Still no running but my foot does feel better.  This week I did 4 workouts on the Peloton bike.  My bottom does not hurt as much but still get a little sore.  I do have a seat cover but maybe I need cycling shorts?

Peloton Workout-6.jpg

I enjoy the classes that have various resistance levels.  Yesterday’s was tough!  I don’t know if you can see in the picture but this class had a 90-100% resistance.  Yeah, I didn’t last that long but I still enjoyed it.

Doing good in my challenge.

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My brother found a kitten and brought him/her on Sunday.  It is adorable!!!  We first thought it was a girl but now I think it is a boy.  I am 99% sure it is a boy.  We have a vet appointment on Tuesday for a checkup and we’ll then find out for sure.  

Lola is spoiled and is NOT happy with the kitten.  She spends her time hissing at the poor kitty.  We kept the kitten in my sister’s room this week.  However, yesterday he was able to roam around the apartment and simply would not stop.  He has so much energy!!  I had a name in mind (Luca) but now I am not so sure.  Now I am thinking Mateo?

Yesterday the kitten was enjoying Lola’s scratcher so I put it in my sister’s room because I know Lola wouldn’t want to use it anymore. (Lola hissed at me when she smelled the new kitten smell on me and for a few hours wanted nothing with me).  At Target I found the cutest scratcher that they can both use.  I mean eventually they would have to get along, right?  Haha, to them it is more of a toy.

Friday was an interesting day.  Well with it being Friday the 13th and a full moon, I was expecting the worst.  Not really.  It went better than expected.  My kids had to take a MAP test in Math and we were done in about 1 hour and 20 minutes.  Then we spent the rest of the day taking more tests (spelling, reading, and math), some fun time, and then watched part of a movie.  

Full Moon and Friday the 13.jpg

With the new TV I also purchased a new DVD player.  Earlier this morning I watched “La Llorona” and even though I was scared, I liked it!  I remember as a kid my sister telling me the story.  Next we are going to watch “Aladdin”.  

Not so much an exciting week.  🙂  I am going to try running tomorrow and see how it goes.  I have a half marathon next month!  How was your week?

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30 Comments on Weekly Run Down: A new kitten and still no running

  1. I think you just have to get used to the seat. I don’t feel that bike shorts really help with that saddle soreness…

    I think you should name your kitten Miles! Maybe it will bring you the good juju you deserve!

  2. Good luck on the run tomorrow!

    I think a new kitten IS an exciting week. Lola may or may not warm up to the addition. As long as they don’t try to kill each other, though, you’re golden.

    I got kittens when Puss was 16. She was most definitely not happy. Mostly they respected her & left her alone (eventually, anyway). They lived together for 5 years, until she passed.

    Kittens are so much fun! I just gave away a bunch of cat toys this weekend. 🙁

    • Thanks Judy! The new kitten wants to play with Lola but she wants nothing to do with him. But I do agree that as long as they don’t kill each other (well mostly Lola going after the kitty) then it will be OK.

  3. Hey Zenaida, good luck on tomorrow’s run! I hope it goes well and that the PF is on it’s way out. Your new kitten is adorable. Also, since we’re both How to Get Away with Murder Fans, I just heard that Viola Davis is going to play Michelle Obama in a TV series! How’s that for awesome!

  4. Good luck with the run.

    I have a 14 yr old cat and got a kitten. She hissed and hissed for months. Finally they get along. Even eat out if the same bowl now.

  5. I would kinda trade running for a new kitten (though same thing, my older cat would not be pleased at all). And that scratcher is so fun! Maybe I need to swing by target soon 😉

    • It looks like they’re getting along better today. Well, it is mostly Lola that cannot be bothered and does not want to play. The kitten is always running and jumping and just wants to play.

  6. That new kitten is soooooo cute! I like the name Luca. I want to get another kitten but we can’t until we get our own home. My landlord doesn’t like cats. We’re lucky she lets us have the one!

  7. Aww, the new kitten is so cute! And I like the name ideas. We had the Target version of that Halloween house last year and our cats loved it. They are still playing in the xmas one, lol.

    I feel like bike shorts help a bit. And just getting your butt used to the seat too. The more you ride, the less your sit bones eventually hurt. I got a cheap-ish pair of the Baleaf bike shorts on Amazon I thought were decent 🙂

    • Thank you! Christmas! Oh, for sure I will get that one. I love that they both love it too. I am going to see if my butt gets used to it and if not then I will purchase a pair of bike shorts.

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