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Random Thoughts Thursday 73

Random Thoughts Thursday

• Any cat lovers here?  Aren’t these shirts cute?

Owner and cat shirt.jpg 
• Do you have an iPhone and have used the portrait filter?  Wow, I tried it and the photos are so much nicer.  Below is an example of a photo.  What do you think?


• This made me laugh too.  My students will come to me for every single cut.  Sometimes I fall for it and sometimes I tell them that they’re fine and to go sit down.

Are you dying? Monkey.jpg

• Can’t wait till Friday.  Yes, I am very tired. 

Dear Friday, I love you.jpg

• What was your first cell phone?  Mine was from Sprint and I remember that I did like it.  Over the years I’ve had different phones.  I would get a new one every time I renewed my contract (I’ve been with Spring almost 20 years).  Facebook reminded me a month ago that 7 years ago I got my first iPhone.  I actually remember that day!

First iPhone Reminder.jpg


Random Thoughts Thursday 72

Random Thoughts Thursday

• So maybe 5 million dollars is too much.  Just enough to buy a house and a car.  🙂

Hug and coffee 
• My coworker gave me this plate.  I have it in the computer room/office as a reminder of the many hours I put it in school.

Teachers and summer off.jpg• I saw this picture and it made me laugh.  I will be off on Tuesday and sent it to the sub asking if I can just do that.  She laughed.  And I laughed because she laughed.  🙂  With two weeks to go, teachers and students have checked out already.

May Sub Plans

• My little ones love me.  Yesterday one student brought some flowers and another one a bag of brownie brittle.  I was almost in tears and hugged them. 

Flowers and Brownie Brittle.jpg

• Do you like bubbles?  Then you must see Ben’s Bubble Show.  He was at our school last week and I had so much fun.  I think more than the students.  🙂  One of my students asked him about his bubble soap formula but he wouldn’t tell us.  He said he mixes together several chemicals to create the soap to make the bubbles.

Ben's Bubble Show-4

Random Thoughts Thursday 71

Random Thoughts Thursday

• I am over this rain.   I just want it to stop!


• Saw these at Target and they’re pretty good.  I keep a box at school for when I don’t have anything at home to take for lunch.  


 • Has anyone tried these?


• I am excited that Southwest now flies into Hawaii.  I was curious to know the cost so I went online to find out.  Really Southwest?  Why have the option online if people can’t book their flights and instead have to call?

• This was Saturday afternoon after my run at the Arboretum.  We were both exhausted!  🙂  She was there for about 4 hours.



Random Thoughts Thursday 70

Random Thoughts Thursday

• Just be you. 

Someone will always be prettier.jpg

• I was in DE this past weekend for a race.  When I finished eating I had to use the restroom.  It was downstairs.  Why put a bathroom on the first floor?  Luckily I didn’t fall.

Bathoom on lower level.jpg

 • It is the end of the year.  Just one more month.  My name is “The burned out and somehow still smiling teacher.”

End of the year educator name.jpg

• Why?  Why can’t we have some nice weather?


• Saw this on Facebook.  So sad.



Random Thoughts Thursday 69

Random Thoughts Thursday

• Honestly I don’t understand the point of Easter baskets.  Maybe because as a child I never got one?  On Sunday I saw on my Facebook feed so many pictures of Easter baskets and couldn’t comprehend why they’re such a big deal.

• I love coffee cream.  I know it isn’t healthy and sometimes I use almond milk in my coffee instead of cream.  Anyway, I saw a Peeps coffee cream at Target and almost bought it.  Then I remembered that I don’t like Peeps.  Has anyone tried it?

Coffee Creamer-1.jpg

• As you know, I love all sorts of pens and have lots of them in my classroom.  I found this at home and have NO idea how that happened.  The ink is blue but the cap is black.  It is giving me anxiety.  🙂


 • On Monday I went to a meeting in the afternoon at another school.  I had to leave during my lunch time (11:30 and the meeting was at 12:00).  I was very annoyed that not only was lunch not provided, but water wasn’t either.  I mean, really?  Nothing.  No food.  No water.  Last fall I went to an all day meeting and no food and no water.  Not even coffee!  Who has a meeting like that?

• I’ve had my car since 2006.  It has over 105,000 miles.  I love it but know that eventually I will have to get another one.  Last week I noticed a small crack on the passenger side of the windshield.  Within a few days that crack had spread to the driver side.  I called Safelite and got an appointment for Tuesday.  I went in at 3:30 and my car was ready in an hour.  They provided great service!  As much as I enjoyed their service, I hope I never have to go there again.  🙂

Windshield Crack-1.jpg