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Random Thoughts Thursday 25

Random Thoughts Thursday

• I am not creative at all and struggle to find something cute and fun for students to make.  A few years ago a teacher shared a Father’s Day card idea with me.  Isn’t it cute?  I had my students make this last week for Father’s Day.  Now I have the perfect card for their father but now need one for Mother’s Day. 

Father's Day Card-1

• On Sunday I was running on the lakefront and came upon a sign promoting a race that was to start at 8am.  I got a bit annoyed with it.  How can they say that the lakefront trail will be closed?  How?  Why?

Lakefront Closed Sign-1

• Check out the latest shoe release from Tieks.  I don’t care at the moment whether or not they will match any of my clothes but I like them anyway and I ordered a pair.  I am sure I will find something that will match.


• How cute are these shoes from the Brooks’ Victory Collection?  I found out about them yesterday and the Launch 5 is already sold out.  No bueno.

Brooks Victory Collection-1

 • Did you ever collect beanie babies?  I did.  I remember collecting these 20 years ago but cannot remember the reason.  I’ve moved various times and these beanie babies have also moved with me.  I did not want to give them away much less throw them away.  One year I thought about giving them to my students as prizes but that didn’t happen.  A friend of mine asked for these to donate to her cat rescue shelter.  She said that the cats enjoy snuggling to the little bears.  Aww, adorable.  Lola has two (cats) but she ignores them.  You bet I will be making a donation.  

Beanie Babies-1


Random Thoughts Thursday 24

Random Thoughts Thursday

• I got my first Imperfect Produce Box.  I got carrots, apples, pears, peaches, avocados, celery, sweet potatoes, onions, and potatoes.  My first box was about $25 for a large box and I used code “Fifty%” to save 50% off.  My next box will be a small one and I am curious to find out what will be included.

• I got together with friends on Saturday to watch Ocean 8.  Good movie!  Afterwards we got together at a friend’s house to hang out.  I made some caramel apple martinis.  Yummy!  They were delicious.  I had about 3 or 4 that night and work up with a slight headache the next day.  Maybe next time a little less vodka. 🙂

Caramel Apple Martinis-1.jpg

• Thanks to Facebook for reminding me that I brought Lola home 3 years ago.  Isn’t she cute?


• I’ve been looking at tickets to Fargo in August to run a half marathon.  Either they’re too expensive or the times are not convenient.  Almost 10 hours to North Dakota?  And I still have to pay an extra $100?  No.

Ticket to Fargo-1

• Check out this report card from 1954.  I love that it is typed but check out the things that these kids were graded on in school.  I am a 2nd grade teacher and some of the kids would not get a passing grade for half of the stuff on the list.

Kindergarten Report Card-1

Random Thoughts Thursday 23

Random Thoughts Thursday

• Anyone cooks with farro?  New to me.  Have heard good things about it.  


• I rarely eat salads.  I know I should be eating more fruits and vegetables and every year I say that I will do it.  Recently I made a delicious salad with shrimp, sweet potato, chickpeas, and Bolthouse Farms Dressing.  It was yummy!  Now this is what I eat a few times a week for lunch.

• Monday was the last day of school.  It was a LONG day.  Most of my stuff was packed up so we spent the day watching movies and coloring.  Not very exciting but I am sure fun for the students.  I remember when on the last day of school we would be done at 10am.  Now it is still 3pm.  I received a few cards and flowers from my students.

• There were a lot of great deals on Wednesday for Global Running Day.  I signed up for two Rock ‘n’ Roll races in Savannah (November 2018) and New Orleans (February 2019).  I’ve run in New Orleans before but am happy to run there again.  I’ve never been to Savannah but am excited to cross off another state from my list.


Random Thoughts Thursday 22

Random Thoughts Thursday

• Monday is my last day of school.  It would have been tomorrow but we had one snow day.  So Monday it is.  I can’t complain too much about it.  One year we had 3 snow days.  Below is the picture from our snow day in February.

Illinois Marathon-96

• Snow sounds good right about now.  It has been very hot here in Chicago.  We went from winter to summer.  I live on the 2nd floor so it gets even hotter here.  The temperature inside has reached mid 80s.  Yes, we’ve turned on the AC.  Even Lola gets uncomfortable.

• I am a big fan of Ticonderoga pencils.  I went to Target the other day and saw those pencils in metallic and pastel colors.  Love, love, love them.  If you have kids in grade school, please buy these for them to take to school.  Their teacher will appreciate it.

Ticonderoga Pencils-1

• Speaking of Target, their customer service is phenomenal.  I accidentally left a bag with 4 items and didn’t realize it till I got home.  I called the store but no one had turned it in.  The next day I stopped by to check.  Still no one turned it in.  However, they let me get those four items again and take them home FOR FREE.  How amazing is that?

• Have you heard of Imperfect Produce?  It is a subscription service that fights food waste by finding a home for ‘ugly’ produce.  They source it directly from farms and deliver it to customers’ doors for 30-50% less than grocery store prices.  The subscription produce box is affordable, convenient, customizable, healthy, and delicious.  (Source:  I ordered a box today and am expecting it next Friday.  If you live in the Chicago area, save 50% off your first box by using code FIFTY%.  I used that code for my order today.  Also, if you do decide to order, use this link:  Each of us will get $10 in Imperfect credit when you sign up using my personalized referral link.

Random Thoughts Thursday 21

Random Thoughts Thursday

• Sock, sock, shoe, shoe OR sock, shoe, sock, shoe.  Definitely both socks first and then the shoes.  🙂  You?

Shoes and Socks.JPG


• I went to the zoo with my students on Wednesday.  It was a beautiful day for a field trip but man it was HOT and exhausting.  A few parents went with me and I was thankful for them going with me.  I took 20 students and cannot imagine being with them alone on this trip.  Parents that help out and/or chaperone on a field trip are the BEST!

• I’ve been experiencing some pain in the left leg.  I ran on Monday morning and then skipped Tuesday and today’s run.  I stretched and foam rolled and felt better.  I also applied some KT Tape on my calf and knee.  That helped.  But I wonder if it really helps or if it is just in my head. 

KT Tape-1

• Have you heard of Brandless?  It is company that pretty much sells everything from toilet paper to facial toner (no brand) for $3.  I haven’t bought anything yet but am very interested in it.  I like that when you make a purchase, a meal is donated to someone in need through a partnership with Feeding America.


• My car now has 99,000 miles.  I purchased it in June 2006 and it still runs great.  My car has a cassette and CD player and I LOVE it.  🙂  When I was in San Francisco last week, I rented a 2018 Ford Escape.  It was fancy for me.  It was keyless (took me a few minutes to figure out how to turn on the car) and had so many fancy gadgets.  It short of convinced me to get a new car.  Then I came home and got in my car.  I really like mine.  It works great and I don’t want to deal with a car payment.  No new car for met….yet.