Weekly Mileage-65.jpgAnother week of running 6 days for a total of 23.11 miles.  But did it really happen since Garmin has been down since Thursday? 😜🤣

Thanks to Facebook Memories, I was reminded of some fun things that happened a few years ago such as my trip to Alaska and running my 100th race (RnR Chicago Half Marathon).  It is fun to see these memories.  I like remembering my fun trips and thinking about when things were “normal”. 

RnR Chicago Half Marathon was supposed to be last weekend.  I saw someone post this announcement and I don’t understand why RnR even is offering these options?  I mean do they seriously think that these races will take place?  Or will they?

RnR Announcement-1

I know I am late to the party here but now I am taking full advantage of my Peloton membership.  I was mainly using it for cycling classes (and even that was just a few classes).  Yes, I know a few bloggers have written about all of the different classes they’ve taken and I would tell myself to do it as well.  It wasn’t until I started the Pelothon 2020 Challenge that I had a chance to explore it more.  Better late than never, right?

This past week I took 12 classes.  It might not be much but it is for this girl.  I am enjoying the mediation, stretching, and running classes.  Yes, running!  I do it mostly for the music and sometimes all of the talking still annoys me, but not enough to stop me from taking the classes.  This week as part of the challenge I took 2 live classes which is something that I never did.  

Even Mateo took the stretching class with me.


With Garmin being down I cannot show you my new running routes.  A few weeks ago I mentioned that most of my runs are done by my house.  They’re mostly the same routes which is fine by me.  Last Sunday I decided to run the streets by the house.  I started by going right, then left to the next block and ran there till the major street.  Once there I turned left and then went left again in the following block.  Kind of hard to explain but see image below.  I like that route.  I am never too far from my house since there is another street in the middle and if for any reason I need to get home sooner, then I can go down that street.

New running route-1

Yesterday I ran the Quad-City Times Virtual Bix 7 with a few bloggers.  It was fun deciding on the date to do said race, starting time, and coordinating our outfits.  I did this as part of my long run and had no expectations regarding pace.  All I knew was that I was running along the lake and was planning to start early.  It wasn’t too warm in the beginning but then it did get hot later in the run.

Quad-City Times Virtual Bix 7-1.jpg

We are entering the last week of July.  My goal was to run at least 100 miles.  Right now I am at 87.41 miles so I need 12.59 between tomorrow and Friday.  I think it is doable and I am excited about it!

I am borrowing an idea from Kim.  She ends her post with some funny memes.  I am doing the same today but they’re all about the Garmin outage.

Linking up with Kim and Deborah for the Weekly Run Down.

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27 Comments on Weekly Run Down: Memories and “new” running routes

  1. Hey, the plus side is that by not being able to show the route in Garmin you don’t have to worry that somehow you’re showing where you live;-) I can get a lot of mileage by running my side streets and it’s always nice to know that home is close if I need it.

  2. Congrats on the great week! I’ve done a very similar running (and biking) pattern, often in the very early hours, when it’s dark. I’m so glad you were bale to run the Bix-7 with us yesterday! We have a great team 😉

  3. I do wonder why RnR is offering those options – there’s no way any races are going to be happening in September. I’m also sad that RnR Chicago will not return in 2021 – that was one of my favorite races.

    It was so nice running with you virtually this weekend 🙂

    • Who knows why they thought it would be a great alternative? It seems like fewer and fewer people are signing up for that race. July is really a bad time to have that race.

  4. Thanks for the memes! I never go look FOR them — but I enjoy looking AT them! That last one was exactly how I felt about Garmin!

    I definitely think you’ll meet your goal for July. Good job, Zenaida!

    I agree about the talking on Peloton sometimes. Hey, we came for the music! I have yet to do a live class.

  5. I love the new route diagram, teehee! 🙂 That is odd about the RnR races. I really am doubtful that even November races will happen now. I am hoping to get a Strava Local Legends status for something around here because I’m a creature of habit and run the same routes day after day!
    I think you will get your running goal. Great job this week too!

  6. Awesome week Zenaida, congrats on the virtual 7 miler! How fun that so many of you did it together!

    • It was fun! Right now that is what we can do right? Let’s set up a Oiselle run. However, I am nowhere running the same mileage as you but I am sure we can work something out.

  7. You “beat” me by two seconds. Haha. That’s funny how close we were in pace.
    I think some of the fall races, but with the comment that they’re not returning to Chicago, and have left NYC, I wonder if RnR will be able to make it in larger cities.

  8. Glad you are enjoying more of the Peloton classes! I’ve actually gotten hooked on the chit-chat during the outdoor runs, but try Matt Wilpers for less chatting but good coaching. 😉 Nice going on the Bix7. I hadn’t heard about those RNR options — I agree that makes no sense!

    • I did take his class but did not like it as much. Sigh, I am just so complicated. 🙂 But that is OK since there are so may instructors and lots of classes too.

  9. Congrats on the Bix 7! Sounds like fun to run virtually with other bloggers. Thats strange to give people the option to transfer to those other races that probably wont be held either.

  10. Those are really crazy RnR options. How fun to race virtually as a group. The lake sounds like a perfect place to get it done.

  11. Oh my goodness, it looks like Mateo is really enjoying stretch class. 🙂

    It looks like you ladies had fun with your virtual Bix 7! Doing these virtual races with our blogger friends is one of the good things to come out of the crazy year.

    • Mateo is so dramatic and stretches all of the time. My sister and I laugh because it is so funny when he does it.

      I am glad we did the run and it felt like we were running together. Definitely adds motivation.

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