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Brooks Shoes-17Did you see these new shoes?  They’re a beauty!  I definitely do not need them.  🙂  Right?  I have a similar pair, Ghost 11, that I bought last year.  I love those!  I use Garmin Connect to track the mileage on my shoes.  Right now I have 5 shoes that I am tracking.  A few weeks ago I decided to just run in the Ghost 11 till I get to 400 miles.  Then the next shoes I will run in are the Launch 5 and the Levitate 1.  I know it is a crazy system.  I also have 3 new pairs in boxes.  Yikes!  Update: My Ghost 11 now have 289.40 miles after today’s race.  🙂

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I am so excited to run the Detroit Free Press/TCF Bank Half Marathon.  But I will say that I am not ready for it.  I think this is the first time I haven’t felt ready for a race.  Well, I think many of us have those feelings, but in my case I really am not ready.  If you’ve been reading my blog, the training hasn’t been there.  I had (have) plantar fasciitis and at one point took 3 weeks off to recover.  But my goal is to have fun and finish it!  Oh and maybe finish in less than 3:18:01 which is my worst finish time from when I ran the Walt Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon.

I ran only 2 days (one was race day).  The rest of the days I slept in.  I don’t know what is going on but I have been feeling very tired.  I wake up just in time to get ready and leave for work. 

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The photo below is from Monday, the day after the Chicago Marathon.  It was cold and windy the day of the marathon.  On Monday I ran 4 miles and enjoyed the sunshine and beautiful fall colors.


I received my two Koala Clips on Thursday.  Love using these on my runs!

Saturday morning I finished getting my stuff ready.  Then I had breakfast and left for the airport.  My flight left at 11:15 and I arrived in Detroit at 1:00.  Once there I took an Uber to the hotel to check in and left for the expo.  The expo was fun!  There were so many vendors and I was actually impressed with it.  Normally I don’t buy anything anymore but this time I bought 3 pairs of Balega socks (it was buy 3 pairs and get one free) and an R3 foot roller.

In the evening I had dinner and watched TV.  One of the workers from the hotel offered to take me downtown so I could see the start line.  It turns out it it close to TCF Center where the expo was held.

When I got back I got my stuff ready for the race and went to sleep.

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The race was fun!  But my foot did bother me and I ended up walking a lot.  I enjoyed this race and would definitely do it again.  Oh, and I finished in 2:45:41.  


Have you run a race where you did not train well for it or were not prepared?  How did it go?

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36 Comments on Weekly Run Down: Race week and almost 400 miles

  1. Balega socks are always a good buy! 🙂 Love them! I’m sorry your foot bothered you during the race. Congrats on getting it done! I almost came home with a real big thing from the Columbus race expo… some Nike Vaporfly shoes. Droooooool. Have you seen them? I tried them on and they are amazing. Want them!!

  2. Those Brooks Ghost sneakers are really cool. I wish I could run in the Ghost sneakers but they just don’t have enough support for me.

    Congrats on another half marathon finish! Sorry that your foot gave you some issues, but it sounds like you enjoyed the race overall. I can’t wait to do it next year!

  3. Congrats on completing another half. And it was not even close to your PW (personal worst)! Sorry to read about your foot. Love your new kicks!

    • I know, right? For sure I thought I was going to finish over 3 hours. But I realized that I was also pressuring myself to finish faster because I had to get back to the hotel to check out! The hotel was about 1 mile away so I had to walk back fast. 🙂

  4. Sorry to hear the PF is still being a stinker…hopefully, now that your race is over, you can give it a little more rest/recovery. Congrats on the race!

    • I must have jinxed it when I kept saying that my foot felt better. However, it was in that week that my arch (?) began to bother me and I blamed it on my insoles. By Saturday if hurt a little to walk. I almost did not run on Sunday. I switched out my insoles to a different and softer pair so who knows how it would have been had I worn the first pair. Anyway, I enjoyed the race and would definitely do it again.

  5. That’s what I did for a half coming off an injury with similar results. I was just happy to finish.

    Congrats on one more state.

    I definitely need those shoes.

  6. Well you certainly beat your best time! AND had fun. That’s winning. I’m sorry that the foot is still bothering you. 🙁

    I only ran one half that I really regret. I started to have IT pain in the taper, so I just didn’t run. Let’s just say it was really painful, and things remained painful for a long time. But back then I really just didn’t know enough — now I would hope if I had a similar thing going on, I wouldn’t run it. Knock on wood, I haven’t dealt with something like that since.

    Taping is a huge part of why I haven’t dealt with it, too, I’m sure! Most of the time I only tape for a long race these days.

  7. Congrats on your half! Given all of the roadblocks that you had in training, this is a fantastic finish. My body just wasn’t in the zone to get good training for my last half, and I focused on just running and not racing and ended up doing a lot better than I thought I would and having fun.

    Hope you love the R3! It really helped my husband with his PF.

  8. That tired GIF <3
    Congrats on pushing through.
    That was me with my three Halfs this winter with achilles tendonosis. Sometimes you just do the best you can

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