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Yesterday was my first day back at work after being off for 2 1/2 weeks.  It was great to be off but I was looking forward to being back at work.  Weird, right?  In December I wrote about the 5 things I was looking forward to during Winter Break.  I will update you on that and then tell you other fun things I did during that time.

☃️ Not be out running in the dark.  I ran one week and then didn’t run last week because of the weather.  

☃️ Not drive to school or anywhere else.  I drove once to the gym, to the store, and to take my mother to the doctor.  That’s it.

☃️ Watch TV.  Yep, every single day.  I finished watching “Castle”.  I was sad to see it end but was happy with how it ended.

☃️ Read.  Started reading “Such a quiet place” but haven’t finished it.  Luckily the library renews it automatically for me and no one else has requested it.  I did not watch “A Star is Born” because I couldn’t get the DVD player to work.  I am not sure why since I bought last year.

☃️ Teach a Winter Break Boot Camp to my students.  It was actually fun.  My students enjoyed it too.  Glad I did it.

Other things I did:

✔️ Spent a lot of time with my cats.  Lola followed me everywhere.  For some reason I cannot upload a recent photo of my cats.  Below is one from a few weeks ago.

✔️ Made mole with my mother for Christmas.  That was the 3rd time I made it.  I see now it isn’t that complicated.  I like cooking with her and learning how to make traditional Mexican food.  I am getting good at it.  Now she just observes and supervises me.  😀

✔️ Upgraded to the iPhone 13.  I had to wait about 45 minutes for an agent and then the whole upgrade took about 3 hours.  I haven’t noticed that much difference from the iPhone X.  The T-Mobile agent told me I needed a different charger which prompted me to go to Target to buy new ones for my house, school, and my car (it had to be plugged in the cigarette lighter and in my new car I had no idea where it was).  It turns out that I could still use iPhone X phone charger.  

✔️ Ran 1,000 miles.  What a great day!

✔️ Began using the Peloton bike again.  No running so the bike it is.  I LOVE Camila.  Yesterday I took a 30 minute class and almost got a PR.  I missed it by 6 points.  Tonight I am planning to take her live class at 7pm.  I am looking forward to it.

Topic for next week – What’s your plan to achieve your 2022 goals?  Feel free to write about this or any running related topic.  We hope you’ll link up with us!

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18 Comments on Tuesday Topics: Fun things I did over the holidays

  1. Congratulations on reaching the 1’000 miles! Well done, Zenaida! I knew you could do it!
    Your holiday sounds very relaxing. I hate running in the dark and do anything to avoid it. In fact, I can’t even remember when I last ran in the dark.

  2. You crushed your goals for Winter Break! Well, except the running outside in the light thing, but I totally get that & much better to be safe.

    So nice to cook with your mom. Mine didn’t want to deal with kids in the kitchen at all, so I’m self taught. It’s too bad, she was a good cook & baker! I am too, but it would have be fun to learn from my mom.

    Congrats again on getting in your 1000 miles. That’s quite an accomplishment.

    • I never bothered to be in the kitchen with her when I was younger. Now I am doing it because she doesn’t cook much anymore. Plus, there is no reason she should since I can do it.

      • We would occasionally bake with a friend’s mother & I thought that was so cool! Of course I do have a big sweet tooth. 😊

        My mom doesn’t cook at all anymore. She barely eats. 😔

        I’m sure your mom enjoys your time in the kitchen together.

  3. Great job on doing most of the things you planned. And some other planned things.

    I need too upgrade y phone.. Hesitating to spend the $$.

    And my poor bike has been ignored since I quit Peleton. Do I rejoin?? Again more $$.

    Hope going back to school goes smoothly.

  4. I love that you taught a boot camp to the kids – how fun! So glad that you are back to using your Peloton bike. I have taken a few classes with Camila and i love her!

    • Camila makes me want to take a class. I am planning to take all of her classes. I have about 60 to go. Good thing she doesn’t teach one everyday or I would never catch up. 😂

  5. 1000 miles is a huge milestone! Congrats again. Welcome back to Peloton it’s the perfect cross training for runners

  6. Congrats on hitting 1000 miles for the year! That’s such a great accomplishment. It sounds like you had a nice break over the holidays. My hubs makes mole but I’m sure it’s not as good as yours!

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