Random Thoughts Thursday

• Someone posted this meme on Facebook.  Maybe I am being very sensitive right now but does anyone really think it is funny?  I mean joking about dying from the virus because of what you told your wife?  Maybe I just don’t get it.

Virus meme-1.jpg

• I know I posted about being patient.  I know many businesses are doing the best they can so we can have the things we need/want.  About 2 weeks I ordered some items for my Peloton.  To this day, I haven’t received it.  I mean does it usually take this long?  I have already reached out to the company and have asked them to send the items again via UPS or Fedex. 

Drip Accessory-1.jpg

 • I ordered a new Koala Clip.  It is simply the best.  This I received 4 days after placing my order.  🙂

Koala Clip-5.jpg

• My plan is to move this year.  I am collecting boxes so I can start decluttering and pack up a few things.  What it is with cats and boxes?

Lola and Mateo-9.jpg

•  I love martinis!  I went to the store yesterday to get some groceries.  I also got items to make martinis and 2 bottles of white wine.  Now I don’t know why I “only” got 2 bottles.  🙂  My plan when this is all over is to have a Martini Party.

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    • I stopped buying them toys because they like boxes, a wad of paper, a hair elastic, you name it. Martinis are my favorite! Seriously, I could drink one everyday, but I won’t. That won’t help my waist line. Haha!

  1. Glad you have boxes for the cats, now you just need boxes for your stuff;-) I’m thinking about getting a Koala clip for my phone, right now my flip belt works very well but if I had somewhere else to put my phone I could fit an extra water bottle in my flip belt for long runs. Cheers to your martini!

    • The love the boxes! I have more than enough for them. I guess I do need to get more for me. 🙂 I love the Koala clip! I remember at first I was using it wrong but then figured it out. Not that hard but I didn’t look at the picture showing how to use it correctly. Yeah, the teacher did not following directions. Now I take it with me for all of my runs.

  2. Boxes are the ultimate cat toy. A memory of Giz playing with a box popped up on FB not too long ago.

    I agree with you on the meme. I guess some people are just into really dark humor.

    • For real! I don’t buy them toys anymore. They’re happy with whatever they find and are curious about. Glad to see you agree. I thought maybe there was something I was not seeing or understanding with the meme.

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