Random Thoughts Thursday

• Saw this at Target and it made me laugh!  I almost bought it but I have way too many mugs. 

Coffee mug-2.jpg

• Part of me wants to make this in a big poster and put in my classroom.  🙂

Reality Check.jpg

• Smudge is HILARIOUS!!!  Here is another great meme.

Smudge meme-1.jpg • Every few months there is street cleaning in my neighborhood.  This was the sign that was posted for the week of Thanksgiving.  I’m sorry but why would there be street cleaning on Friday when most likely people are home?  I was annoyed but luckily I had to take my car to the shop so I wasn’t even home.

No parking-1.jpg

• Lately I have been very tired.  More tired than usual.  I also have been sneezing a lot.  Could it be the weather?  Age?  Who knows but I am tired of being tired.  And here is another cute photo of my babies.  🙂



4 Comments on Random Thoughts Thursday 101

  1. That mug! I would have bought it for sure. Would at least make people smile in boring meetings at work.
    Are you going to go for an allergy test? Might be worth it.
    Your babies are sweet!

  2. That sign you want for your classroom, I feel like they need to pass this out to new hires at my accounting firm.

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