Random Thoughts Thursday

• I did not realize I’ve been a member for 10 years.  You would think that I would have at least received a free coffee, right?

Starbucks 10 years.jpg

• Who does not want this shirt?  I know I do.  I hope Brooks makes these available for us to buy.  Desi is pretty amazing.

Keep showing up shirt-1

• We have 2 copiers in our school for about 80 teachers.  This morning I walked in and saw that someone had jammed it and left it like that.  Ugh!  Why would anyone do that?  I spent 10 minutes removing every strip of paper that was inside.

• Exactly! 

At the end of the day.jpg

• Aren’t these so good?  Love them.  Once I bought a package from Costco and I finished it.  Cannot remember how long it took me.  Don’t think it was too long either.




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  1. I want a shirt like Desi has!
    Oh, the copier…. there was always that invisible person who walked away after a paper jam. So annoying. Fortunately, I hardly use a copier nowadays so that’s one annoyance less.

    • I’ve been stalking the Brooks site looking for this shirt. I also sent a tweet to Brooks but didn’t get a response. My guess is that they will be available before the Boston Marathon since she said those famous words after she won the Boston Marathon. I think??

    • Isn’t it a great shirt? I started stalking the Brooks site to see if it is for sale. I hope they sell it. My guess is that it will be available before the Boston Marathon.

  2. I can polish off a lot of cookies quickly! They’re my Kryptonite!

    Love the quote — so true, so easy to get up in the “little” things — like that copier! Ugh! People are just so entitled. Good for you for clearing it.

  3. My older daughter’s name is Madeleine and after she was born I bought a Madeleine cookie mold and went crazy making those cookies for the birth announcement. Haha! If anyone knows about showing up, it is Desi!

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