Random Thoughts Thursday

• Who is excited about Hamilton?  I am.  It makes me laugh that I saw the show in September but left during the intermission because I was bored with it.  It was not what I was expecting but I am willing to watch it again on TV.


• I love iced and cold brew coffee.  During the school year I would sometimes stop at Starbucks or Dunkin’ for either an iced or cold brew.  Anyone has good recommendations on packs to buy so I can make it at home?   

• I am stocking up on cleaning supplies for when we go back to school.  How many bottles is too much to have?

Disinfectant cleaner-1.jpg

I have so many apps on my phone to edit my photos.  Recently, I am loving B/W photos with a bit of color.  Snapseed is the app I am using now.  I had to watch a YouTube video to learn to do that.

This picture of Mateo makes me laugh.  It also makes him look dangerous. Or angry?


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  1. We watched Hamilton last night. It was amazing! Did you see it live?

    I have been using Snapseed for a long time. Did you edit that B/W photo with it?

    • I did see it live in September. I won tickets and my sister went with me. However, I got bored a little and left during intermission. 🙂 With Snapseed you change it to a B/W photo and then you edit it using their tools. It does take a few steps to do it but it does get easier. I am sure there is a better app but I haven’t found it.

Thank you for your comment!