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Random Thoughts Thursday 30

Random Thoughts Thursday

• I finished reading another John Grisham book.  Another great book as usual but also sad as it mentions some things that happened in the South.  I won’t mention it here but I think you can get the idea.

John Grishham-Sycamore Row.jpg

• RnR Chicago was this past weekend.  It is usually HOT and HUMID on race day.  This year it was mostly humid with a lot of rain.  Oh man, I would have been miserable out there.  I don’t mind a little rain for a short amount of time but it was pouring out there.  

• A few months ago I applied for a Starbucks Reward Credit Card.  The first time I used it, I got 250 stars (enough for 2 free drinks).  Then when I spent $500, I was rewarded with 2500 stars (enough for 20 drinks).  Yep, I am happy!  The only thing is that these expire in February.  I should be able to use them all up, right?  🙂  From now on, I will receive 1 star per $1 spent on Starbucks Card load and 1 star per $4 spent on all other purchases.  I will use this mainly for Starbucks purchases as I use my Southwest credit card for everything else.

Remember that time I wrote about a parking ticket that I received but that it was a mistake?  I got a letter letting me know that the ticket has been paid.  Umm, I didn’t pay for it but instead contested it.  Oh well, I won’t say anything else about it because at least I do not have to pay.  

Parking Violation Notice-1.jpg


Random Thoughts Thursday 29

Random Thoughts Thursday

• I mentioned that I have several credit cards but ended up closing most of them.  One of those cards is a Sam’s Club credit card.  I rarely use it.  I use it as a membership card.  One time I used it at the gas station but must have forgotten to use another one to pay.  A few weeks later I closed my account.  Last week I received an email letting me know that payment was due.  I was surprised because I did not know I had a balance.  Well, imagine my surprise when I logged in my account and not only did I owe $23.48 for gas but I also owed a late fee and interest charges (total almost $50).  I did a quick chat session with an agent and he was able to waive the late fee and interest charges.  My balance was was again $23.48 and you bet I paid right away.  Whew!

• I am a big fan of Amazon and think it is funny how much the prices go up and down for some items.  On Thursday I ordered a pair of the Oiselle Women Moto Lesley Tights for $9.32.  These are great for running in the winter.  I know, I know, it is still summer but that is a good price for those tights.  I cancelled the order (stupid reason and now regret it).  The next day the same tights were $88.  Damn! I was mad at myself for cancelling the order.

• Recently I signed up for Billie, Women Shave Club.  It is $9 for the starter kit.  You get a Billie handle, the mag(net)ic holder and two 5-blade razor cartridges.  So far I’ve used it once and like it.  I am going to use it a few more times before writing a review.

Billie Shave Club-2

• IHOP recently celebrated their 60th Anniversary.  To celebrate, they were offering 3 short stacks for 60 cents.  My family and I got there around 9am and it was very crowded.  We were there for about 2 hours and when we left, not only was it still crowded, but there were a lot of people waiting in line.


• Which door would you choose?  I would choose #2.

Which door

• Finished reading this book and loved it.  It will help me understand my students a lot better.

Random Thoughts Thursday 28

Random Thoughts Thursday

• A nice evening last week enjoying a sunset.  Simply beautiful, right?


• Saw this on the counter at Starbucks.  Umm, OK.  Shouldn’t that be common sense?


I was inspired by Kim’s post on her Be The Match experience.  I signed up at the Illinois Marathon expo but then received a voice mail message letting me know that I would have to sign up again and pay $100 for the cheek swabs.  Well, I decided to try again.  I am very annoyed that because of my age I would have to pay $100 to join the registry.  Part of me wants to pay but then I get annoyed again that I have to pay.

Be The Match-1

• Saw this mug at Gloria Jean’s Coffees.  Hilarious!  It was tempting to get it but I have so many mugs at home.

Funny Coffee Mug-1.jpg

• I bought my car on June 6, 2006 and it finally reached 100,000 miles.  I love my car.  It isn’t fancy like the ones now but it is just perfect for me.

Car Mileage-1.jpg

• Grease turns 40?  How is that possible?  I think I’ve watched it 2 or 3 times?


Random Thoughts Thursday 27

Random Thoughts Thursday

• Over the last couple of years I’ve had to work on improving my credit score.  I had a condo that I sold as a short sale that that brought down my score.  Since then my score has increased to a number in the 800.  I needed to have good/excellent credit because I was looking to buy a house.  Well, I am putting that on hold for a few more months and in the meantime decided to cancel credit cards that I don’t need/want.  Well, my credit score went down and now it went up again.  I am pleased with where I am now.  

Credit Score-1

• Anyone watching the World Cup Games?  I am not a soccer fan but will watch it every four years.  Sad that Mexico lost on Monday.  

World Cup Game-1

• Anyone use Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner?  I saw this at Walmart and was shocked at the price.  I will admit that it is a large bottle but still it is expensive.  I like Pantene but think this is too much money.

Pantene-1.jpg• I LOVE funnel cake.  Not too many places sell it.  I usually eat it when I got to Six Flags and that rarely happens.  On Wednesday we went to a nearby suburb for an Independence Day Celebration.  There were games, live music, and food for everyone to enjoy.  There was a long line to buy funnel cakes and I decided to get two.  If I was going to wait in line for a long time then I had to make it worth it.

Funnel Cake-1.jpg

• My cat is weird and funny.  Can you see her?  Yes, I have a very old TV.  I refuse to buy a new one since this one still works.


Random Thoughts Thursday 26

Random Thoughts Thursday

• I did almost all of my winter running around my house.  I didn’t know the city was working on lanes for bike riders and runners/walkers for the lakefront path.  Last weekend I was running on my regular path and a bike rider coming from the opposite side told me something like that I was in the wrong lane or that my lane was down there (and he pointed to my right).  I stopped.  I got annoyed.  I mean, really?  The Lakefront is FREE for everyone to use.  One of the reasons I avoided that path (before I knew that was the path I am supposed to run in) is because it is much closer to the water and no trees around it.  So during the summer it is always hot and sunny and during the winter it is colder and windier.  

Lakefront Path-1

• The Yellow Pages are still printed?  I haven’t seen one in years.  I thought there were no longer printed.

Yellow Pages-1

• Another reminder thanks to Facebook.  I was supposed to go to Hawaii 9 years ago.  I had my airline and hotel accommodations but had to cancel because of a job commitment.  I had recently been hired as a 1st grade teacher and my orientation dates were during the dates I was supposed to be in Hawaii.  I had no choice but no cancel.  I cannot believe I haven’t been there yet.  So far the plan is to go in 2020 as my last state to run in and complete my goal of running a half marathon in each state

Hawaii Reminder.jpg

• I am not having good luck with parking tickets.  I received another one last week.  This one annoys me even more because I know for a fact my car wasn’t where they said it was.  According to the violation notice, I was ticketed because of special events restriction.  No way!  My car was in a parking lot where my friend works (and definitely not in the address listed in the notice).  I left it there because we went to eat and then downtown to watch a show.

• Are you a fan of cold brew coffee?  I received a sample from Dunkin Donuts but haven’t tried it yet.  I do like the one from Starbucks.  I made a pitcher of Starbucks Cold Brew this morning and that will last me about 3-4 days.  Excited to try out DD!

DD Cold Brew Coffee-1

• It amazed me that with all of the technological advances that go on every day, there is still a traffic jam whenever the power goes out after a storm.  I mean, seriously?  This isn’t something that can be fixed remotely?  Isn’t there someone in the city that has access to all of the traffic lights and can check whether or not they’re working?

Stop Light Traffic.jpg