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Random Thoughts Thursday 10

Random Thoughts Thursday

How is it that it is Thursday again?  Today is a short week for me.  There was no school on Monday due to Casimir Pulaski.  Honestly, I don’t know why we have that day off.  But, for now I will not complain and enjoy that day off for as long as we have it off.  

• How To Get Away With Murder.  Anyone watch it?  Did you see it last Thursday (S4 E13 Lahey v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania)?  Wow!  Annalise (Viola Davis) was phenomenal!  I’ve watched that episode twice and will probably see it again.

• Spring Break is 3 weeks away.  I am not planning to go away and am OK with it.  I actually like staying home.  Work is always crazy so this week gives me a chance to relax and take it easy.  I am hoping to meet up with friends for lunch or dinner since during the week it is hard for me to do so.

• My first race is on the 25th and I am excited about it.  I will be running the Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle on the 25th.  This is one of my favorite races.  I have my shoes ready for this race.  Aren’t they adorable?

Brooks Launch 5 Shamrock Shoes-1

• Have you heard about the $5 Savings Challenge?  What you do is save every $5 bill that comes into your possession.  Then after 6 months, 1 year, etc., you count it and use it for whatever you want.  I rarely carry cash but still plan to save my $5 bills.  I have a Brooks shoe box with an opening on the top.  I did tape the side so I wouldn’t be easily tempted to count it or use the cash.  🙂  Yesterday I added my first $5 bill.

• I got $10 from Achievement.  It is a FREE app that you sync with other apps such as Strava, Garmin Connect, FitBit and earn points for your activities.  When you reach 10,000 points, you get $10.  Very easy!  I’ve been a member since January 4, 2017 and have already earned $30.  You have nothing to lose as it doesn’t require doing anything extra than what you’re probably already doing.  

What are some of your random thoughts today?


Random Thoughts Thursday 9

Random Thoughts Thursday

Happy Thursday!  Hard to believe it is already March.  Time is going by too fast.  I am looking forward to Spring and the warmer weather.  Seriously, I am tired of this cold weather and the changes brought on by Mother Nature.  Now let me tell you about my random thoughts.

• I remember when the duck face pictures were popular.  Are they still popular?  Do people still do those?  Lately I am seeing a lot of photos of people with their mouth open.  One, two, and maybe three is OK.  But when almost all of your photos are of you with your mouth open.  Just no.  I find them annoying.  Thoughts?

I did a few Disney races back in 2014.  First I did Goofy Challenge because a few of my friends convinced me to do it.  Then I did a couple more races that year.  I did them more for more.  I remember during Goofy people were upset because there weren’t enough characters on the course for pictures.  I took a few pictures but to me it wasn’t that important.  I know Disney races are more for fun but should people get upset or care about how much time they have to take pictures with characters?  Should they really care how many characters are on the course too?

• I’ve been house hunting since November.  Still no house.  I’ve seen quite a few of them and came close to buying one.  Sigh.  Now I am getting desperate but at the same time still need to be patient.  There was one that I liked and was ready to put in an offer but then found out that someone else had paid cash for it.  Man, I need that kind of money!  

• I am late to the party here but finally saw the movie “Moana”.  I have NO idea why I waited so long.  On Sunday I was at a family party and my niece was talking about how her son loves that movie.  They played the movie but I didn’t get the chance to see it again.  I knew it was available on Netflix so Wednesday evening I sat down to watch it.  Great movie!  My favorite song, of course, is the one by Dwayne Johnson.  I maybe have a secret crush on him.  🙂  Have you seen “Moana”?

• I went to the Laundromat on Sunday and it got me thinking about detergent.  I did used a little bit more than required but still nowhere near what the person next to me used.  Mine is the top one.  



What are some of your random thoughts today?

Random Thoughts Thursday 8

Random Thoughts Thursday

Happy Thursday!  It was a short week and it felt wonderful.  Tomorrow all 2nd graders in my school are going on a field trip to the Museum of Science of Industry.  It should be fun and I am actually looking to it!  Read along for some of my random thoughts.

• Are you a pet owner and have an Instagram account for your pet?  I love my Lola very much and have an account for her.  You can follow her HERE.

I am excited about my new pair of Tieks by Gavrieli but have yet to wear them.  My new pair are in my room waiting to be worn.  I ordered them in Chestnut because I needed a neutral color that will go with many outfits (I already have a pair in black).  The problem now is that I don’t have that many outfits that go with that color.  Most of the pants that I wear to work are black or some other dark color and do not go well with brown.  I might exchange them for another color.  I do have a few skirts that will go very well with those shoes but for now the weather isn’t cooperating and I am not wearing any skirts.  Or I can go crazy and not exactly match my shoes with my pants!  🙂

Spring is around the corner and I got a great deal on sweaters!  I had a coupon for 30% off from Kohls and took advantage of it to go shopping.  I found a sweater on clearance for $10.80 and with the discount I ended up paying around $7.50.  Great deal, right?  I wanted more in different colors but couldn’t find them at the store.  Instead I went online and ordered 9 additional sweaters.  They were $14 but with the discount each one came out to about $10.  Love it when stores have big sales like this one.

• Lately I’ve noticed that I’ve been drooling while I sleep.  Of course I notice when I wake up (usually because I have to use the bathroom).  I know, kind of gross.  I don’t think that had ever happened to me before!  

• Today we had a practice lockdown.  My kids know exactly what to do.  It is hard to keep 24 kids quiet in a room.  Some talk and others giggle.  I had to remind them to be quiet and to sit as comfortable as possible because we had no idea how long we would be in that position (we sit on the floor in a corner with the door locked and all of the lights off).  A few minutes later I got very emotional.  They did not see me cry.  I know it was a practice drill but what if it was real?  I know I would do anything to protect them from harm but this whole thing about how teachers should be armed is RIDICULOUS.  Just now.

What are some of your random thoughts today?

Random Thoughts Thursday 7

Random Thoughts Thursday

Man, the groundhog was not kidding with stating that we’ll have 6 weeks of winter!  Chicago got so much snow that schools were closed last Friday.  And it didn’t stop there because we got more snow on Saturday night.  Luckily it’s been warming up and the snow is melting.  Hopefully that 6 week prediction will be proven false.

Let’s talk gray hair.  I get a few here and there.  They’re so small that really I use tweezers to pull them out.  Sunday afternoon I found two long ones.  Well, maybe 3 inches long.  I couldn’t leave them alone.  I pulled them out and felt better.  Do you leave or pull them out?

If a friend prefers money for her birthday would you give it to him/her?  Someone posted on that instead of birthday presents this year, to consider making a contribution (fundraiser) for her upcoming trip.  I’ve seen posts in which people ask for birthday donations to an organization but never for a trip.  I don’t know if I was appalled, angry, or annoyed.  I haven’t decided if I want to unfollow or unfriend this person. 

I’ve lived in Chicago for almost 40 years and have seen my share of “Chicago Dibs“.  However, I’ve never been a part of it till this year.  After Friday’s snowstorm I had my very own personal spot in front of my house.  I put a chair there to claim my spot.  I did some errands Saturday and Sunday and my spot was still there.  I came home late on Monday and someone else had parked in “my” spot.  Someone had moved my chair.  I was annoyed.  How dare they?  I got over it pretty quickly because I found another spot right away.

• Amazon Prime has the best customer service!  I ordered two containers of Orgain Organic Protein Powder last week and they were supposed to arrive on Saturday.  I forgot about it and then remembered on Monday morning.  I checked my account and found out that the driver couldn’t deliver it because it was a gated community and couldn’t get access to my house.  I was annoyed.  I sent an email to Amazon stating that I do not live in a gated community.  I also asked why didn’t the driver come back on Sunday?  Hours later I got an email from them with an apology and letting me know that my package was lost due to carrier error.  They offered to send another order for next day delivery free of charge.  Well, Monday night when I came home I saw that my first order had arrived.  The next day my replacement order arrived.  Definitely love their service

• Have you tried Cafe Bustelo?  Saw it at Target.  It is pretty good.  A bit strong but with good flavor.  I am still trying to figure out the correct coffee to water ratio.  I’ve tried one tablespoon for each cup of water but that was too strong for me.  Yesterday I used one teaspoon for each cup and while it wasn’t that strong, it was stronger than how I normally drink it.  Next is one teaspoon for 2 cups of water.  We’ll see.

What are some of your random thoughts today?

Random Thoughts Thursday 6

Random Thoughts Thursday

Hard to believe it is Thursday already.  The week definitely goes by fast!  I am not complaining.  Wednesday was a half day at school and while I’d rather have my kids for the rest of the afternoon instead of being in meetings, yesterday was actually pretty good.  The 2nd grade team met and we were able to cross things off our to do list.  That is always a wonderful feeling!  Now let me tell you about my random thoughts.

Do you watch “This is Us”?  I feel like I am missing out on it.  My Facebook feed is always full of posts from friends commenting about it.  Do you watch it?  Am I really missing out on it?

I will admit that I watched Sunday’s game just for the commercials.  This year I don’t think they were that good.  I think the one I did like was the one from Budweiser.  I am not a big fan of Justin Timberlake but did like his performance.

I cannot stop watching the SNL Revolutionary War skit.  Have you seen it?  Haha.  It is pretty funny!

I haven’t had much luck finding a house to buy.  Why is it so complicated?  I’ve been looking since November and while I’ve seen some nice ones, a few are out of my price range.  There were 2 houses that I was ready to buy and put in an offer.  Unfortunately they were not accepted.  I truly believe that things happen for a reason and I have to believe that those two were not meant to be for me.  My house is still out there and I just to continue to be patient.

I am over the snow.  Ugh!  I dislike winter and snow more than ever.  Is it selfish to say that with that much snow it will affect my runs?  I am enjoying my runs outside but now have to be even more conscious and careful because I don’t want to fall.  Yesterday I went to the treadmill and it wasn’t so bad but for sure I’d rather be outside.  We are expecting more snow today and Friday.  

• And with the snow comes a snow day.  I found out a few hours ago that there is no school on Friday.  I just looked outside and it is already coming down.  No bueno.  I was really hoping for it to be a mild winter (I remember last year in February we had temperature in the 80s) this year.  With this day off now I can finally finish grading my math tests from last week.  🙂

What are some of your random thoughts today?