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Random Thoughts Thursday 17

Random Thoughts Thursday

• My Internet was down since Saturday.  A Comcast representative came in today and fixed it for me.  Whew!  How is it possible to feel lost without Internet at home?  I did have access on my phone and Sprint but it feels very different doing so on a phone.

• My marathon is this Saturday.  I am excited but also nervous.  I trained really hard this winter and had some great runs but also some not so great.  I know my “A” goal is to get a PR but what I really want is a sub 5 finish time.  I know I will be happy completing another marathon, no matter the time, but I know that I will be a little disappointed if I don’t get that sub 5.

• I ordered two hats from Headsweats.  I am a big fan of their hats and will be wearing the pink/white on on Saturday.

• Finally some warm weather in Chicago.  Finally it is Spring here!

Random Thoughts Thursday 16

Random Thoughts Thursday

• Did you watch The Boston Marathon?  Wasn’t it simply amazing to see Desi win?  This is the best thing I’ve seen about it!  Please watch it.  And then watch it again.  And again.  I will keep watching it every day so prepare myself for the Illinois Marathon next Saturday.  I’ve met Desi a few times in Chicago and she is one of the nicest and most humble individuals on this planet.

2018 Boston Marathon-Desi.jpg

• Do you talk to your pet(s) before you leave?  I do.  Every single day.  I also tell Lola to behave and not to have any parties.  🙂

• I am beginning to stalk the weather for my marathon next weekend.  Looks like some decent weather.  

Illinois Marathon-189

• Any “Scandal” fans?  Can’t believe the show is over!  I didn’t watch it tonight.  As a matter of fact, I haven’t watch the past 2 episodes.  I will get caught up this weekend.

• So how many times did you watch the Tweet/video of Desi? 🙂  🙂

Random Thoughts Thursday 15

Random Thoughts Thursday

• My coworkers have been reminding me but we have 37 days left of school.  Fun!

Days left of school-1

• This year I will be teaching summer school.  I am actually looking forward to it.  It is part time (8am-12pm) and goes from June 11-July 6.  I will have have the rest of the day to do whatever I want to do and will still have over a month of summer vacation.

• I rarely drink soda but sometimes I will drink Coca-Cola.  I met up with a friend for lunch and could not resist ordering a bottle.  It was so good and I almost finished it right away.  For some reason it tastes so much better in a bottle than in a can.

Coca Cola-1

• I love Running Warehouse’s customer service.  They offer FREE 2 day delivery and if you want to return/exchange anything, they also offer FREE returns.  Plus they give you 90 days to return anything you purchase from them.  Sometimes they will waive that policy and accept your return even if it is over 90 days.  Last week I returned 2 pairs of running shoes that I ordered in December.  I received an email yesterday letting me know that they received my return and will be issuing a credit.  

• Monday morning I woke up to snow on the ground.  It wasn’t a lot but very weird for April.  Mother Nature is cruel and likes to play games with us.  Yesterday it was 60 degrees and it is expected to be in the 70s on Friday.  


Random Thoughts Thursday 14

Random Thoughts Thursday

• While I’ve been enjoying my Spring Break, I am sad that it will be over soon.  One week is not enough time.  I want two weeks.  🙂  I just realized that as of yesterday the 4th, we have 2 months left of school.

Spring Break-2

• You know I love Tieks shoes.  I have 2 pairs and ordered a pair in Sapphire.  Aren’t they gorgeous?


I also want to get one of these.  They’re both so pretty but really don’t need both pairs.  Or do I?


• Thanks to Facebook I was reminded of the day I completed by first ultramarathon in 2012.  I did another one two years later and then stopped.  I haven’t thought of doing another one till I got that reminder.  Maybe next year?  Who knows.  For now I want to do well in my marathon this month and in the MCM in October.

• Is it really Spring?  It doesn’t feel like it.  On Saturday it was in the high 50s and then every day since then has been a different number.  Yesterday we got a little bit of snow.  I woke up in the morning, saw some snow on the ground, and went back to bed.  It melted by the time I went out for my run.


• I was decluttering and found these tights.  Man, I think I’ve had them for over 10 years.  Not sure why I still have them.  I guess the real question is why did I buy them in the first place?  I mean, fishnet tights?

Black Tights-1

• A cat picture just because.


Random Thoughts Thursday 13

Random Thoughts Thursday

• Pens and more pens!  One of my students gives me sweet notes here and there.  One day she gave me a very pretty one colored with gel and glitter pens.  I made a comment and asked her to bring me a few so I could see the brand.  She showed up the next day with the WHOLE SET!  Isn’t it pretty?  I had fun that day picking different colors to use while grading papers.  I might get a small set for me.


•A few students like giving me notes/drawings.  They’re so creative and definitely draw better than me.  🙂  They know I like cats and that I have a cat, so they’re always drawing cat pictures.  Each one definitely warms my heart because I know they’ve taken the time to do something for me and I love seeing their smile when they give me their drawing.  I have so many of them on the wall behind my desk and it brightens my day when I see them.

Student Drawing-1

• Have you seen the Boston Marathon limited edition shoes?  I have a pair and cannot wait to run in them.  I don’t know when that will be since I am already rotating 4 pairs of shoes.

• How about these Dunkin Donuts Saucony Kinvara 9?  I got very excited when I saw these at school on Tuesday (not sure when they were made available for sale).  I quickly posted it on Instagram and didn’t think about them again till I got home.  I wanted to order them but apparently my size was sold out.  I checked again on Wednesday and they’re no longer on the site.  Only 2,000 pairs were made and ALL were sold.  I wasn’t too upset that I didn’t get a pair.  The way I see it is that I saved $110 and I definitely do not need another pair.  Right?  They’re still very cute.

Saucony Kinvara 9 DD

• Have you tried a Pour Over Coffee Maker?   I have a Keurig and a coffee maker.  For sure I don’t need this, right?  Am I missing on some great coffee?

Pour Over Coffee Maker-1

• The other day I was on Facebook reading about some songs that don’t mean what you think they meanOne of them was “Waterfalls” by TLC.  I was in college when that song was out and remember it being a catchy song, but didn’t pay too much attention to the lyrics.  Anway, 20+ years later I am finding out that that song is about HIV/AIDS and drugs.  What?  I had NO idea.  I just saw the video and listened to the lyrics.  I can’t find the post on Facebook but I was appalled at the comments people left.  Some went as far as calling some people “stupid” because they didn’t know the real meaning of the song lyrics.  I don’t understand how some people can be so RUDE and going as far as saying things like that.  Sometimes I really diske Facebook and don’t check it at all.