Random Thoughts Thursday

• I am at this point right now.  I’ve had a rough few days with my students.  I cannot wait till Thanksgiving Break next week.  I will be at work for 2 days and then home the rest of the week.  My mom will also be home with us so I am excited about it.

Teaching in September-November.jpg

• I was not selected for the NYC Half Marathon.  I am kind of bummed about it.  I know things happen for a reason so I am trying to be positive about it.  Maybe I will be selected for the NYC Marathon?  🙂

NYC Half Marathon-3.jpg

• Anyone have the BURST Sonic ToothbrushI am tempted to get one for me.  It has charcoal bristles to remove stains, 33,000 sonic vibrations per minute, and a 2 minute timer.  There is also a subscription plan where you get a replacement head every 3 months for $7.  Pretty good, huh?

BURST Toothbrush-1

• Has anyone seen the new “Harriet Tubman” movie?  Looks good!

• My birthday was yesterday and I have a giveaway going on right now.  Have you entered?  Check out this post to enter to win a $47 gift card.

Happy Birthday Giveaway

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  1. What a shame you were not selected for the New York half marathon. Let’s hope you’ll make it for the marathon. Enjoy your Thanksgiving break next week!

  2. Harriet is on my list to see.

    Bummed too about NYC. Was hoping to meet you.

    Yup. I was a teacher for many years. Hope things improve after some days off.

  3. Did you ever get your BURST?
    It is amazing, I own two of them now!
    I found you on WordPress when posting a promo code for their Black Friday special.

    You can visit my wordpress site and get the rose gold for only $39.99 limited supplies.

    I am a hygienist and highly recommend this brush to anyone.

    Oralsavings.com is my dental hygiene site

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