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Random Thoughts Thursday 65

Random Thoughts Thursday

• Tomorrow is my last day before Spring Break.  I am definitely excited!  My plan is to walk out the door with my kids (dismissal is at 2:50) so I can leave at 3:00.

Spring Break 2019-1.jpg

• Why Netflix?  I love you but why again the price increase?  Didn’t they just raise it like 2 years ago?  But even with the price increase, I know I will continue to pay.


• I love that I have and remember wanting to buy but it was too much money.  I checked the price again and holy frijoles!

• Tried these chips and they’re yummy!  Add some hot sauce and they’re even better.

Lay's Chips-1

• A photo of Lola just because she is cute.  🙂  



Random Thoughts Thursday 64

Random Thoughts Thursday

• Typos is one of my pet peeves.  It really drives me crazy when I see them on  Instagram or Facebook.  Sometimes I feel like correcting that person, but will that make me a b$#ch? 

Coffee Mug-1.jpg

• Is this a typo too?  I don’t understand why a word cannot be spelled out.  Are we that lazy?  I also HATE it when I see “fav” instead of “favorite”.

Target Ad-1.jpg

• I don’t know why I didn’t do this before, but I finally changed my car insurance coverage.  I used to pay for full coverage and recently changed it to only liability.  Now I am paying half of what I used to pay.  I am mad at myself because I could have saved so much money if I would have changed it before.

• Always, always coffee.  🙂 

Coffee for teachers-1.jpg

• I love math and wished my kids loved it as much as I do.  I am having trouble with them understanding subtraction problems.  We were working on a story problem and one student told me the equation was “20-36=”.  I wrote it on the board and asked for answers.  They told me 10, 24, and 0.  I had a fit!  Ugh!  Finally, a student did tell me that the equation was wrong because you couldn’t subtract 36 from 20 because there wasn’t enough.  Now I know I could have told them from the beginning that the equation was wrong, but I wanted THEM to tell me that and the reason.

Math Problem-1.jpg

Random Thoughts Thursday 63

Random Thoughts Thursday

• I have a Starbucks Rewards Visa Cards.  One of the perks is getting a FREE drink or food every couple of months.  My free item this time was the Sous Vide Egg Bites.  Wow!  These were so good!  There are a couple of options to choose from, but the ones I had were with bacon and gruyere.  


• The other day I purchased two iced coffees from Starbucks.  I put one cup on top of my car while holding the other one with my left hand and trying to open the door with my right hand.  Well, the cup on the car fell.  What a mess.  But yes I was more upset for the coffee.  I went back inside to buy another one, but the barista was nice enough to give me a free one.

• I know at one point I wrote about getting a BQ.  I admire everyone that gets that qualifying time but then feel bad when some STILL don’t get to run Boston.  A BQ does NOT guarantee that you’ll run Boston.  This tweet made me angry.  I know he means well, but shouldn’t all runs/races make you feel like you won an Olympic gold medal?  The next tweet made me even more angry.  Ridiculously easy BQ times?  I am in that same age group and to me it isn’t easy.

• I have NO idea how I have so much money in my Dunkin’ Donuts cars.  I told my coworker that I was taking a break from Starbucks and from now on getting my coffee from DD.  Note:  I make my coffee at home, but sometimes I like to get an iced coffee from Starbucks.

• Back to coffee.  🙂  I had this and it was OK.  I added almond milk and it was almost $6.00.  Yikes!  And that is why I just get an iced coffee and that alone is still $2-$4.


Random Thoughts Thursday 62

Random Thoughts Thursday

• I belong to a gym in which it isn’t allowed to talk on the phone while using the machines.  I was there on Monday and there was a guy two treadmills down from me talking on his phone.  I had headphones but could still hear him.  I was annoyed and wanted to say something to him.  Luckily he didn’t stay too long.  Would you have said something to him?

Planet Fitness-1.jpg

• I started reading “Becoming” by Michelle Obama and so far it is a good book.  I love reading about her childhood and her experiences while in college and while working in Chicago.  I am at the part where she met Barack and has fallen in love with him.  Beautiful love story!


• I saw this kiosk while on my way to REI.  I didn’t buy anything but was tempted.  Have you bought anything from there?

Farmer's Fridge-1.jpg

• I had been curious about the movie “Roma” and decided to watch it.  Oh no.  I found it boring.  Watched about 30 minutes before I turned it off.  Actually I was running on the treadmill and there came a scene of a naked guy.  I almost fell off the treadmill because I was so shocked! 😬


• Did you see these GU seafood inspired flavors?  Yuck!  Luckily it was a joke.  Can you imagine if these were for real?


Random Thoughts Thursday 61

Random Thoughts Thursday

• I haven’t watched “A Star is Born” but I am obsessed with the song “Shallow”.  Wow!  I keep playing it on repeat every single day.

• Late to the party here regarding the Hamilton lottery.  Recently I downloaded the app and everyday have entered to win tickets.  Nothing so far.  Crossing my fingers that one day I can get tickets. 

Hamilton Lottery-1.jpg

• Tuesday was parent/teacher conferences.  I have 21 students and was able to meet with 17 parents.  Not too bad.  It was a long day too (11:30am-7pm) with a break at 3pm for lunch.

• Lola cracks me up.  I finish eating and then she jumps on the chair for her meal.  She never eats at the table since her bowl is on the kitchen floor.  Maybe I should move it to the table?


• Aren’t Girl Scout cookies the best?  I can eat these every single day, but I don’t.  Which one is your favorite?

Girl Scout Cookies-1.jpg