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Random Thoughts Thursday 51

Random Thoughts Thursday

• Tomorrow is the last day of school before winter break!  I am excited and cannot wait.

Make it to winter break.jpg

 • Finished wrapping my gifts for the kiddos.  Since my first year of teaching, I’ve given all of my students two books.

Books for students-1.jpg

 • Have you tried these chocolates?  They are so good.  Got them at Target so hurry and get your bag.  Lola was curious about them too.  No, I didn’t give her any.

  • Another photo of Lola because she is cute.  


 • Happy Holidays!  I hope you have a great day on Tuesdays with loved ones.

Happy Holidays.jpg


Random Thoughts Thursday 50

Random Thoughts Thursday

• Lola is not a fan of Christmas trees.  I have a little one and right away she knocked it down.  She is lucky she is cute and that I love her.  🙂

Lola-12.jpgThis is what I need to do.

Cat and Christmas tree.jpg

• Did anyone take advantage of the $2.95 sale at Bath and Body Works?  I was at the mall and casually walked in because I had a $15 gift card.  There were so many people and it was because of the sale.  I ended up with 5 bottles and only had to pay 86 cents.

 • All I want for Christmas is a Peloton bike.  Hopefully next year I can get one for sure.


  • This made me laugh because my coworkers and I are obsessed with all of the pens and markers.  I bought 3 boxes during Black Friday and love them!

Poor Teacher.jpg

  • To me holiday/Christmas songs are just songs.  They remind me of when I was a kid and would sing them.  Now there is so much controversy it is annoying.

Christmas Songs Controversy-1.jpg

Christmas Songs Controversy-2.jpg  • This will be me next week. 🙂

Christams activities funny.jpg

Random Thoughts Thursday 49

Random Thoughts Thursday

• Very true!  We need to stop being so judgemental.  No one is perfect.

Love difficult people.jpg

• Not running has actually been going OK.  I have a meniscus injury and haven’t run since Sunday.  It is better and am planning to run again on Monday.  Since I am in a StepBet Challenge, I have been doing a lot of waking in the evening.  It is actually going well and I’ve been enjoying my walks.  Today I did 18,645 steps.  Since Monday I’ve done 65,092 steps.  Yikes!  

 • You know how much I love my cat.  I ordered a 2019 calendar from Walgreens full of Lola pictures.  🙂  I am definitely a crazy cat lady, right?

Lola Calendar-1jpg.jpeg

  • I do not remember the last time gas was this cheap.  

Cheap gas prices-1.jpg

  • You know I am OBSESSED with Tieks.  Got these on Monday.  I also ordered Ruby Red and I’d bet those will look pretty for the holidays.


 •  Just a reminder.

Take care of yourself-1.jpg

Random Thoughts Thursday 48

Random Thoughts Thursday

• I signed up for the StepBet challenge.   It is harder than I thought.  Each week (for 6 weeks) I have 4 active days (15,310 steps), 2 power days (18,511 steps) and 1 rest day.  The first week was a warmup so if I didn’t meet any of my goals, I would still be in the competition.  We started off with 546 players and we are now at 457 players.  


• Have you ever tried Coquito?  Me neither.  Saw this recipe and plan to make it.  Pretty easy.


 • This cold brew from Califia is actually pretty good.  The taste isn’t too strong but yet enough to enjoy.  Saw it at Target for $2.49 each container.


  • I love avocado but was not very impressed with fried avocado fries.  I mean they are good but not in an out of this world great.

Avocado fries-1.jpg

  • I hate snow.  While it may look pretty for about 10 seconds, there is nothing pretty about it once it melts or it turns to ice.  We got our first snowstorm on Monday.  Chicago didn’t get too much (not enough to cancel school) but various other suburbs did while prompted districts to cancel school.  Forget running outside.  

  • I am bummed that I didn’t get accepted into the 2019 NYC Half Marathon.  On the bright side, I am saving money so maybe now I can get another pair of Tieks shoes.  🙂

NYC Half Marathon-2.jpg

Random Thoughts Thursday 47

Random Thoughts Thursday

• Happy Thanksgiving!  I love this day.  It is not just about the food and being thankful for everything.  It is also about family.  And yes, I am thankful for many things in my life: friends, family, job, and good health.

Thanksgiving 2018-1.jpg

• My birthday was on Tuesday.  Started off the day with running 4.6 miles.  I had a good day with friends and family members wishing me happy birthday.  My coworker treated me to tacos.  We had to eat quick because we only have 30 minutes for lunch.  My students made lots of cards for me.

Birthday 2018-4 • Any Narcos fans?  I watched the whole season Saturday and Sunday and LOVED it!!  Diego Luna is awesome.  Just wished he wasn’t the bad guy.

Narcos Mexico-1.jpg

  • Yes, more pens and markers.  Got these on sale at Target for $15 each.  My coworkers and I are obsessed with them.  Now that means soups and sandwiches for lunch till the end of the year.  🙂

  • You know I am OBSESSED with Brooks shoes.  Got these on Tuesday.  I think I have enough shoes for now.  Or do I?  I know it is around January that the newest version of the Launch are available for sale.

Brooks Shoes-5

Brooks Shoes-4