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Random Thoughts Thursday 61

Random Thoughts Thursday

• I haven’t watched “A Star is Born” but I am obsessed with the song “Shallow”.  Wow!  I keep playing it on repeat every single day.

• Late to the party here regarding the Hamilton lottery.  Recently I downloaded the app and everyday have entered to win tickets.  Nothing so far.  Crossing my fingers that one day I can get tickets. 

Hamilton Lottery-1.jpg

• Tuesday was parent/teacher conferences.  I have 21 students and was able to meet with 17 parents.  Not too bad.  It was a long day too (11:30am-7pm) with a break at 3pm for lunch.

• Lola cracks me up.  I finish eating and then she jumps on the chair for her meal.  She never eats at the table since her bowl is on the kitchen floor.  Maybe I should move it to the table?


• Aren’t Girl Scout cookies the best?  I can eat these every single day, but I don’t.  Which one is your favorite?

Girl Scout Cookies-1.jpg


Random Thoughts Thursday 60

Random Thoughts Thursday

• My niece wore this shirt the other day.   I love it!

Forget princess call me president shirt-1.jpg

• This is so true.  No matter how many times I say this to my students, they are always rushing to get things done.  They think everything is a competition.  I still love them though!

What I said and what they heard-1.jpg

• I am so happy we have early voting.  I have parent/teacher conferences on the 28th and while I can go vote in the morning (conferences start at 11:30 am), I still like to get to school early just like a regular school day.  I can’t go after work because we are done at 6:30 pm and I know I won’t make it on time to the voting place.

I voted-1.jpg• I’ve said it before and I will say it again.  Moms are simply the best!  Well, not just teacher moms but ALL moms.  I am exhausted after work and don’t want to do anything else.  Moms still have to make dinner, check homework, and do all of those other things that great moms do.

Teacher Moms-1

• As you know I am a big fan of coffee.  I like it with cream.  Lately I have been drinking it with almond milk and stevia.  I am beginning to like it.  In order to make sure the milk and stevia mixes well with the coffee, I bought a milk frother.  Definitely worth it.  Sometimes it is the little things that make me happy.

Random Thoughts Thursday 59

Random Thoughts Thursday

• Ice outside car windows is easy to take off.  Inside the car is much more difficult and annoying.  How many more days till Spring?

Ice inside car-1.jpg

• For the most part I haven’t had any problems with my USPS deliveries.  However, recently there has been a few instances in which I have been frustrated with the driver.  That person has lied.  The driver has claimed that a delivery attempt was made and that there was no access to the delivery location.  I live in a two flat apartment building and it is really easy to get to the building and the mailbox.  

• I have noticed that there has been MORE Facebook and Instagram ads.  They’re definitely annoying. 

Ads opt out-1.jpg

• What would YOU pick?  I think I’ll pick cats, tacos, and coffee.

You can only keep 3 things

• I bought an air fryer and I am excited!  Do you have one?  Do you like it?  Please share what you cook in it.

Air Fryer-1.jpg

Random Thoughts Thursday 58

Random Thoughts Thursday

• My local gym got new treadmills.  I should be happy, right?  No.  I know change is good but these are no bueno (for me).  Two things that irk me about them:  1) My weight shows up on the screen.  2) There are no number buttons in order to increase the speed.  So if I want to run at a 6.0 speed, I have to manually increase it with the arrow button.  In the other treadmills I would just press the number keys and the “Enter” button.  I know, first world problems.

• I have definitely been to lots of different cities.  I am looking forward to this year visiting Missoula, Wilmington, Detroit, and Kiawah Island.

Major US City Bingo.jpg

 • I had no idea about these Mexican chiles. 

Chiles mexicanos.jpg

  • I’ll be happy with 1 million dollars.  OK, half a million would be good too.  😉

Valentine Gift.jpg

  • I swear she does love me.  Lola is just camera shy.


Random Thoughts Thursday 57

Random Thoughts Thursday

• This weather!  I have lived in Chicago almost my whole life and have never experienced a cold day like yesterday.  School was cancelled and I stayed home most of the day.  I only went out for 20 minutes to start my car twice and that was more than enough time to be outside.

Chicago Weather-2

• I saw this picture on Instagram and fell in love with it.  How awesome is this library?


 • I am looking forward to reading this book.  It is so popular right now that there is a long waitlist for an English copy and my sister could only get it in Spanish.

Michelle Obama Book-1.jpg

  • I’ve been running on the treadmill in the morning before work.  That means showering and getting ready at the gym.  The other day I forgot my Philosophy body wash and face scrub (I didn’t realize it till that night).  I went back the next day and it was gone.  I was annoyed.  Why take it?  Why not just leave it?

  • My gym has a hair dryer in the bathroom.  One day I tried to use it but it wouldn’t turn on.  I tried the on and off buttons with no luck.  I gave up and walked out with wet hair.  A few days later I tried again and it did work.  I then realized why it hadn’t worked before.  I felt so stupid!  🙂