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Before I start talking about my runs, let me tell you about the news I received on Monday.  I found out that I will be moving to another classroom.  I still cannot believe it.  In a way I am happy that I am not going to another school leaving behind a lot of wonderful coworkers.  I am upset that I will be separated from two other 2nd grade teachers.  They are both AMAZING!  We’ve shared so many wonderful moments along with learning experiences that have helped us improve.  My room is on the 1st floor and I will be moving to the 2nd floor.  I will also have to pack ALL OF MY stuff in boxes.  Do you have any idea how much stuff I have in my classroom?  The idea of packing everything AGAIN is giving me anxiety.  No, I am not happy at all.

Another good week for me.  I felt good with no pain at all.  I did several Glutes & Legs Strength workouts with Matty.  I also did Arms & Strength with Matty too.  Each is 10 minutes but I think soon I will increase it to 20 minutes.  I also took the 30 mini Prince Ride and it was AWESOME!!!  No picture because I left my phone in my room, but it still happened.  Wow, it was so good that I would like to take it again.  Ally and Emma looked so cute in their purple outfits.  

My best run was on Thursday.  I did 1 mile warmup and cooldown with a few strides along with intervals of 3:30/75.  This week it was only 1 set instead of 2.  Almost negative splits and I ran each interval without stopping at all.  It was a wonderful feeling!  


Yesterday I did my longest run since March.  I did not go to the lakefront but instead ran the 9 miles by my house.  I didn’t want to drive and I wanted to be close to see if there were more houses for sale.  There was none.  🙁  I felt tired and it was hot.  I didn’t care about pace (and sometimes ignored the high HR alerts) because I wanted to be done.


I had a great week and am pleased with my runs and mileage.  I am happy that I am also including more cycling and strength workouts.  I have big goals for next year and all of this is going to help me achieve them.  

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30 Comments on Weekly Run Down: Halfway through August

  1. Yay on big goals. I have no doubt you’ll kick ass.
    Sorry to hear about the room move — hope someone can help you with that?

  2. Sorry that you have to move classrooms! That sounds like alot of work and very stressful. Great job with your runs this week!

  3. You’ve been on fire with your workouts lately! Nice job!

    So sorry about the classroom move. That just stinks on top of everything else going on right now. 🙁

    I definitely struggled a lot with the humidity last week but this morning was soooo much cooler. Yes please!

  4. I wish you the best on the room move. I was feeling a lot of disappointment about moving my office, but it’s really worked out well. I hope your move is positive too! I can only imagine how much stuff you have!! Great job on the workouts 🙂

  5. Way to go on the longest run since Atlanta! Man, what a blur that trip feels at this point 🙂

    I hope the move goes okay- did they give you a reason why?

    • Definitely a blur! So many things changed for me/us after that trip.

      They will be using my room as a kindergarten room. Now there will be 5 kindergarten rooms instead of 3. A room that used to be kindergarten will now be a quarantine room. I blame it on that room. 😜🤷🏻‍♀️

  6. That’s great news that the workouts went well this week and there was no pain 🙂 Sorry about the news of having to move classrooms 🙁 Fingers crossed it works out well!

  7. Congrats on the great week & long run. Bummer about the classroom move… does that happen very often? Seems like a lot of extra work for everyone involved. Good luck with all that!

    • It happens as needed. The school added more kindergarten students but needed more room to add those classrooms and teachers. Sigh. At least I wasn’t moved to another school.

  8. Oh no, I’m so sorry that you’re having to move to a new classroom!

    I hear you on not wanting to drive to run along the lakefront. I live 30 miles west of DC and NEVER drive down there to run along the monuments. 🙁

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