Weekly Run Down: Happy Holidays and a great time

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What a great week this has been!  I slept in almost every day and did something different with my sisters and mom or just with my mom.  She is staying with us for these two weeks.  She keeps asking when she is going back home.  I guess she is tired of staying with us?  🙂

Monday morning I ran 3 easy miles and then my sisters, niece, and nephew came over.  My mother and sister made “picaditas” for breakfast.  They’re small tortillas with a pinched-up rim around the edges.  Then my aunt and uncle came over.  We ate, talked, ate again, and talked some more.

No running on Tuesday but my mother made Mole.  She had the paste and I thought she was only going to mix it with chicken broth but I was wrong.  She added additional spices and let me tell you that it was worth it because it was DELICIOUS.

And this is why I don’t put a tree up for Christmas.

I did get a good picture with my babies.

Happy Holidays 2019-1.jpg

I was so happy to see my coach schedule a run for Wednesday because it was a beautiful day outside.  I ran 4 miles and wore shorts and my new Brooks Revel 3 shoes.  Then we went to my cousin’s house to eat (again) and hang out together.  Another great time!  

No running on Thursday but we went out for lunch with my sisters, niece, and nephew.  We ate at “Mi Tierra” and their food is delicious.  It is one of the few restaurants that serves good Mexican food (in my opinion).  Then we went to get some dessert.

On Friday I ran 2 miles.  I should have run on Thursday because I was cold on Friday morning.  Plus for some reason I struggles running 2 miles.  Must have been all of the food I’ve been eating.  🙂

I was planning to go to WaterFall Glen on Saturday morning but woke up late so I ran by my house.  I needed to be back in time to shower, get ready, and eat something before heading out to the movies.  We saw “Jumanji”.  It was really good and funny too.

As you can see, this week was full of eating good food and spending a lot of time with family.  Being with family is definitely THE BEST.  I did all of my runs and 2 Peloton workouts.  Oh and thanks to Facebook for the reminder from 8 years ago.  Yes, we did find her house.  🙂

Facebook reminder-1.jpg

I hope you had a great week!  What are your plans for the New Year?  We haven’t decided yet but most likely we’ll stay home and go to bed early.  🙂

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Random Thoughts Thursday 104

Random Thoughts Thursday

• Another Smudge meme.  Haha, they’re all so funny.

Smudge Meme-2.jpg

• This is so me.  I also don’t have pictures of kids to show you but I have plenty of Lola and Mateo.  🙂

Friends having babies meme.jpg

• Anyone play this game?  If you don’t, make sure to get it.  I bought mine on Amazon.  You can play with the chips that come with the game, but we like to use money.  We use quarters and have also played with dollars.

LCR Game-1.jpg

 • Another “crazy” weather day here.  Beautiful and gorgeous day yesterday in Chicago.  Now if only the rest of Winter were like that too.

Chicago Weather-10

• Please ask me why I don’t have a big Christmas tree.  🙂

Tuesday Topics: My goals for 2020

How is it that it is almost the end of December and the end of this decade?!  Honestly, how did 10 years go by so fast?  Or did it go that fast?  I have no idea what I was doing December 31, 2009 but I do know I wrote my first blog post a year later on January 2, 2011.  🙂

This week’s Tuesday Topic: What are your goals for 2020?  You can write about this topic or feel free to post any running related blog post.  Remember to Link-up with Kim and Zenaida!  Visit at least two of the other linked posts – the more the merrier!  Remember to come back for later linkers!

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I have a new coach and am excited to be working with him.  I love the personalized plan and the constant communication with Dan.  We have a weekly call on Monday at 5pm in which we discuss my upcoming runs, concerns, and anything else I want to talk about.

When I signed up with Dan I told him my goals.  I think there were too many.  One can dream, right?  🙂  Well, I didn’t say I wanted to achieve them in 2020 but sometime in the future.  Now that I’ve had a chance to think about it some more, I want to focus on a few of them.  I am also including some personal ones.  Ready to find out?

⇒ Be injury free.  Please go away plantar fasciitis.

⇒ PR in the following distances: 5k, 4 miles, 8k, 10k, 10 miles, and 13.1.

⇒ Get a sub 2 half marathon.

⇒ Run a marathon.  I am hoping either the MCM in October or the NYC in November.

⇒ Buy a house.  

⇒ Travel to Mexico.  It’s been years since I’ve been there and really hope I can make it next year.

⇒ Run a couple more half marathons in new states.  I am registered for GA and KS but still need HI, NM, ID, ND, SD, SC, and WY.  

⇒ Be more patience at work and at home.  

⇒ Do more fun things with friends.  I realized that I always use the same excuse “I am too tired” with them and don’t do enough fun things with them.

⇒ Find joy in everything that is possible.  Life is short to not find joy in it.  


My mother will be making mole today.  My sister and nephew are coming over and it should be fun.  One of my cousins invited us over to her house on Christmas Day so that will be fun too.  Happy Holidays to everyone!  Enjoy this special time with loved ones!!

Tuesday Topics

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Weekly Run Down: Fun activities with the kids and Winter Break

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Not much running this week and I am OK with it.  Did I want to run more?  Yep.  But I have been sleeping well that I haven’t been able to wake up in the morning.  Then a few days I came home and took a nap too.  So weird.  I am on Winter Break so now I don’t have to wake up THAT early so definitely no excuse not to do all of my runs.

On Monday the school administration made a delicious breakfast for us.  I went back for seconds!  🙂

Appreciation Breakfast-1.jpg

Later on we made ornaments with the kids.  I made one with a picture of Lola and Mateo.  The kids were excited to make one for their parents.

I did get out to run in the evening.  It wasn’t cold but it was slippery.  You can see the ice on the sidewalk.  Luckily it was 3 miles and I took it nice and slow.

Ice on sidewalk.jpg

Tuesday was “Whoville hair” and it was fun to see teaches and students participate.  My coworker had a former student’s mom come in and do our hair (there are 5 second grade teachers).  In her words “I want to win.”  She was one of the winners.  The winners had the students go to the gym on Friday to watch a movie.  We thought that everyone in the grade level had to participate in order to win (we thought for sure we would win).  We then found out it was only individual teachers.  I went back and forth with the principal but nothing was done about it.  I was pissed!  I ignored her the rest of the week.  Well, not just because of that.  Other things had been going on and that just did it for me.

My hair is very thin and straight so it was hard to do something Whoville related.  I ended up with a present!  I went running with my hair like that and it was a mistake.  It was windy and I got very cold.  Even my head hurt from the cold!

This was after my run and after I removed the rubber bands and bobby pins.  Check out those pretty waves!  Anyone know of a good curling iron I can get to get waves like that?

Wednesday was another fun activity with all of the 2nd grade teachers.  We use HERO to reward students that are respectful, responsible, and safe as well as give negative points to those that are not respectful, responsible, nor safe.  We held a different activity in each room and students had to pick one.  I had the board games room.  At one point there were 30 students in my room.  Another teacher had a drawing/coloring room, one was the holding room for those that had too many negative points, and two teachers had a movie room.  

Not exactly a board game but my students love using the Magna tiles.

Magna tiles-1.jpg

That is how I felt Thursday morning.  

Winter Break-5.jpg

I don’t have pictures but I had my students use Tempera paint to paint whatever they wanted.  They rarely get a chance to paint and it was fun to see their pictures.  Some are very creative!

It was a long week at school but I made the best of it.  The students for sure had fun!  I did leave right at 3pm on Friday.  🙂

Winter Break-6.jpg

Winter Break-4

Saturning morning I went running at the Arboretum.  It has been months since I’ve run there.  I am planning to either go there or to Waterfall Glen every Saturday for some hill training.  My next race is in Atlanta and I’ve heard that the course is hilly.  I was supposed to run 8 miles but I’ve missed so many of my runs this week so I did four.  Yeah, that was enough for me.

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Random Thoughts Thursday 103

Random Thoughts Thursday

• Anyone like to color?  Get this from Amazon.  Isn’t it cool?

• I know my name is not common but if I have my first and last name in an email, should you know that Arroyo is NOT my first name?

Hi Arroyo.jpg

• I went to the post office and saw this.  I almost wrote a letter to send one too!

Letters to Santa mailbox.jpg

 • Cannot go to the bathroom alone.  Mateo was waiting for me outside the door.

• Just because.  🙂Winter Break-3.jpg