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What a year this has been!  Thanks to everyone for linking up with us this year.  We’ve had many great conversations.  We learned a lot from each other and made it through this year.  It wasn’t easy but we did it.  

Let’s recap this year.


⇒ I started off the new year with a cold.  I was on the sofa for 3 days feeling sorry for myself.

I fell and then was scared to run outside.  Had to do my workouts at the gym.


⇒ Traveled to Atlanta to spectate the Olympic Marathon Trials.  Had lots of fun meeting up with other Oiselle friends and seeing the elite runners.


⇒ Ran the Publix Atlanta Half Marathon.  It was my first and only race of 2020.  It was also a hilly and hard race.

⇒ After the race I went to The National Center for Civil and Human Rights.  Definitely a great museum to visit in Atlanta.

⇒ Due to the COVID I cancelled my trip to Mexico.  Later on United cancelled the flight.

⇒ Began working from home.  Saw that my cats slept pretty much all day. 


⇒ Took my first Peloton outdoor running class and said that it would be my last one.  Well, we know that wasn’t exactly true.  Matty is one of my favorite instructors.  I miss him!

⇒ Still doing virtual learning and mailed letters to my students.  I also got a chance to talk to one of them and it made me very happy.

⇒ Participated in a car parade for my students and parents.

⇒ Did my first Zoom meetup with my blogger friends.  Can we do this again?

⇒ My uncle died from Covid.  My mother had talked to him on Friday and he died the following day.  We couldn’t go to the wake/funeral but did see it via YouTube.  Here is Lola also watching it.  She definitely felt our pain.


⇒ Teacher Appreciation Week!

⇒ Started working with a new coach.  Happy to be working with him and have been seeing lots of improvement.


⇒ Done with school!  It was a rough and interesting 2 1/2 months of remote learning.

⇒ Started 4 weeks of Summer School.  Yep, still remote.

⇒ Ran along the lakefront.  The path has been closed and no one was allowed to run there.


⇒ I did not sign up for this race but the Chicago Marathon was cancelled.  I knew it would happen.

Signed up and completed the Pelothon 2020?  I was on team #LegendsofFun.  I liked that I was not only exposed to other instructors, but also encouraged to take different types of classes.  

⇒ The world almost ended for us runners because Garmin was down for a few days.

⇒ Ran the Quad-City Times Virtual Bix 7 with a few bloggers.


⇒ Found out the 2020-2021 school year would start as remote learning.

⇒ My sister and mother tested positive for Covid.  My mother had a mild case but my sister lost her sense of smell and taste.  Mateo sensed that something was wrong.  

⇒ Without really thinking about it, I began a running streak.  Of course this was after my quarantine and given the OK to run outside.

⇒ First day of the 2020-2021 school year.   The power went out at 10am and I was done for the day.  It was a great first day!  🙂


⇒ Celebrated my mother’s birthday!  She took another Covid test and was negative. 

⇒ With no race goals, my coach approached me with the idea to train for 5k.  Sure!  Goal was 33:30.


⇒ Went to set up my classroom.  That day I found out a parent had complained about me to the Principal.  I was so angry and I cried.  Felt like quitting too.

⇒ Bought a new car.  I loved my previous one and thought I would keep it forever.

⇒ I voted!


⇒ Had virtual parent/teacher conferences.  Out of 26 students, I talked to 13 parents.  Disappointing?  Yep.

⇒ Another stay-at-home order.

⇒ Got a new Garmin watch.  I love it.

⇒ Celebrated my birthday along with a few other bloggers.  Great birthday month!

happy birthday balloons


⇒ Celebrated 100 days of my running streak.

⇒ Ran my virtual 5k and met my goal.  Finished it in 32:22.

⇒ Got a new student in my classroom.  Now I have 28.  Angry and frustrated that the District would allow this to happen.

⇒ Began training for a 10k.  My goal is 1:05-1:06.

⇒ Winter Break!


⇒ Soon will say goodbye to 2020.

2020 dumpster fire

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23 Comments on Tuesday Topics: My year 2020 in photos

  1. So many great — and obviously not great — things in 2020 for you, Zenaida. Glad you had the great to balance out the not great. So sorry about your Uncle. So weird how it effects every person differently. 🙁

    Good luck with your 10k goal! You are on a real streak — and not just with running.

  2. Love your post. You made me remember some of things that I accomplished and forgot.

    Besides COVID, you accomplished so much.

    Just think how great things will be once this pandemic is over. You will rock your 10k goal, I bet.

  3. Wow, it’s amazing to see your year in a summary like that, Zenaida. So many tough situations you had to deal with.
    Congratulations on the 5k PR! Well done! A great idea to continue with the 10k.
    I’m a great fan of training for and then doing your own race. It’s challenging and keeps you busy.
    Happy New Year, Zenaida!

    • I had so much fun going over my posts. I went through each one to remember what I did or what had happened. I mean, I remembered a few things but not everything.

  4. Aww, what fun topic! My post isn’t even running related, sorry, but it’s fitness related 🙂 Hope you are still loving your car. I’ve been thinking about getting a new one. You’ve had a great year of running (except for that fall!) Hope 2021 will be great for you too!

  5. Kudos, and huge hugs, to you for all you do for your students. I can’t imagine the frustrations teachers have experienced this year. I’m glad you had a lot of positives to balance out with the negatives…but, hey! Here we are, almost on the other side of 2020. We made it!!!

  6. What a fun year! I really love this topic because it shows that even though 2020 was a sh*tshow, there were still plenty of great moments. I love that you were able to go to Atlanta before Covid hit – I would love to run that race one day.

  7. What a year!! I had completely forgotten that you had that fall this year. For some reason it feels like it was last year. And who would have known how much stuff would happen after that fall – in terms of Covid completely changing the world as we knew it. But you pushed through it all, the ups and the downs. Hoping 2021 is a bit gentler on all of us. Whatever happens, I know you will keep coming out stronger.

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