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Random Thoughts Thursday 75

Random Thoughts Thursday

• How is it Thursday already?  This week is going by fast!  I’ve been busy with working with other committee members to plan next year’s reading and social studies curriculum.  It isn’t fun because it is a lot of work.  At least I am getting paid for that time or else I don’t think I would have signed up to do the committee work.

• Remember how last week I posted about the ridiculous prices to fly to Missoula, MT?  Friday morning I checked online again and found a “cheap” ticket.  I paid $557.  That was the cheapest price and it is a direct flight which I like.  Still, the price is ridiculous.

• I saw this too.  Why?

Missoula Flights-5.jpg

• Yep, that is me.

Older I get

• Yesterday I was making hotel reservations for my upcoming races in KS, MI, and GA.  Got good deals through Southwest but one of the reservations in Olathe, KS must be a mistake.  I paid $59 in a different hotel.  I checked again in two other places and they also list the same prices.  $999 for one room?  What is up with these prices?

Olathe, KS Hotel-3

Olathe, KS Hotel-2

Olathe, KS Hotel-1


Random Thoughts Thursday 74

Random Thoughts Thursday

• May has been the rainiest month.  It seems like it’s been raining almost every single day or every other day.  Wine?  Yes, please.

If only it would rain wine.jpg
• Another picture from one of my students.  They always make me smile.

Kids drawing-1.jpg

• Ugh, it always makes me angry when I hear that women are the ones that need to be more careful.  Why?  Why aren’t men taught to just leave women ALONE.

Urge Women.jpg

• My next race is in one month.  I will be running the Missoula Half Marathon in Montana.  I registered and made a hotel reservation.  My flight is something else.  I waited too long and now it is SO EXPENSIVE.  The cheapest from Midway is $619 (and it will take me 8 hours to get there) while the most expensive one is $1,060.  Insane.  Part of me doesn’t want to go anymore.  Maybe prices will decrease in the next couple of days?

Missoula Flights-1Missoula Flights-2

Missoula Flights-3Missoula Flights-4

• I am also planning to run 3 half marathons this summer (ND, SD, and WY) through Mainly Marathons.  Registration right now for each one $100 (price goes up to $115 after Friday).  I also need to take into consideration hotel for each race and a rental car.  I guess the question now is how bad do I want Hawaii to be my last half marathon next year (in my Race in the 50 States Goal)?  Something to think about.


Random Thoughts Thursday 73

Random Thoughts Thursday

• Any cat lovers here?  Aren’t these shirts cute?

Owner and cat shirt.jpg 
• Do you have an iPhone and have used the portrait filter?  Wow, I tried it and the photos are so much nicer.  Below is an example of a photo.  What do you think?


• This made me laugh too.  My students will come to me for every single cut.  Sometimes I fall for it and sometimes I tell them that they’re fine and to go sit down.

Are you dying? Monkey.jpg

• Can’t wait till Friday.  Yes, I am very tired. 

Dear Friday, I love you.jpg

• What was your first cell phone?  Mine was from Sprint and I remember that I did like it.  Over the years I’ve had different phones.  I would get a new one every time I renewed my contract (I’ve been with Spring almost 20 years).  Facebook reminded me a month ago that 7 years ago I got my first iPhone.  I actually remember that day!

First iPhone Reminder.jpg

Random Thoughts Thursday 72

Random Thoughts Thursday

• So maybe 5 million dollars is too much.  Just enough to buy a house and a car.  🙂

Hug and coffee 
• My coworker gave me this plate.  I have it in the computer room/office as a reminder of the many hours I put it in school.

Teachers and summer off.jpg• I saw this picture and it made me laugh.  I will be off on Tuesday and sent it to the sub asking if I can just do that.  She laughed.  And I laughed because she laughed.  🙂  With two weeks to go, teachers and students have checked out already.

May Sub Plans

• My little ones love me.  Yesterday one student brought some flowers and another one a bag of brownie brittle.  I was almost in tears and hugged them. 

Flowers and Brownie Brittle.jpg

• Do you like bubbles?  Then you must see Ben’s Bubble Show.  He was at our school last week and I had so much fun.  I think more than the students.  🙂  One of my students asked him about his bubble soap formula but he wouldn’t tell us.  He said he mixes together several chemicals to create the soap to make the bubbles.

Ben's Bubble Show-4

Random Thoughts Thursday 71

Random Thoughts Thursday

• I am over this rain.   I just want it to stop!


• Saw these at Target and they’re pretty good.  I keep a box at school for when I don’t have anything at home to take for lunch.  


 • Has anyone tried these?


• I am excited that Southwest now flies into Hawaii.  I was curious to know the cost so I went online to find out.  Really Southwest?  Why have the option online if people can’t book their flights and instead have to call?

• This was Saturday afternoon after my run at the Arboretum.  We were both exhausted!  🙂  She was there for about 4 hours.