Chicago Spring Half Marathon & 10K Recap

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On Sunday I ran my 159th race!  I did this race mostly for fun and am glad I did it.  

The forecast mentioned rain on race day.  The weather continues to be ridiculously crazy here.  Even with that forecast, I planned to wear a singlet, shorts, and compression socks.  Not sure what I was thinking.  🙂

I signed up for the 10K but got a bib for the half marathon.

On Sunday morning it was in the mid 40s so I wore a long sleeve underneath my singlet, a jacket, and tights.

It was cold and cloudy.  The half marathon began at 7am and the 10K at 7:45.  I arrived at 7:30 am, dropped off my gear, used the port-a-potties, and got in line for the race.  Per my Garmin, I started running at 7:58 am. 

I ran by feel and paid no attention to my watch.  I would only look down when it would vibrate with my mile splits.  I wasn’t cold and was feeling pretty good.

For the most part I was consistent with my pace.  I HAVE no idea how I ran mile 5 that fast.  At least it is fast for me.

Chicago Spring 10K-6

The 10K started on Columbus Drive next to Maggie Daley Park.  We ran there for a little bit and then ran along the lakefront path.  I found the path to be crowded since there were the 10K runners heading back along with the half marathoners.  

Chicago Spring 10K-14

When I was done, I got my medal and then went to get my gear.  I got there just in time because after a few minutes there were a lot more people waiting in line.  I felt bad for the volunteers because they were working as fast as they could but could not keep up with all of the runners.

Post race there was a hot breakfast, Lagunitas beer, and a spring flower station.  I wanted to take part in it but I was just too cold.  I hanged around for a little bit and then went home.  But before I did that, I checked my finish time courtesy of Athlinks.  Not my best and not my worst either.  My last 10K was the Run Mag Mile in September 2017 and I finished in 1:07:09.  However, my PR is 1:04:02 from September 2010.  

Chicago Spring 10K-13

The medal is pretty cool.  It has a spinning Navy Pier ferris wheel.

Chicago Spring 10K-12

I wished the weather would have been nicer and for sure I would have stayed longer and enjoyed the post race activities.

Overall, I enjoyed the race.  I love the distance and the medal.  Many races do not offer food (only beer) and it is nice to see this offered to the race participants.

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Random Thoughts Thursday 20

Random Thoughts Thursday

I spent a few days in San Francisco and need a vacation from my vacation.  It was fun!  But with the time change and the long flight home, I was exhausted today.  Luckily tomorrow is Friday and I can relax this weekend.

• While in SF I got a parking ticket.  It wasn’t my fault.  The no parking sign for street cleaning was for 12-2pm and I got the ticket at 8:20 am.  I am so annoyed!  I am sure the police officer did it on purpose since the car had out of state plates.  Not sure if I should contest it or just pay the fine.  

SF Ticket

• I honestly do not understand Southwest.  They increased the number of points (at the LAST minute) needed when I changed a flight reservation for me and my mother.  Then I was looking for flights to Denver in October and saw that the senior fare is much higher than the wanna get away fare.  Does that really make sense to you?

SW Ticket

• I really dislike it when a company sends too many emails.  I received so many from KT Tape that I actually sent a tweet to them.  Apparently it was a technical issue.  So far I haven’t received any more emails.  Has that happened to you?

KT Tape Emails

• So far I am loving A Wrinkle in Time.  I remember reading it in 5th grade.  The movie is out and that sparked my interest in reading the book again.  I am about 3/4 done and cannot wait to see the movie.  Have you read the book and/or seen the movie?

A Wrinkle in Time.jpg

• Apparently the average adults spends 12 hours a day connected to social media.  Wow!  That is half a day.  That is A LOT.  Time to finish this post and get off my computer.

12 Hours SM

Yanny or Laurel?  I hear Laurel.

Good Morning San Francisco!

I am in San Francisco for my nephew’s graduation from the University of California in Berkeley.  There are about 14 of us here.  His parents live in Mexico and most of the family came from Mexico.  

I left Saturday morning with my mom.  I don’t always enjoy traveling to CA because of the long flight and the time difference.  I think I’ve been to CA about 6-7 times.


After getting our luggage, picking up a car, and meeting my niece and her grandmother, we make our way to our AirBnB in San Francisco.  My nephew got us a place in the Mission District where he lives and where he got another place for his parents and other family members.

Our place is nice.  It has 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, large combo of living room and kitchen.  My nephew warned me about parking and yes it is terrible here.  On street cleaning days, the cars park temporarily on the sidewalk and wait for the truck to drive by and then they park their car on the street.  Also, they are serious about composting here in California!

That evening we did a little sightseeing and then went to Lombard Street.  The view from the top is pretty cool!

The next morning I went out for a 3 mile run.  Interesting things I saw along the way.  I saw a lot of homeless people, a lady peeing on the sidewalk, and so much garbage on the sidewalk too.  The owner of the AirBnB said that this area is the hottest new area in San Francisco.  Umm, OK?

Later on we went on a Mother’s Day Cruise.  It was cold and windy but still was great to see some beautiful views of San Francisco.

Graduation was Monday afternoon.  Isn’t that a weird day for a graduation?  We took a Lyft for the 30 minutes drive to Berkeley.  We wanted to get there early to get in line to pick up the tickets and also to get good seats.  The graduation took place at The Greek Theatre.  

The past few days has been an exciting time for us.  We are proud of our nephew (first in my side of the family but his dad also has a Ph.D.).  Next graduation is his brother in June 2019 from the University of Seattle.

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Random Thoughts Thursday 19

Random Thoughts Thursday

• I am going to San Francisco on Saturday.  My nephew graduates from Berkeley with a Phd. in Economics.  I am very proud of him!  The whole family is proud.  I’ve been to San Francisco a couple of times and am excited to go again.

• I purchased an Oster Belgian Waffle Maker and made waffles this weekend.  I am disappointed with how they turned out.  I thought it would be easy to use/make but I had some trouble with it.  I’ll just stick to making pancakes.  Do you have a waffle make ?  What did I do wrong?

• This week was Teacher Appreciation Week.  I am kind of disappointed to say that only 1 student gave me a note today.  No one else said anything.  Sigh.  Oh well.  I guess I cannot expect to always get something from my kids, right?  I mean, throughout the year I do get lots of notes, cards, and pictures from them.    

Teacher Appreciation Week

• The other day I was listening to the radio and they were talking about showers.  They were asking people if they showered in the morning or at night.  Interesting topic.  One caller said he showers at night AND in the morning.  Huh?  I cannot remember what his reason was for showering at night but he said he showers in the morning because it helps him to wake up.  As for me, it depends on what I am doing.  If I run in the evening after work then for sure I shower at night.  But if not then morning shower is fine with me.  Sometimes I do shower every day (or take two showers in the day) in the summer because it is so hot and I sweat a lot.  What about you?

• Not too many exciting items to talk about this week.  Lately I’ve been really tired and am wondering if something is wrong with me.  Last Saturday I took TWO naps!  I am loving this warmer weather and the fact that I am running in shorts and a tank top.


Random Thoughts Thursday 18

Random Thoughts Thursday

• How is it May already?  I am loving it!  A few more weeks of school till summer break.  Somehow we skipped Spring and went right into Summer.  We’ve had a few very warm days.  Haha, now I will be complaining that it is too hot here.

• There is some construction in front of my house.  It started back in March and no one could park between 7am-3pm.  Not a problem for me.  I am gone before 7 and get home after 3.  Early this week there was a new sign letting us know that there is no parking before 5pm.  What?  Where the HECK am I supposed to park?  Luckily they’ll be done before I am on summer break.

No Parking

• I am going to San Francisco in a few weeks because my nephew graduates from the University of Berkeley.  I made some changes to my reservation and knew that it would “cost” me some extra points.  Not a problem.  However, I was not expecting to get a message letting me know that it would “cost” me even more points.  I then went to change my mom’s reservation and sure enough got the same message for her.  Seriously?  Things move pretty fast and fares have changed already?  TWICE?  Make up your mind.


• Any “Scandal” fans?  Not sure if I liked the ending.  Actually I was kind of disappointed with it.  I am upset about what happened to David.  I mean, really?  He was one of the nicest and good guys on the show and that was his ending?  As for Cyrus, man, could not stand him.  He is the perfect example of someone you don’t need in your life.  

I posted that last Friday I signed up to be a donor for Be The Match.  I received a call early in the week and in so many words was told that they were only taking applications for people between the ages of 18-34.  (I am older than 34).  But if I was still interested in being a donor, I could apply again and pay for the swab kit myself.  I just went online and there is a form that can be filled out to order a swab kit (I think it is free).  Kind of annoying that I have to order one when someone from Be The Match already did a cheek swab.