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Another great week for me!  Ran 5 days for a total of 20.84 miles and did 2 virtual races for the Uncanceled Project.  I was hoping to do 3 but needed a little over quarter of a mile for an 8K.  Oh well.

Last week was my last week of school.  While in a way I am glad it is over, it was sad.  I know this isn’t the way it was supposed to be.  I did the best I could with the tools I had.  I had mentioned in another post that the camera in my students’ Chromebooks were not “working properly”.  Due to security reasons, they could see me but I could not see them.  Thursday morning we got an email that the cameras were now (we knew they would for Summer School).  It felt so good to hold a Google Meets session on Thursday and Friday to see my kids!!

I mailed a certificate for those students that did some of the work these past couple of weeks.  A few did NOTHING so no certificate.  I did mail the “o-FISH-ally” gift to everyone.  Mailing wasn’t cheap and someone told me that I could have just delivered to save some money.  Umm, no.  That is 18 envelopes.  One of my kids received it yesterday and the mom sent me a picture thanking me.  

End of school certificate

Marcia and I are doing The Great Run Across Illinois.  We signed up for the 210 miles challenge and each of us is planning to 105 miles.  I am happy to report that I have run 92.88 miles since May 1st.  I need 12.12 miles, but of course will continue running to complete the challenge with Marcia.  I know virtual races isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, it wasn’t mine either.  However, they have motivated me to keep running.

Run across Illinois-1

I also signed up for the California Coast 500 Virtual Challenge.  This challenge offers different distances – 100, 250, 400, or 500 miles and you have 3 months to complete it.  I am doing 250 miles.  Run Local will donate 5% of every registration fee to Team No Kid Hungry.   Make sure to sign up!

California Coast 500 Virtual Race-1

Remember how last week I wrote about how great one of my runs went?  I did 3×5 minutes and not only did I ran them without stopping but they were all negative splits.  I did the run again yesterday and while it didn’t go as well like last week, I am still proud and happy with how it went.  This time I did stop a couple of times.  🙂


Linking up with Kim and Deborah for the Weekly Run Down.

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  1. Well done on the running, Zenaida!
    I’m impressed with your and Marcia’s virtual run across Illinois. So many miles, and you keep going.
    Love the certificates with the fish to go with o-fish-ally, haha!

  2. Your kids must have loved those packets! Congrats on being almost done with IL and on to CA.

  3. Everyone keeps saying that they don’t like virtual runs or that virtual races ‘aren’t their thing’, but what else do we have right now? Everyone is doing them–I like that they keep me accountable. I’m certainly not racing anything, tho. Just running!

    I bet you are glad to be done with elearning. I hope that you don’t have to do it again come fall!

    • I agree, Wendy. Who knows when we’ll be able to race again? I am not racing either. Right now it is mostly to keep running and it is working out for me. I think so far it’s been 2 or 3 weeks in which I have not miss a run. Nothing wrong with missing some runs but the also keep me accountable.

      I am crossing my fingers we are back in the classroom in the Fall.
      But I wonder exactly how that will work out.

  4. How very thoughtful are you to send those certificates and gifts to your students. I love a good pun! Cool to be teaming up with Marcia to run across the state. You’re almost there!

    • I would have given them a gift if we were in the classroom. This was just a bit sad because I wasn’t giving it personally to them. At least it will still make them smile.

  5. I’m okay with virtual races- it’s all we have right now!

    I’m sure it’s so nice to be done with school…do you have any idea why some of the kids did nothing? Was it because their parents were working and they needed help but couldn’t get it? Such a tough time…for you and the parents! Glad you survived and get a break for a little bit. Those are really nice certificates you sent!

    • Exactly! Who knows when we’ll race again so right now that is all we have. I don’t race these races..just run to keep on running.

      I know one student had no Internet access till later towards the end. The others were a mix of me having a hard time getting a hold of them to simply just not wanting to do any work. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  6. wow nice job you 2 with your team challenge! Virtual runs are losing their appeal but I do keep doing them as well. It’s something to keep up the motivation right? Nice wee glad you are back in the runbet!

  7. Your running is going great!

    I’m not really motivated these days. No races, right?

    I am doing the NYS challenge but more of my miles are walks than runs. I’m ok with that. I am enjoying the walks and hikes. And they get me outdoors – which is the safest place to be.

  8. You had an active week! Sorry the school year had kind of an anti-climactic ending. That California coast race sounds fun 😉

  9. Virtual races aren’t my fave when things are normal buy now? Why not? If I’d ever add up my miles, I’ll bet we’re at our goal. Nice week for you! What a nice treat you sent your kids. I’ll bet they all loved it.

  10. I love that the virtual races have given you motivation to run more. I agree that virtual runs and races weren’t really my thing when this pandemic first started but now I realized they give me motivation to get my butt out the door for a run.

    I love the gifts and certificates that you mailed out to your students!

  11. I know that normally teachers are so happy to have summer break before them, but this year has to be so bittersweet. I love the certificates that you sent to your students – so sweet!

    Yay for having such a great month of May!

  12. Sounds like running is going really well Zenaida! That’s awesome!! Well done on all your miles! I am not a virtual races person but I can see how it can keep you motivated. I just signed up for Kim’s 7 Mile race to support and give myself a kick in the butt.

    I hope you have a good summer break and that school can be a bit normal come startup time…

  13. That’s great that the virtual run has been so motivating! And I love that package of stuff you sent to the students, so cute 🙂

  14. It’s always great to smash a good workout! I love doing that. I had some teacher friends who had the same complaint about students not doing the work in their virtual classes. It baffles me because my parents always made sure I did my homework. Granted we weren’t virtual, but I have to believe they would have done the same if we had been.

    • Many of my students were left at home with a sibling while they worked (many are essential workers). Also, many of the parents struggled with technology (Google Meet and Classroom). I think many didn’t think it would be beneficial. Well, that is another discussion because I saw a post somewhere that Remote Learning did not work. Oh well.

  15. Great job with your running this week! I bet its nice to be done with school after how crazy the end of the year was. That was so nice of you to mail something to your kids!

  16. Congratulations on finishing the school year. I know it wasn’t easy, but you did it! I’m sure it was a relief to see all the kids, and I’m also sure they loved their gifts.

    Great job on your running, too! You rocked it!

  17. I’m super far behind on commenting this week! Not quite sure what I got up to.

    That’s great that you can see your kids for Summer school! I can only imagine how expensive mailing things to them was — mailing has gotten so expensive!

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