Happy Tuesday!  Spring Break is going well.  Slept in a little bit yesterday and then watched “Cheers”.  Today I will spend some time calling the parents of my students.  I’ve been using “Remind” but have not touched based with everyone.  My principal asked us to now call them  Honestly, I wasn’t going to but who knows when I will see them again since our return date is still up in the air.

Welcome to another edition of Tuesday Topics.  This week we’re talking about what made you decide to start running.  Let’s discuss!

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This week’s Tuesday Topic:  What made you decide to start running?  You can write about this topic or feel free to post any running related blog post.  Remember to link up with Kim and Zenaida!  Visit at least two of the other linked posts – the more the merrier!  Remember to come back for later linkers!

I started running in 2005.  I know this sounds silly right now but I did not know how to run.  Just writing it make me laugh.  I signed up for a Beginners Class with CARA.  I don’t think I finished the class because I ended up signing up again.  🙂

I know many people start to run for health reasons.  Not me.  I started running because I saw a much older man running along the lakefront.  If he could do it, so could I.  And I did.

Now I continue to run because I like it.  I don’t love it, I just like it.  I’ve had my moments in which I felt burned out and did not want to run anymore.  A break was all I needed in order to enjoy running again.

Other reasons I continue to run are:

♥ To feel good about myself
♥ Improve my health
♥ Improve my energy levels
♥ Train for a specific goal
♥ Gives me time to think and get ready for the day

Thanks to Wendy for letting me know about the Un-Canceled Project.  Click HERE to sign up.  It is FREE and it starts tomorrow.

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How about you?  What made you decide to start running?

Tuesday Topics

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16 Comments on Tuesday Topics: The reason I started running

  1. It’s strange, but I can’t remember why I started running. In fact, there was never a conscious decision to run. I always ran as a kid and as a young teenager. Then I forgot about it and took it up again in my late twenties by gradually going more and more often.
    I love that Wendy pointed out the Uncanceled Project! I have signed up!

    • I remember someone else mentioned it on Facebook but didn’t pay too much attention to it. Once I read her post I became interested. We’ll see how I do since I like doing my own thing.

  2. I love running, but you all know that. It started as a way for me to calm down and combat anxiety. I sure didn’t expect to fall in love with it!

    Excited that you will be joining me in the Uncanceled Project!

  3. I love your story “if he can do it so can I”. I always wanted to run but everytime I tried it was hard so I just kept on doing non-running cardio. Then in 2009 I had a very tight budget due to the recession so I cancelled my gym membership and needed a way to get the intense cardio that I was used to, and running was the only free way to do that;-) And I love it so much.

    • I wished I could see that person again so I can thank him. If I hadn’t seen him running, many things would definitely be different. I also love hearing everyone’s running stories!

  4. I actually wanted to tone up LOL …well, and I had a big class reunion coming up. I didn’t think to sign up for any classes or instruction, I just kind of winged it. There wasn’t much for online stuff back then, so I had no idea what all was out there in terms of “coaching.”

  5. This is great! It’s so nice to read about people discovering running and sticking with it! Seven years for me! I started to support my husband, and then I ended up getting addicted and he dropped off. He will join me for a 5K or a smaller event if I ask, but that’s it for him.

  6. I miss running along the Chicago Lakefront since my son and d-i-l have moved from Chicago back to Virginia. I started running when I was in eighth grade and that was a LONG time ago!

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