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Random Thoughts Thursday 89

Random Thoughts Thursday

• The search for the “perfect” house continues.  I do like where I live so sometimes I feel like not moving.  Packing up all of the stuff I have here is not exciting.  But then I remember that it would be nice to have more room for when my mom comes over.  She usually stays with me on the weekends or during the week when she has doctor appointment.  I hope I can move before the winter.  🙂

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• I recently signed up for a Blogilates account.  I was about to enter my “regular” password (I know I am not supposed to use the same one but how the heck am I supposed to remember all of them?) when I saw that my password had to be 12 characters long.  Umm, what?  Good grief! 

Blogilates account-1.jpg

• My kids talk too much but not enough when they’re supposed to.  I’ve repeatedly told them when they can and cannot talk.  But when I ask them a question about a math problem or something we just read, they have no idea what I am talking about.  I feel like either I am missing something or not doing something right.

Alexa and Siri.jpg

 • I am excited for these upcoming Peloton classes during Hispanic Heritage Month.  Right now I am loving the classes with 80s music but for sure would love some Spanish music.

Peloton Hispanic Month-1.jpg

• No wonder!  I can sometimes hear Lola roaming the hallway in the middle of the night.  What is she doing?  Sometimes I do wonder if she does see or sense something out there.  Well not exactly a ghost but definitely something that spikes her curiosity.

My cat sleeps all day.jpg


Random Thoughts Thursday 88

Random Thoughts Thursday

• It is beginning to feel like Fall.  I love this weather!  Fall is my favorite season.  I hope it lasts (unlike summer) since I’ve heard that we are supposed to have another COLD winter.  

• Haha, this made me laugh.  This summer I told my coworker that I want to do less complaining during the school.  It is hard but so far I think it is going well.  I pick my battles and don’t get stressed out about things that I cannot control (homework, parent involvement, etc).  

Glass half empty.jpg

• Plantar fasciitis sucks!  I went out for a run on Monday and could not finish it because the pain was unbearable.   I purchased a night splint and socks but do they really help?

 • Second week of school and I’ve said these to my students way too many times.  One thing I’ve noticed about my students this year is that they talk A LOT.  Let me clarify.  I do like that kids talk to participate, express how they feel, let me know what is going on, etc.  However, there is a time for that.  My kids talk all of the time and don’t stop even if I remind them that they need to stop talking  when they’re in line or when I am talking.

What teachers say.jpg

• Another cat photo because this makes me laugh.  🙂 


Random Thoughts Thursday 87

Random Thoughts Thursday

• I forgot how exhausting it is the first few days of school.  OMG!  Everything hurts!  I’ve missed a few runs because I am too tired in the morning and in the evening to run.

• I mentioned last week that I was debating on a TV to buy.  I decided to buy the Toshiba.  Wow, I’m amazed with all of the things available in a smart TV.  My sister found a movie for cats on Amazon Prime and Lola enjoys it.  🙂

• Fall may be next month but it is still too early for pumpkin flavored coffee.  Has anyone tried this cold brew from Starbucks?  It does look yummy!

Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew-1.jpg • Haha, yes.  Most of my friends post photos of their kids.  I don’t have any but always post photos of Lola.  Please don’t unfollow me on Instagram.  🙂

My friends and me.jpg

• I am really tired right now and don’t have anything else to share.  Sigh.  I am ready to go to sleep and hopefully wake up early enough to run.  

Random Thoughts Thursday 86

Random Thoughts Thursday

• Law or no law, it still amazes me how many drivers I see that use their phone while driving.  It is weird how much we depend on our phones and everything we do has to be done right there and then.  Remember when we had to get home in order to find out if someone had called or simply to make a phone call?

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• I’ve had the same TV in my living room since 2001 or 2002.  I’ve moved several times and I’ve brought that TV with me.  Lately it doesn’t always turn on or off.  Time to get a new one.  However, there are so many out there that it is overwhelming!  All I want is a TV to watch CBS and to use it for Netflix and Amazon Prime.  These two are the ones I like.

New TV-1

New TV-2

• I am a sucker for pens.  I have so many in my classroom and tell myself to stop buying them.  I really don’t need more.  I found an “old” pen in my mom’s room and remember liking it.  I then found a set on Amazon and ordered it.  Love, love, and love them.  They write so smooth and they make me happy.


• Saw these car magnets at Michaels and regret not buying them.  Now I need to go back and get them.

• Tamales today, tomorrow, and forever.  Sigh.  I will never get tired of them.  Definitely not the healthiest thing to eat but always so delicious.  


Random Thoughts Thursday 85

Random Thoughts Thursday

• I saw this on Facebook and not sure what to say.  Kindergarten teachers are supposed to teach kids how to tie their shoes?  Umm, shouldn’t parents do that?

Tie shoes.jpg

• Excited to plan for Hawaii next year.  I was supposed to go 10 years ago but cancelled because I was hired as a new teacher and had to go to orientation.

2020 Kona Half Marathon-1

• This made me sad.  I have seen so many little ones struggling to make friends and it breaks my heart.  I tell my students to be nice to everyone and to always include their classmates if they see them by themselves.  

Kids returning to school.jpg

• My Peloton bike was delivered on Tuesday.  I didn’t plan correctly since I need cycling shoes to use it.  I ordered some on Amazon and am supposed to get them today.  

Peloton Bike-3

• Another Lola picture because she is cute.  I don’t think she likes that the bike takes up so much of “her” space in the living room.