Random Thoughts Thursday

•Anyone ready to start getting on an airplane?  With cheap fares right now, it is tempting.  If it were “safe” to travel, I would go to NY and Hawaii.  Oh and of course to Mexico.  Where would you go?


•We all need something to laugh about now.  How about this?  

Cat meme-5

  •Still have not worn jeans but I am sure they won’t fit.

We were on a break

•Tomorrow is the last day of school.  I won’t be posting any assignments for my students but we do have meetings.  I don’t understand why. Bored Teachers-3

I finished reading another book.  Good one but found some things annoying.  Anyone else read it?


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  1. Last day of school! Nice!
    Are you off from work now or will you still be doing some preparation stuff for after the school holidays?

  2. I’m actually looking at flights to Alabama. Hoping to get down there to see Holly since I had to cancel my trip in May.

    I did read Ghosted and I thought it was cute.

    • That is great that you’ll get to see Holly! I think I heard about the book from you. I didn’t hate it and did think it was interesting. It was just that a few things were annoying to me.

  3. Woohoo for the last day of school! I’m not ready to hop on a plane just yet, but maybe next year.

    I wear jeans 1-2 days a week while working to make sure that they still fit, LOL. I refuse to buy a whole new wardrobe after the stay at home orders are over.

    • I was thinking of maybe going to Mexico for Winter Break but tickets are so expensive.

      Oh I won’t buy a new wardrobe. I will do whatever it takes so that they fit again. Haha!

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