Random Thoughts Thursday

• I love my car.  I’ve had it since 2006.  Right now it has 110,000 miles.  Not sure how much longer it will last so I don’t know if it is time to get a new one. 

Car mileage-2.jpg

• I bought a massage gun.  It is so awesome!  I took it to school and some of the teachers love it.  


Massage gun-2

• Snow?  There must be a mistake!  I know we got an early start to winter weather but I am definitely not ready for snow. 

Chicago weather-9.jpg

• I’ve been using this foot roller this week and it feels so good.  I don’t want to jinx it with the plantar fasciitis in my left foot but I really like it!


• Just a cute photo of my babies.  Rarely are they with me at the same time.  This was after I came home from my half marathon in Michigan.  I think they both missed me.  🙂




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  1. I notice the cats are as far apart as they can get, LOL! I sometimes had the boys on me at the same time. In fact, sometimes when I was on the couch (usually while I was sick), I’d have both cats & both dogs all laying on me or near me.

    A massage gun sounds wonderful.

    My car is a 2000, but only has 75k or so miles (which I swear feels like at least 10k were put on in the last month). I have no plans to be buying a new car any time soon, but obviously someday I’ll have to.

    At the rate I hang on to cars, it might even be my last car if it’s another good one!

  2. I think my car has 130k. Not planning to get rid of it until it dies.

    Glad to hear your PF is better.

    No snow!!!!!

    Hate winter.

  3. Love the kitties, your little guy is growing fast. My guideline for getting rid of a car is when it becomes more trouble than it’s worth in maintenance costs. I’ve had my car for 7 years and it’s been a dream from day one so I’m hoping that it will be with me for a long time. I’m telling you, the R3 is gold!

    • Mateo is growing because hs is always eating! He sometimes steals Lola’s food too. I have to take it in for some work on it and a new battery so hopefully it won’t be too much. I am loving the R3!!

    • Oh yeah, a foot massager does feel wonderful. When my mother would go to the vein clinic, I would wait for her and use the foot massager. I wanted to stay there all day.

  4. Keep the car. Drive it ’till it dies (or becomes unreliable). I have a 2007 accord with 188K miles, and a mechanic that thinks we can easily put another 100K on it, which is my plan.

    • Mine is a Honda too. 100K?!?!? Wow, really? That is one great car. I think I will clean it. I just need to give it a deep cleaning since it is so dusty and filthy. And I am the only one that drives it! 🙂

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