October 2012 in Review

I cannot believe there are two months left in the year.  It is going by so fast!!

This month I ran 58.81 miles compared to 57.25 last month.  Very slow month.  Need to work on motivation.

I ran two races in October:  Baltimore Running Festival Half Marathon and the Indianapolis Half Marathon. They were back to back on two weekends and kicked my butt.  Despite the hills, they were great and beautiful courses.

Upcoming races in November include.
11/3      Carrera de los Muertos 5K
11/10    Chicago’s Perfect 10K
11/18    Magic City Half Marathon, Birmingham, AL
11/22    Rotary Run 3/14 Pie

I’ve been busy planning the various half marathons I plan to run next year.  It is not an easy task.  I need to check flights (preferably Southwest since Midway Airport is about 5 minute from my house) and hotels.  So far I’ve purchased a ticket for the races in Washington, DC and Nashville.

I was planning to have surgery in November but I’ve postponed it.  Because of the surgery I was going to stop running after the race in Birmingham.  Now that it is postponed, no need to stop.  Now to look for other races in December, January, and February.  Any suggestions?

I have a bib to the Zooma Florida Half Marathon in January that I need to transfer.  If interested, let me know.

Run Happy!!

ZOOMA Florida Half Marathon

This summer I began the “journey” to run a race in each state.  Well, I didn’t exactly begin but more like decided to actually do it.  I searched various races and put them in my calendar (I already had a few under my belt).  One of them was the ZOOMA Women’s Race in Florida.  I registered at a discounted race.  Yay!!  I like saving money!

Fast forward 3 months later and now I cannot race this race.  🙁  Just like most races, I cannot get a refund.  However, I can transfer my bib.  That makes me happy.  Interested in my bib?  Registration now is $105 but of course I will not sell it to you for that price.  Please contact me and we can work out the details as well as the price.

These races are being held in various states across the country.  Just recently the race was in Wisconsin.  I’ve read some great reviews about it from Run with Jess and Skinny Runner.

Hope to hear from you!

Indianapolis Half Marathon

Done, half marathon #9.

I was supposed to fly out on Friday afternoon.  Instead, I decided to drive.  A cab ride from the Indianapolis International Airport to the hotel was about $80.  So $80 times 2 is $160.  That is a lot of money for a taxi.  I left work at 11:30 am, went to get something to eat and then hit the road.

The drive was lonely and scary.  It was raining and many people sure drive fast.  I arrived in Indianapolis at about 4:15 pm.  I quickly checked into the hotel and then went to the expo to pick up my packet.  The drive there was beautiful.  There were trees with leaves in various colors everywhere. There were some hills and you know we are not BFFs.

I am glad I decided to drive because I don’t know how I would have gotten to the expo to pick up my packet.  I could have picked it up on Saturday morning but I had purchased a shuttle ticket to take me to the race.  But how was I supposed to get my shuttle ticket if it was in my race packet?

Even though I had a shuttle ticket, I decided to drive to the race.  Luckily I did because it was cold in the morning so I waited in my car till about 8am (the race began at 8:30).  I made my way over and got in line to the bathroom with hundreds of other people.  I tried convincing myself that I did not need to go but it did not work.  Finally I went and made my way to the starting line.  I decided to run with a pace group that was running the full marathon.  We would be running together till 12.5 miles then we would split.

I stayed with the group till the first water stop at about 2.5 miles.  I stopped to get water.  They didn’t. We got separated and then I lost them.  Oh well.

The course was just BEAUTIFUL!!!  I took short breaks here and there.  I had a jacket on but took it off around mile 4 because I got warm but then put it back on because I got cold.  I ran with it on the rest of the way.  The volunteers were wonderful!  There was plenty of water and gatorade stations. However, no one was giving energy gels.  I look forward to those.  Good thing I packed three in my belt but ended up needing only two of them.




The last three miles were challenging.  These hills really kill me.  As soon as I saw the split area between the full and half marathon, I tried kicking it up a notch but just couldn’t.  I was tired and sore.  I did not care about my time but just wanted to finish.

Finally I saw the finish line and just sprinted.  Finish time is 2:33.32.

I was pleased with my time considering that I did a half the week before.  Two half marathons in two weekends kicked my butt.  I am in awe of people that can run back to back half marathons in a weekend.  Kim at (Just) Trying is for Little Girls is AMAZING!  Read her back to back half marathon recaps here.

Next race is the Lady Speed Stick Women’s Half Marathon in Arizona.  That reminds me, I still need to register.  

Injinji socks

Thanks to a post by Run with Jess, I found out about a great deal for Injinji Toesocks.  For the month of October, these socks are 50% off plus free shipping.  This offer is only for the pink socks.  I love pink and bought two pairs for $6 each.

It took a little time to make sure each toe went in the correct spot.  Once that was done I was set.  My first run was 4 miles followed by another 4 miles with the other pair.  The socks felt comfortable and there were no blisters after each run.  I still need to test them during a longer run.

These socks are available in both mini-crew and micro.  If you want to purchase a pair or pairs, click here.  Since I like them so much, I bought three more pairs.

Injinji socks

Baltimore Running Festival Half Marathon

Done, Half marathon #8.

On Friday I flew out to Baltimore to run another half marathon.  I was kind of iffy about it because I knew there were going to be hills.  Ugh, I dislike them very much.  Oh well, can’t always run a flat course just like in Chicago.

My flight got in at noon and my friend picked me up.  However, my luggage did not make it on the plane so the next flight out from Chicago would not arrive around 1:30.  No problem.  I filled out a report and was told that if I went back to pick up my luggage, Southwest would give me a $50 voucher.  Sweet.

My friend and I went to the expo.  As usual I bought stuff that I did not need.  I bought two shirts and another iFitness belt.  Well, what I really wanted was the one that holds the bib.  I already have a belt with two pouches but I thought it was a different belt for the bib holder.  Later on I found out all I needed were the two cords to hold the bib.  Sigh.  Do you need an iFitness belt?  If so, please contact me.

The day of the race it was cold in the morning.  The half marathon began at 9:45 which gave us plenty of time to get on the light rail, use the bathroom, and get some rest before the race.  I had a short sleeve on along with a long sleeve.  By the time the race began, it was kind of warm so I took it off and tied it around my waist.  I did not have a finish time goal.  All I wanted was to finish in time to get something to eat, shower, and be ready for a shuttle pick up at 1:40 to head back to the airport.


The course took us through some nice areas of Baltimore.  I ran close to John Hopkins and immediately thought of Henrietta Lacks.  If you get a chance, read her book “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks”.  One of my favorite parts of the course was running around Lake Montebello which was about 1 mile long and flat.  The race began and was immediately welcomed by hills.  I started off too fast with the rest of the runners.  When will I learn NOT to do that?  I walked through most of the hills.  I made a mental note to train for hills.  The nice thing is that whenever there are hills, there are always downhills.

Around mile 11 I had to run up a bridge.  Seriously?  Why are there hills/inclines towards the end of a race?  As I mentioned before, when there is a hill there is also a downhill.  I just wanted to be done with this race.  I looked at my watched and realized that I could still finish it in less than 2:30.

Mile 12 was another favorite part of mine.  There were so many people out there.  I swear that whole mile was filled with people.  It was great to see that towards the end of race.  I felt energized and motivated to keep on running.

My official finish time is 2:28:45.  I am very pleased with my time.  One day I will do a sub-2.

I did not like the area around the finish line.  I know.  So many people.  What did I expect?  As soon as I crossed the finish line, I could not move forward because there were so many people in front of me. The holdup?  Volunteers were handing out those heat sheets.  People please move.  I have an hour to shower and eat before my shuttle pick up.

Baltimore Running Festival Half Marathon

Next race is Indiana on Saturday, October 20th.  Overall, this was a great half marathon.  Despite the hills, I did like the course and was pleased with the weather and my finish time.