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Race shirts: Favorites and the ones we love to hate

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I will confess that I rarely keep any of my race shirts.  The year I ran 14 RnR half marathons, I got 14 shirts but did not keep any of them.  They were all nice shirts (Brooks) but really what was I supposed to do with 14 shirts?  There has been one or two races in which I had the option of not receiving the race shirt in exchange for a few dollars off my registration fee.

However, I have kept a couple of them mainly because of the materials and the color/cut.

  1.  Route 66 Half Marathon


2.  Princeton Half Marathon >>My favorite one.


3. Des Moines Half Marathon


I like the shirts from the Bank of America races (Nike brand) but do not keep them either.  Not sure why since I do like the cut.  But I prefer the finisher’s shirt I bought at the outlet store.  It was about $16 three weeks after the marathon. 

Now what3

The “ugliest” looking shirt is this one.  I mean, seriously?

I did keep my Run Disney long sleeve shirts but only because I wear them at night when I go to sleep.  That extra layer keeps me warm throughout the cold Chicago winters.

I know some runners have had quilts made from their race shirts and I kind of regret not saving mine.  Seeing hers made me want to have one for me so you bet I will start saving my shirts. Pretty cool right?  This one is from Kimberly who blogs at KookyRunner.

Do you keep your race shirts?  For you or to make a quilt as well?


Spring Race Plans

I am linking up with Marcia, Erika, and Patti for today’s Tuesdays on the Run.


I am very excited about my upcoming Spring races!  I know it isn’t in the Spring season but my first race this year is RnR NOLA on February 28th.  I did the marathon in 2013 and am excited to go back for another race. My two sisters and nephew are also going so it should be fun!!

Next on my calendar is the Live Grit 10 Miler.  I’ve done this race a couple times but I think last year was the worst one.  The weather started off perfect but then throughout the race it must have dropped about 20 degrees and was windy.  You bet I was cold.  On the good side, I got a chance to meet Wendy and Marcia.  The race course is along the lakefront but on the north side which I enjoy because I normally run on the south side and like the change of scenery. Hopefully the weather cooperates this year.  Love the medal too.


Next is the Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle 8K.  This is one of my favorite races.  I love the distance and the location.  The start and finish line are the same as the Chicago Marathon.  I managed to get a PR in 2014 but missed it in 2015 and you bet I am aiming for one this year. Check out the medal.  Pretty cool huh?


I have a few half marathons in various states that are still in the works.  For sure I am going to Michigan for the Bayshore Half Marathon (May 28) and West Virginia for the Harpers Ferry Half Marathon (May 14).  I am working on logistics for the Garmin Half Marathon on April 16. That’s three states.  My goal is to run in at least 5 different states this year.  I’m not sure about the Run for the Zoo Half Marathon in NM on May 1 because that will be 3 half marathons in one month.  I know it is doable.  I am just worried about how my body will respond to it.

I may register for a 5k and/or 10K since I have not done one in years.  The Run to Remember 5K in May is a great one but always gets so crowded.  I’ve been wanting to run both The Good Life Race 5K and the Ravenswood Run 5K and a few running friends have said good things about both races.  I have not made up my mind about the Illinois Marathon Relay also in April.  We had a good time (even if it rained throughout the whole race) and it looks like this year more of my friends also want to run the relay.

Summer and fall races is a whole different story.  I will leave that for another post.

This is how I feel.


Any fun races for you?

RnR NOLA Week 4

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Hoping everyone had a good week!



*Week #4, December 28-January 3


  • PLAN – 6 miles all easy effort
  • ACTUAL – Skipped.


It was gross outside.  No way was I going to run outside and risk falling.  🙂  I could have gone to the gym but still no.  I did this workout on Tuesday.


  • PLAN – Cycle Zone and Body Works Plus Abs
  • ACTUAL –Skipped both classes but did run 8 miles @10:37 average pace

I skipped my workouts to do the one from yesterday.  I alternated 2 minutes/3 minutes @10:00; 10:21; and 10:43.  Took a break after mile 5 to get more water and to move to another treadmill because these two women next to me were constantly talking and annoying.  I gave them dirty looks but they must not have been dirty enough because they kept talking.  Go figure that I ran into them later in the locker room.  I ran 2 extra miles to finish the month with 80 miles. That’s what I get for skipping workouts.


  • PLAN –2 miles warm up (10:00-10:45), 2 minutes around 8:30 with 3 minutes recovery and repeat until you get 2 miles, 1 mile cool down @ 9:00-9:30
  • ACTUAL – 5 miles @10:46 average pace


My last run of 2015.  Miles 1 and 2 were done @10:43.  2 minutes were done at 8:27; 8:20; 8:20; 8:20; and 8:20 pace while recoveries were done walking @17:08 pace.  Last mile I alternated 2 minutes/3 minutes @8:57; 9:05; and 9:14.

The 8:20 did not feel too hard.  I could have gone faster to 8:13 but legs were tired from yesterday.  Next time I’ll try it.  I did stop to walk for a few seconds during the last mile.




  • PLAN – OFF


I went out for a walk.  It wasn’t too cold.  I stopped at Target and ended up buying about $40 worth of stuff.  I actually get bored walking (would rather run) but I actually enjoyed this walk.  


  • PLAN- 10 miles
  • ACTUAL- 9.02 @10:39 average pace


Another cold day but not too windy.  Some ice on the path which made us take it a little slower. About 15 seconds slower than last week but felt much better today.  Again, the last mile was tough but I pushed through to finish my run.  Overall, still very pleased with this run.  Splits are:
Mile 1-10:41
Mile 2-10:32
Mile 3-11:00
Mile 4-10:19
Mile 5-10:23
Mile 6-10:56
Mile 7-10:41
MIle 8-10:27
Mile 9-10:48

Later that evening I did some stretches and foam rolled.  My coach reminded me that I need to do this every single day.  🙂  Lola loves to keep me accompany.



  • PLAN- Yoga
  • ACTUAL- Did not make to class.

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Back to work tomorrow.  It’s been a fun and relaxing two weeks at home but I am looking forward to getting back to my routine.  Today I made some meals for this week, oatmeal for breakfast and quinoa with corn and chickpeas for lunch.  Now the countdown starts for Spring Break in April!

RnR NOLA Week 2 and 3

I’m linking up with Holly and Tricia for their Weekly Wrap.

Hoping everyone had a good week!


My first week of training went well.  Weeks 2 & 3 went OK.


*Week #2, December 14-20


  • PLAN – 5 miles all easy effort
  • ACTUAL – 5.02 miles @10:13 average pace

This run was so much better than last week.  I went to a meeting after school and when I went outside, I saw these ominous looking clouds and decided to skip my run and go home.  Well, once at home I felt guilty about missing my run and then just went for it.  It was a great run!  It always happens that my best runs are usually the ones I want to skip.  Splits are:
Mile 1-10:16
Mile 2-10:27
Mile 3-10:20
Mile 4-9:48
Mile 5-10:16

So weird to start and end at the same pace.



  • PLAN – Cycle Zone and Body Works Plus Abs
  • ACTUAL –Skipped both classes.

My alarm did not go off in the morning so I did not make it to spinning.  Then I stayed after school to volunteer for Ornament Night.  It was a fun night and I enjoyed seeing the parents with their children having a good time.

I did win two M80 Roller from Carlee’s 12 days of Christmas Giveaways!  I had been sending so many tweets hoping to win one of the prizes.  All of that tweeting definitely paid off!



  • PLAN –2 miles warm up (10:00-10:45), 2 minutes around 8:30 with 3 minutes recovery and repeat until you get 2 miles, then 1 mile cool down
  • ACTUAL – 5 miles @11:42 average pace

This was the same workout from last week.  2 miles warm up @10:55.  2 minutes run were @8:32, 8:39, 8:39, 8:39, 8:39.  3 minutes recovery were at walking pace.  As for cooldown, .50 was @10:55 and .50 @10:32.


  • PLAN- 4 miles negative splits
  • ACTUAL- Did not run.

I met a friend for dinner and it was nice to catch up.  I had some delicious deep dish pizza and a chocolate martini.  I am a big fan of the apple martinis but this chocolate one was DELICIOUS.



  • PLAN – OFF

Last day before winter winter.  Had a great day at school with the kiddos and received lots of presents from them.  I do not expect any presents from them but just to show up ready to learn.




  • PLAN- 8 miles
  • ACTUAL- Did not run.


I kind of wanted to do my run but my body did not.  I slept in which felt great and woke up at 8:30.  However, I stayed in bed for a few more hours.  Lola was tired too.  Eventually I did get up to go to a family holiday party.


  • PLAN- Yoga
  • ACTUAL- Did not make to class.

Week #3, December 21-27


  • PLAN – 6 miles all easy
  • ACTUAL – 4.02 miles @12:04 average pace


First day of winter break.  Just wasn’t into it.  Run sucked. It was wet, cold, and windy.  Splits are:

Mile 1-10:36
Mile 2-12:16
Mile 3-11:56
Mile 4-13:30


  • PLAN – Cycle Zone and Body Works Plus Abs
  • ACTUAL –30 minutes spinning and 4 miles @10:24 average pace

My alarm went off and I turned it off and went back to bed.  Then I quickly jumped up because I knew I had to go since a sub 2 half marathon is not going to happen if I keep missing my workouts.  I made it in time to class but the instructor did not show up.  I did my own for 30 minutes then ran 4 miles on the treadmill.  I cannot remember the pace I ran for miles 1 and 2 but I did alternate (2 minutes/3 minutes) between 10:43, 10:21, and 10:00 for miles 3 and 4.

I had dinner plans at Wildfire in the evening so I missed the body works class.  For dinner I had the medallion trio and the signature martini flight (Cosmopolitan, Green Apple, Wild Raspberry Trio, and Stormy Night).



  • PLAN –2 miles warm up (10:00-10:45), 2 minutes around 8:30 with 3 minutes recovery and repeat until you get 2 miles, then 1 mile @9:00-9:30
  • ACTUAL – 5 miles @10:48 average pace

I did not set the treadmill at 1% like I normally do.  Miles 1 and 2 were done @10:43.  2 minutes were done at 8:27; 8:27; 8:27; 8:27; and 8:27 pace while recoveries were done walking @17:08 pace.  Last mile I alternated 2 minutes/3 minutes @9:05; 9:14; and 9:23.  This run felt a little easier but that’s because I had the treadmill set at zero incline.


  • PLAN- 3 miles easy
  • ACTUAL- 3.02 miles @9:58 average pace

Run went much better than Monday’s .  It was still cold and windy.  I wanted to run more but was too cold.  I got negative splits so that made me very happy!!  Splits are:
Mile 1-10:12
Mile 2-10:01
Mile 3-9:42



  • PLAN – OFF


  • PLAN- 8 miles
  • ACTUAL- 9:02 miles @10:37 average pace

A cold and windy morning in Chicago!  There were two of us in our group and our first mile was too fast. The last 2 miles were difficult for me so I stopped and walked a bit.  Overall, I am very pleased with my pace for miles 1-7.  Splits are:
Mile 1-9:33
Mile 2-10:39
Mile 3-10:35
Mile 4-10:28
Mile 5-10:21
Mile 6-10:23
Mile 7-10:35
Mile 8-11:09
MIle 9-11:50



  • PLAN- Yoga
  • ACTUAL- Did not make it to class.

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Rock ‘n’ Roll Races and Treadmill Incline

I don’t know if you saw it but on Wednesday, December 16, Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series had a one day only special pricing (and limited space) for all of their races.  I saw it on Facebook on my way to school and once there I quickly signed up for two races in Seattle and Las Vegas.  I am already planning to run in New Orleans in February and have already run in both Seattle and Las Vegas.  My nephew lives in Seattle so I would like to visit and run the race again hoping for a better experience.  As for Las Vegas, well, why not?  Plus, I had a great time the last time I was there.

I know, I know.  I told myself I wouldn’t run another RnR race because I did so many in 2013.  I haven’t even run the once in Chicago since then and I live here.  Plus, it is always so hot here at that time but that is another issue.  So now I have three next year!

Unlike most people, I do enjoy running on the treadmill.  I like it when the weather just doesn’t make it possible for me to run outside or when my runs call for a specific pace.  Lately we’ve been having great weather in Chicago so most of my runs have been outside.


I’ve been setting the incline at 1% for all of my runs.  I came across this article “The Truth About Setting Your Treadmill Incline” and Matt says “So instead leave it at 0 percent unless you’re looking for the specific challenge of running uphill.”  So now I am torn between leaving it at 1% or changing it to 0% like Matt says.

And totally random and to make you laugh.  I have yet to put up my tree.  No shame here.


Fan of RnR races?  Which is your favorite?