! I have so many and I’ve donated three times as many as I have. Last year I ran a trail race and we got a cool hat, buff, socks, drink cozy, pint glass…lots of cool stuff. It was a wonderful change from a shirt.

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