How is it that it is already Sunday and I am going back to work tomorrow?  I worked Monday and Tuesday and then was off the rest of the week.  It was lovely!  My mom was here so it was nice to spend time with her.  I watched a few episodes of The West Wing (I need to hurry up because they won’t be available after December 24th).  Thanks to Janelle’s Holiday Gift Ideas post,  I signed up for a one month free trial of Audibles and am listening to A Promised Land by Barack Obama.  I love Barack’s voice!  So far I am liking it.

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We got a little bit of snow this week.  Not a big deal.  Let’s hope we don’t get more of that ugly, white stuff.  I don’t like snow at all.  I hate it. 

It was another good week of running.  I did all of my runs and hit the required paces.  Saturday morning it was cold (for me) and I struggled during my 3 mile run.  I was feeling a bit more tired than usual.  Sunday was a little cold too with some wind.  I ran almost 5 miles.  I did good but the wind wore me out.

Next Saturday is when I will “race” and run my own 5k.  The goal is to finish it in 33:30.  I think it is doable but a part of me is also nervous and scared.  Since I began training for the 5k, the closest I’ve come to that goal was on 11/6 when I finished in 34:24.  Prior to that it was 34:40 on 10/29.


Thanksgiving was very low key.  My mother made pozole and my sister and nephew came over for lunch.  They stayed a few hours and left after 6pm.  It was very different than previous years.  I am sure that’s how it will be for Christmas too.

My goal for November was to run more miles than October (103.71).  As of today I have run 102.03 miles.  I am pleased that I will make that goal.  So far total for this year is 754.45 miles.  In 2019 I finished the year with 730.71 miles.  I had a rocky start to 2020 with running but it has been going so well these past few months.  Excited for 2021!

I had lunch with my students on Tuesday.  Only 5 girls showed up.  I was happy but also a little disappointed because I thought more students would show up.  I mean, it’s not like they had to be somewhere else for lunch.  The girls and I had a good time anyway.  I was thinking that maybe I could have lunch with them on a weekly or bimonthly basis.  Maybe it could be a reward for those that do the assignments, participate, behave in class, etc.  I need to think about it some more.

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26 Comments on Weekly Run Down: Week #9 of training for a 5k and Thanksgiving Break

  1. Yum posole! I had the real thing years ago when I was a home health nurse and seeing a patient in Little Village. The family offered me some and it was the best thing ever.

    Nice week of running! I’ve been enjoying our weather–I dread what’s around the corner!

  2. Great job with your running and I’m so glad the year is ending well for you! Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving and a well-deserved break from work.

  3. Yay! I’m excited for your race next weekend. The four day weekend is the longest I’ve had off work since last year and it has been oh so nice.

  4. Lunch with your students sounds like a great idea! Probably better if less come, in reality.

    Sounds like a decent Thanksgiving.

    Good luck with your 5k! Mine have definitely not been fast this year. The real race atmosphere helps!

    Congrats on meeting your mileage goal. Clearly I don’t care about that LOL!

  5. I started listening to audible books at the beginning of this whole thing. It’s a nice distraction on my afternoon walks. Another great week of running for you! Nicely done

    • I was never a big fan of listening to books while running. I get distracted and then miss parts of the book. I listen to it while in the car. Ha, maybe not a good thing either.

  6. You are continuing to rock that streak! Great job! I’m not a fan of snow, either. That said, it is pretty and it can be fun to run in…but preferably with NO wind LOL I’ve said this before, but I would enjoy the winter season so much more if the wind played nice (or was a no-show).

  7. Great week of running for you! I think we’ve been mostly very lucky with our weather so far. Looking back at last year, we’d already had a blizzard and temps in the single digits. Sorry more kids didn’t show for lunch but it sounds like you had fun with the girls who did. When my youngest was in 8th grade she had an amazing Science teacher who let the girls have lunch with her in her room every day. She was such a great mentor for kids at a tough, awkward age and I really appreciated that.

    • That is great to hear about your daughter’s teacher! I had lunch with another student yesterday and I had a great time. I invited 4 and only 1 showed up. That is OK. Maybe once the word gets around on what a great time it is, then those that get invited will actually show up!

  8. You are amazing with all your runs each week.

    I think your 5k goal is doable but I have problems running at a decent pace without the race atmosphere.

    Too bad more students didn’t show…they missed out!!

  9. That sounds like a lovely Thanksgiving, even if it was small. I am getting excited for Christmas, even though I know it won’t be like years past.

    Five girls is small, but I bet they loved the small group atmosphere. I think lunch with the teacher is a great reward idea. You should try it!

    Good luck on Saturday!

    • I had my first lunch yesterday. I invited 4 students and one showed up. That is OK. I was afraid no one would show up. I plan to host them every Wednesday. We’ll see how it goes.

  10. Well done on the monthly mileage. You got more than me this month! Lunch with the teacher was always a fun treat at my kid’s school back in grade school. That would be a nice reward! Good luck on the 5K. I’m sure you will surprise yourself!

    • Thanks! I wanted to host lunch during the “regular” school year but never got around to it. Now that we are at home, there is really no where else to go so it seemed like the perfect time to do it. Plus, it gives me a chance to have more personal time with a few of them.

    • I invited 4 students to have lunch with me yesterday and 1 showed up. I was afraid no one would show up. Hopefully it will be a popular event and then all that get invited will show up.

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