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Thank you to everyone that commented about the blog Facebook page.  I decided to just post running stuff on that page.  I may post a few things on my personal page about some of my running adventures, like my 50 states goal, but that’s it.  🙂

This week was my first week training with DWRunning.  Last week I filled out a questionnaire and then had a conference call with my coach, Dan.  We talked about my goals and expectations, injuries, schedule, etc.  I told him that I would like to complete my 50 states goal and to PR in the various distances.  Maybe not all in one year but at least a few of them.


So far my first week went well.  Something very new to me is doing dynamic warm ups before each run.  As you know, I never do any kind of warmup but now I have to.  🙂  I also have a flexibility & mobility workout and a strength workout after each run.  Again, something new to me.  I’ve been able to do the warm ups but then run out of time for the other workouts.  I was told that maybe I can do one during my lunch break and then the other one in the evening.  Regardless, they’re all important for my training and they have to be done.  

These are the dynamic warm ups I need to do:
Joint circles
A Walks & B Walks
A Skips & B Skips
Lunge Matrix
Monster Walks

Monday was 2 miles at an “easy” pace.  Did that then went to the doctor for a breast bilateral ultrasound.  I got a mammogram back in September and because I have very dense breast, it was recommended that I go for an ultrasound.  I had to wait and make sure my insurance would pay for it (they would) and then I had to wait a few weeks for availability.  The test was about 45 minutes and the technician was very nice and she made me feel very comfortable.  I already got my results and it is all good.

Tuesday was movie night at school.  We showed “The Lion King”.  We had a lot of family show up but I was disappointed with how many people were talking.  Also, there were kids running around.  I mean, is that what they do in the movie theatres? 

Wednesday morning was my birthday run.  I ran 4.7 miles.  So much fun doing this.  I think I started doing this about 3 or 4 years ago?

My 2nd grade team ordered lunch and got me a birthday cake.  They also gave me gift cards from Amazon and Starbucks.  My students made cards for me too.  It was a great birthday!

Birthday cards from students-1.jpg

Lola was shy but I did get a “kiss” from Mateo.


Friday was 2 miles and Saturday was 5 miles.  I am testing a new pair of Turtle Gloves and so far I like them.  They’re a little big but they keep my hands warm.  I will have a review sometime next month.

I had a great week with it being my birthday and some great runs.  I am very excited about this opportunity with a new coach.  I already have my plan for this coming week and I know I will be running 4 days for a total of 16 miles.  Now I need to figure out how and when to do the other required workouts.  🙂

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37 Comments on Weekly Run Down: A new running coach and another trip around the sun

  1. Congrats on hooking up with a new coach! Yeah, it’s really hard to squeeze everything in.

    Sounds like you had a fantastic birthday & got some really sweet stuff from your students (must make you feel a bit better about being a teacher now!).

    Very glad to hear the ultrasound found nothing.

    • I am excited too! I love it when my kids make/give me things. They’re special and no matter what happens, I will always cherish them. This year was the first time I had to do the bilateral ultrasound. In the past I only had an ultrasound but this was different. Or maybe it was the same thing but with new equipment? Oh well, happy everything is normal.

  2. Sounds like a great birthday week 🙂 Glad to hear you’re trying new things with a new coach. The dynamic warm-ups will enhance your running, especially that first mile…you’ll be ready to go before you hit the pavement!

    • I am happy and excited too. So that is why I am “flying” in that first mile, huh? 🙂 Running feels different. Could be the warm ups or just the excitement? Who knows but happy that last week was a good week.

  3. Glad you had a great birthday week! I hope the new coach is ‘the one’. I don’t warm up before a run (I consider my first mile the warmup) but at CrossFit we do warm up, using all those exercises and others. Sometimes the warmup feels like the workout! LOL

  4. Glad you were able to find a coach that works with your goals! Hopefully this will lead to some nice shiny new PR’s for you. 🙂 I love my coach. We’ve worked together for just over a year now. He’s helped me PR multiple distances.

  5. Those handwritten cards by the kids are so so sweet! I know it’s not always easy being a teacher, but for moments like these I really envy you.
    Looking forward to the review on the gloves – they look so cozy and warm.

    • Even though I complain about them, my kids are still awesome. Sometimes I find myself missing them. As a matter of fact, it is Sunday night at almost 9pm and I am excited to see them tomorrow. The gloves are thin but they keep my hands warm. I was actually surprised about it but happy that my hands are not cold.

  6. Happy Birthday! I’ll be interested to follow along with your coaching. I’m torn between getting a coach and joining a running group, neither of which I’ve ever done before. I’ve pretty much decided to start with the running group to train for my spring races and depending on how that goes to try a coach next fall.

  7. Happy belated. Glad you had such a great day.
    I need to be better about warming up on my own – I was good with the group.
    Glad ultrasound was clear

  8. Happy birthday. Looks like a good week.

    Hope your new coach works for you.

    I can’t imagine having time to do those workouts. But I’m sure they’ll help. Good luck.

    • Thank you. Yes, and that is why I am struggling with doing them. I just need to do them a few times so that I know exactly how to do them and not waste so much time reviewing the videos. I am sure over time it will be a piece of cake! 🙂

  9. Happy birthday! Looks like a fun week doing things you enjoy 🙂 I love those Oiselle tights. The birthday cake looks delicious. I have a few friends who were/are coaching by DWRunning and it seems like a good group! Good luck!

    • Thanks! Aren’t those the best tights? I regret not buying another pair. Hopefully soon there will be another sale. Good to know about your friends – excited about the group!

  10. happy birthday!! seems like you had a really good day!!

    I would be annoyed about the talking and running around too. why is it different than being in a movie theatre?? sheesh!!

    nice to have a new coach! I hope you get a lot of benefits from working with him!

  11. Very cool you have a coach! Was your test different from an MBI (molecular breast image)? I get one of those done every other year due to dense breasts. They have to put a radioactive dye into me (I think that’s what it is) to do the test. It seems to be a very thorough test so I don’t mind the extra time it takes to do it.

    • I’ve never had an MBI. The technician applies lotion and then scans the area. It might be similar but just different equipment. I was so tired that morning that I actually closed my eyes a bit and rested. 🙂

      • The MBI takes a really long time. They take 4 images and you have to sit still for 7 mins for each image! And you have to fast before the test (my least favorite part!). I guess it’s a fairly new technology. I’ve had it done twice now.

  12. That’s so fun your class celebrated your birthday with you! Glad to hear the ultrasound turned out normal. All the best with your new coach!

  13. Happy Birthday Zenaida! And so glad your students also made it special!
    I was at my daughter’s nativity play yesterday and was sat in front of some people who talked non-stop throughout the play and all the singing (including a solo violin session by an 8 year old). I was so annoyed.

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