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Random Thoughts Thursday 86

Random Thoughts Thursday

• Law or no law, it still amazes me how many drivers I see that use their phone while driving.  It is weird how much we depend on our phones and everything we do has to be done right there and then.  Remember when we had to get home in order to find out if someone had called or simply to make a phone call?

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• I’ve had the same TV in my living room since 2001 or 2002.  I’ve moved several times and I’ve brought that TV with me.  Lately it doesn’t always turn on or off.  Time to get a new one.  However, there are so many out there that it is overwhelming!  All I want is a TV to watch CBS and to use it for Netflix and Amazon Prime.  These two are the ones I like.

New TV-1

New TV-2

• I am a sucker for pens.  I have so many in my classroom and tell myself to stop buying them.  I really don’t need more.  I found an “old” pen in my mom’s room and remember liking it.  I then found a set on Amazon and ordered it.  Love, love, and love them.  They write so smooth and they make me happy.


• Saw these car magnets at Michaels and regret not buying them.  Now I need to go back and get them.

• Tamales today, tomorrow, and forever.  Sigh.  I will never get tired of them.  Definitely not the healthiest thing to eat but always so delicious.  



Random Thoughts Thursday 85

Random Thoughts Thursday

• I saw this on Facebook and not sure what to say.  Kindergarten teachers are supposed to teach kids how to tie their shoes?  Umm, shouldn’t parents do that?

Tie shoes.jpg

• Excited to plan for Hawaii next year.  I was supposed to go 10 years ago but cancelled because I was hired as a new teacher and had to go to orientation.

2020 Kona Half Marathon-1

• This made me sad.  I have seen so many little ones struggling to make friends and it breaks my heart.  I tell my students to be nice to everyone and to always include their classmates if they see them by themselves.  

Kids returning to school.jpg

• My Peloton bike was delivered on Tuesday.  I didn’t plan correctly since I need cycling shoes to use it.  I ordered some on Amazon and am supposed to get them today.  

Peloton Bike-3

• Another Lola picture because she is cute.  I don’t think she likes that the bike takes up so much of “her” space in the living room.  


Random Thoughts Thursday 84

Random Thoughts Thursday

• I do my laundry on Monday.  This week I went on Sunday with my mom because I knew I wouldn’t be able to go on Monday.  It is always weird when I see other people’s machine and the amount of detergent they use.  My machine is the one on the left.  It looks like I don’t use any at all.  🙂

• Monday afternoon I met a friend for lunch at The Purple Pig.  Ha, even the name is interesting.  My friend lives in Dallas and the last time I saw her was in November  I’ve known her since college and she is am amazing and wonderful person.  We had cheese, calamari, steak, and wine.  For dessert we had chocolate cake.

• I know I’ve mentioned the high cost of traveling by plane.  I was looking for tickets to go to Mexico in December and holy cow!  Do you think these will be cheaper next month?  I really want to go since it’s been years since I’ve been there for Christmas but cannot justify paying that much money.

Mexico Ticket-1.jpg

• This made made me laugh.  I know these meetings sometimes are out of their control but still many times they’re unnecessary.

Meeting or remove appendix.jpg

• There is an app called Resy that allows you to book restaurant reservations.  My friend told me about because she wants to eat at Tiffany’s in New York.  Well, I was shocked when I got an email to let me know that I could book one for that day.  Ugh, if only I lived in NY.  I would like to get a reservation for in 2-4 weeks so I have enough time to make travel plans.  I think it would be cool to eat there.  

Tiffany's reservation.jpg

Random Thoughts Thursday 83

Random Thoughts Thursday

• I finally finished this book.  I cannot believe it took me so long to finish it.  I’ve had it since March but then life happens and you need to put it down.  She is someone I would love to meet and chat for 10 minutes.  OK, maybe 5 since I know she is a busy woman.

Becoming Book-1

• I’ve been trying to get a teacher discount with Sprint but was told that I cannot get it because I already have a discounted phone plan.  Ugh, that annoyed me.  No one told me when I submitted my application in February.   I have been with Sprint for almost 20 years and my bill is around $103 every month.  Let me clarify that –  my plan is $50 and the rest are fees and taxes.


• August is almost here and that means back to work.  I am looking forward to it but then also I am not.  This summer is flying by.  I worked the month of June and then it was awfully hot that I haven’t really been enjoying this summer.  I guess I better make the best of it the next couple of weeks.  I start the 26th and kids start the 28th.

Number One Goal-1.jpg

• I don’t know about you but I am definitely looking forward to Fall.  It is my favorite season.  I love that it isn’t hot but yet cool enough to wear a sweater or light jacket.  I can still run in shorts, compression socks, and a long sleeve top.  Oh and let’s not forget the different colors of the leaves.  

• I have plantar fasciitis.  Luckily mine isn’t as severe and it doesn’t hurt as much anymore.  Maybe it is gone?  I hope so.  One of the things I’ve been using are these massage rollers.  Plantar fasciitis or not, every runner should have these.  I have a few friends that had plantar fasciitis and when I would read their blog posts, I was always curious about that feeling/pain.  Ha, now I know.  

Massage roller-1

Random Thoughts Thursday 82

Random Thoughts Thursday

• This made me laugh!  Seriously the last thing we want to do is go to a meeting much less stay longer than necessary.  I need to go set up my classroom!!  🙂

Questions at meetings

 • Another Facebook memory.  This was for a running cruise to Alaska two years ago.  You can read about it HERE.

Facebook Memories-2

• Have you tried these?  They are delicious.  I bought a package for my nephew and he finished it in a few hours.  Well, he gave me 1 or 2 cookies to share.

Oreo Cookies-1.jpg

• I was supposed to run the RnR Chicago Half Marathon on Sunday.  I didn’t because my coach advised me not to run because I have plantar fasciitis.  Well, maybe it wasn’t meant to be because my name wasn’t on the list of participants anyway.  

2019 RnR Chicago-3.jpg

• I may be banned from ordering more shoes from the Brooks website, but that didn’t stop me from ordering another pair from Zappos.  How cute are these?Brooks Shoes-15.jpg