Random Thoughts Thursday

• Anyone like to color?  Get this from Amazon.  Isn’t it cool?

• I know my name is not common but if I have my first and last name in an email, should you know that Arroyo is NOT my first name?

Hi Arroyo.jpg

• I went to the post office and saw this.  I almost wrote a letter to send one too!

Letters to Santa mailbox.jpg

 • Cannot go to the bathroom alone.  Mateo was waiting for me outside the door.

• Just because.  🙂Winter Break-3.jpg


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  1. Haha, I get e-mails like that, too! Such a big marketing mistake. Does your first name have a meaning?
    It’s funny that Mateo follows you everywhere! He probably misses you during the day and tries to get the most out of your company 🙂

    • Ugh that drives me crazy! It is really bad marketing. I did reply to the email thanking him for the message but letting him know that my first name was not Arroyo. No response from him. Mateo follows me when he wants to eat. 😜

  2. My cat follows me around too. Usually means he’s hungry. Lol.

    So jealous of your winter break but at least no traveling the next two weeks.

  3. I get so many emails that just say ‘Dear ___________ ‘. Did someone say spam? While Zenaida might not be that familiar to some, I think most people have heard the name Arroyo somewhere along the way! I worked this past Tuesday and don’t work again until next Saturday, the 28th. GLORIOUS!

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