December and Year in Review 2012

Happy New Year!!

In December I ran 81.62 miles compared to 59.36 in November.  I signed for the Runner’s world Holiday Running Streak and was doing really good until December 12 when I was just so tired (not just from running) that I decided to take some time off.  And I did !  I took 4 days off then ran for 5 more days and then followed by a few more days of running.  I still think I did good.

Total miles ran in 2012 was 848.41 miles compared to 736.54 in 2011.

In 2013 I will be traveling across the country to run various half marathons sponsored by the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series.  Join me!

This year I ran 21 races:
Half Marathon-7
10 Miles-2

My best race experiences were the ultramarathon and the Ragnar Relay Chicago.

I did the ultra because it was on my list of top 40 things to do and because it was four weeks after the Rock ‘n’ Roll New Orleans Marathon.  I already had the training and what is 5 more miles?  Ha, it does matter.  Still, great experience!!

The Ragnar Relay was also on my list.  I had the longest “leg” and struggled to finish it.  Overall, it was fun but also exhausting!!  My team members were AWESOME!!!  I wish I could do it again next year but can’t because of work reasons.

This year I ran in several Brooks shoes such as Ravenna, PureCadence, Glycerin, and PureConnect.  My favorite is PureConnect and plan to run in them in all of my races next year.  I also became a big fan of PRO Compression Socks.  I own five different pairs in various colors and plan to buy more.  Hmm, maybe the purple and the orange ones?

My goals for this year are:

1. Finish all of the races I sign up for
2. Run a sub 2 half marathon
3. Run more than 1,000 miles

Just Keep Running!


10 miles today

I ran 10  miles today on the treadmill.  It was COLD this morning in Chicago so instead of using that as an excuse not to run, I went to the gym.

I think the most I’ve ran on the treadmill was 14 miles.

Today’s run was not bad at all.  I got there at 8, stretched for a few minutes and off I went.  I had several upbeat songs on my iPod in both English and Spanish so that helped.  I alternated the speed between 6.3 and 6.2 with each song which also helped.

Instead of thinking “I need to run 10 miles today” I told myself to just break it up into two 5 miles runs.   I ran for 2.5 miles then walked for .10 of a mile then ran another 2.5 miles.  I then ate a Hammer Gel Tropical flavored (which I did not like at all), drank water, and took a bathroom break.

Off I went again and ran 2.5 miles and took a 3 minute break before running again.  I ran for 49 minutes and 59 seconds then walked for 10 minutes.  I timed it perfectly because at 59:59 the treadmill went to cooldown mode.

Total today was 10.68 miles.  My legs do not hurt at all.  Was it the Hammer Gel?  Or the EAS protein shake with a banana I drank afterwards?  Who knows.

I am sad to write that I will need to return both pairs of shoes I bought last week.  I ran again in the Ghost followed by the elliptical but had to stop because the shoes were really bothering me.  Today I ran in my PureConnect and definitely LOVE them!  What I don’t like is that they last about 300 miles.  Each pair is about $90 but Zappos has them on sale for $72.  Hmm, maybe I should stock up and buy enough pairs to last me next year as I train and run my half marathons next year?  Or maybe wait and hopefully they’ll be cheaper in a few weeks?

Just Keep Running!

Random Stuff

This weekend I went to my favorite running store, Fleet Fleet Chicago, and purchased not one but TWO pairs of running shoes.  I’ve ran in both shoes already and am not sure they’re the right fit for me.  The Ghost 5 hurt my feet but I think it was because of the orthotics.  I will run again in them tomorrow but without the orthotics.  Today I ran in the PureFlow 2 and felt some discomfort in my right foot along the right side of the foot.  I plan to use them for speedwork so I will run in them again next week.

I received another pair of Pro Compression socks.  Aren’t they cute!!  I cannot wait to wear them.  My nephew calls them my Dr. Seuss socks which I plan to wear in March in honor of his birthday.

Random Stuff

I am finally done wrapping gifts for my students.  I hope they like it.  I will give it to them on Friday which is our last day of school before vacation.  Want to know what it is?  Two books in Spanish that I’ve read to them in class and I want them to have their own copy.  Am I excited about my upcoming vacation?  You bet!  I am very much looking forward to it!

Random Stuff

Run Happy!

November 2012 in Review

I ran four races in November:  Carrera de los Muertos 5K, Chicago Perfect 10, Magic City Half Marathon, and Rotary Run 3.14 Pie Race.

I have no races in December.  Whew, taking a break.  Just kidding.  I signed up for the Runner’s World 2012 Holiday Running Streak.  I’ve pledged to run at least one mile every day between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day.  Piece of cake right?  Sure.  Not bad at all.  Today was day #9 and I was at the gym before 7 to run that mile.  I ran 6.53 yesterday evening so I was not up for running more than one mile.  Tomorrow is an 8 mile run.

Also, this month I am “training” using the run less, run faster method for my first race of 2013 in Mississippi.  Check out my list of upcoming races and hopefully you can join me.  Last weekend I finally created a spreadsheet with all of my races and other relevant information such as hotel, flight, registration, etc.  Whew!  It’s helping me stay on track with my races.

I still have a bib to the Zooma Florida Half Marathon in January that I need to transfer.  If interested, let me know.

Run Happy!!

2012 Holiday Running Streak

Yes, I “signed” up.  I have pledged to run 1 mile every day from Thanksgiving to New Years Day.  Today was day #7 and I was at the gym at 5:20 am.  I ran one mile and cooled down for .20 of a mile.  Why didn’t I run after work like I normally do?  I had a meeting after school till 4:20 and then met a friend at 5 to grade papers.

Tomorrow is a 6 mile run, 3 easy and 3 at short tempo pace based on the book “Run Less Run Faster”.   I got my book on Saturday and spent Sunday working on my plan.  The ideal plan for a half marathon is 16 weeks.  I don’t have 16 weeks.  My first half marathon next year is in Mississippi on January 5th followed by Rock ‘n’ Roll  1/2 Marathon in Arizona in the 20th.  Let’s see how I do.  🙂

Run Happy!