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How is it already August?  A few more weeks of Summer Break and then back to school.  I found out that we will start the school year with Remote Learning.  While I am pleased with the news, it does make me sad because I honestly am tired of Remote Learning.  Also, it will be weird starting off a new school year without being there with the students.  I did find out this past week that the cameras will be turned on so at least I will see them during class time.

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I am still running on the side streets.  No complaints.  Twice I ventured out further north to the area where I am interested in buying a house.  I ran by the house that I really, really liked and wanted to buy last year.  It made me sad.  I did see another house for sale by owner and sent the info to my agent.  Back and forth messages with him and yesterday he told me that the owner has a contract already.  🙁

My heart rate went up when I saw this.  It reminded me of when I fell in January.


I live close to the fire department and they have a small fish pond in the front.  It was the first time seeing this since I rarely go in that direction when I run.

Fish pond-1.jpg

I did all of my runs with the Peloton app.  I like the variety of music and am liking the instructors.  Even all of the talking does not bother me as much anymore.  I guess it depends on my mood too.  

For my long run on Saturday I did not go to the lake.  I ran by my house and took a fun class.  Matty mentioned that he was taking us back to our partying days in high school and college.  It was fun and I recognized many of the songs!  There were songs such has “What is Love? and “Another Night”.  There was one by Whitney Houston that I had never heard and LOVED it -My Love Is Your Love.  Am I the only one that has never heard it before?

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I finished July with 103.54 miles.  July has 31 days and I ran 25 of those days.  Overall I have been feeling good.  I felt some discomfort in my left calf and the bottom of my left foot as well.  I remembered that’s what I had experienced before I had plantar fasciitis.  At that time I did not know any better and I ignored it.  Big mistake.  I foam rolled and it felt much better the next day.  I’ve also been using my massage gun which has been helping a lot too.

I am excited about August.  Excited to see what my coach has for me to do this month.  Also, I am working on a few things for school but don’t want to do too much until I know my schedule, list of students, and District’s expectations.  I belong to a Facebook Group and have gotten great ideas for my virtual classroom.  Here is what I have so far.

Virtual Classroom-2

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41 Comments on Weekly Run Down: 103.54 miles and Hello August

  1. Great week Zenaida! I need to get a massage gun, it sounds like a miracle worker!

    Glad you are pleased with the news for your school.

    That Peloton run for your long run sounds fun!

    • I got mine after running a race in Detroit. One of my friends let me used hers and then I ordered one on the way home.

      I am pleased but part of me wants to be in the classroom too. I hope at least they let us go in during the week (with the necessary precautions). I am tired of teaching/working from home.

  2. I’m glad that you know how you will start off the school year. I know that the remote learning isn’t ideal though. Hopefully in-person learning can resume next year.

    Great job with your running and mileage last month! I agree with you about the Peloton outdoor runs – I’ve done a few and I like them a lot. I enjoy being coached during a run.

    • I love the music. I did a Cher run today and loved it. I want to do it again but there are more that I want to do too.

      I have a feeling it will be next year. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

  3. I’m actually glad you’ll be doing remote learning. I know it’s not optimal for you or the kids, but man, I can’t even imagine trying to wrangle young kids these days.

    Glad your enjoying the Peloton app! I’m ready to take it back inside, actually. Not completely, but the heat & humidity is just literally wearing me down — and I’m not even running that much!

    You’re doing great! Another great month for you!

    • I am pleased with the news too but man I do miss my classroom. I hope we will be allowed to go in during the day (with the necessary precautions) because I am also tired of teaching from home. I need a change of scenery. 😀

      I know the heat has been unbearable. Hopefully you will get a break soon.

      • I’ll bet you need a change of scenery! Hugs, Zenaida.

        This week is cooler.Today I’m going to try a Peloton bootcamp with the treadmill — it’s been months since I’ve used it! Also the first time I’ll do back to back running days in months, probably, but it won’t be that much running.

  4. Great miles, Zenaida! Personally, I think remote learning is the way to go right now. The second wave is here and if you weren’t doing remote, you would be soon. As a parent, I don’t think I’d be sending my kids to school this fall. Wait for the vaccine.

    • I know it is the first thing but I do miss being in my room. I‘ve been there twice to pick up a few things and both times I left feeling sad. Hopefully soon there will be a vaccine.

  5. You’ll laugh – My Love Is Your Love is actually one of my favourite Whitney songs!
    I can really understand you missing your school kids – that was the hardest thing for my kids’ teachers before they went back to school. The teachers did well with remote learning but said they missed having the kids right there and watching them grow.

    • I cannot believe I had never heard of it!!! 🤷🏻‍♀️ Glad for the app so now I can listen to some “new” songs. Today I did a Cher run and there were some songs I hadn’t heard but liked them too.

      I hope remote learning is better this time around. In March we had no idea what we were doing and did the best we could.

  6. I can understand how remote learning would be disappointing after you are used to being in the classroom and interacting with students, but I think it is the safest option at this point. Our district is sending the kids back full time. I think that is reckless.

    • I agree with you that it is the safest option. I am just tired of remote learning and miss my classroom. Hopefully soon there will be a vaccine and some things back to “normal”.

  7. Great job on the running this week! My kids will be going back to school for 2 days onsite, and 3 days remote learning. We’ll see how it goes! I hope it goes well because I don’t want to back down to all remote learning. Searching for a house is such a heart breaker when you find something and then learn it’s got another offer. Been there! It’s so emotional. Hang in there!

    • Thanks. I am just tired of looking . Right now so many people are buying because the rates are so low.

      I don’t blame you for not wanting to do remote learning either. I know it is stressful for parents too.

  8. Great month of running.

    I canceled my Peleton subscription because I don’t have enough data to use it outdoors.

    Tough to be a teacher these days. Hang in there.

  9. It would be awesome if you ended up finding your house on a run. It will happen! Congrats on a great July, it’s one of the hardest running months and you crushed it.

  10. What a great month! Well, at least you have an answer for the start of the school year. Not ideal, but probably the safest option right now.

  11. Great July running!

    I’m sure not being with your kids at the start of the school year will feel odd, but it does seem like the safe way to go given all that is happening right now. Your classroom set up looks terrific!

  12. That is a fun virtual classroom! I hope remote learning goes well for all of us. It’s not ideal of course, but I totally understand that it is necessary. I’ve not heard that Whitney song either!

  13. Great week. I think most schools are starting with virtual learning, and I think that makes sense for most places — if not all. My son is starting to look at houses to buy — it’s so stressful.

    • I think most Districts and states will start with remote learning. Hopefully it isn’t for a long time but I will understand if it does. I just miss being in my room. ☹️

    • I know it is the right choice but I do miss being in my classroom. Remote learning is “ideal” for only a short amount of time. I hope it isn’t for the whole year. And if it then we’ll see how that goes.

  14. great week! so many schools here just decided to go to remote learning – BUT luckily / unluckily(?) daycares and preschools are still open. So, it doesn’t impact us too much. Good luck with the remote start. And hope your foot is feeling better soon!

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