Random Thoughts Thursday

• Anyone watching the Aaron Hernandez series on Netflix?  I started watching it on Monday and it is so good.  I remember years ago hearing about him but didn’t pay too much attention to him.

Aaron Hernandez-1.jpg

What other good series are there on Netflix?  I have a feeling I will be done with the Aaron Hernandez series this weekend and need something else to watch while on the treadmill.  Suggestions?

• Yeah, this is how I am feeling too.

Smudge Meme-3.jpg

• The Shamrock Shuffle is one of my favorite races.  I am looking forward to this race in a few weeks.  Interesting story about the Green Guys.  

Green Guys-1.jpg

• I have an entry in the lottery.  I submitted mine months ago when I entered the early drawing but was not selected.  Tomorrow is the first day to enter through the regular lottery.  I am also going to enter the lottery for the Marine Corps Marathon.  I hope to get picked for one of these races.

NYC Marathon Entry-1


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  1. I watched the Aaron Hernandez story a few weeks ago. So much talent. So sad. Fingers crossed for you in those lotteries. Both great races!

  2. If you haven’t watched it yet, check out Casa de Papel (Money Heist) in Netflix. There are 3 seasons. My wife and I watched 1 episode a few months ago and were hooked right away, finished all 3 in a few weeks.

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