Weekly Run Down: Summer break but still working on some stuff

I am officially on Summer Break.  Remember that Jumpstart to Kindergarten job I applied for?  The Director called me on Monday to let me know that they will no longer move forward with the program.  The reason is because they did not have enough teachers apply.  I completely understand the reason.  Teachers are exhausted and need a break.  However, I am a little bit sad about it.  I was looking forward to continuing with my work routine and making more money this summer.  But again I completely understand the reason.

I felt good running this week.  I took one picture but all of my runs did happen!  😆

On Tuesday I had to run 5 miles but my mother had an early doctor appointment and I did not have enough time in the morning for it.  Then I dropped her off at my sister’s, came back home for a meeting, did my run, and then went to my doctor appointment.  However, I wanted to finish the work from my meeting so then there wasn’t enough time to run 5 miles.  Still 2.25 miles is pretty good!

I enjoyed my run on Saturday morning.  It was cloudy, with some wind, and in the low 70s.  I ran by feel and walked when I needed.  Pleased with how I did and almost got negative splits!

I may be on break but I made time to work on some school projects.  I also went to Target and spent way too much money there.  🤦🏻‍♀️ I have an idea of how I want to set up my room but know it will take me several days to get it done.  Remember that I was moved to a different classroom room last year.  When I went back to work in January I unpacked my boxes and set up my room but just with minimal things.  Students are expected to be back in the classroom next month and my room needs to be ready for them.  

I did a FlipBook to have ready for the first day of school and to pass out again on Open House.  It isn’t finished yet but the bulk of it is done.  I also put together a list with various links to have ready for school.

This isn’t really school related but I learned how to change the icons on my iMac to make them cuter!  

A nephew is coming in tomorrow from San Antonio and then another one will be here the following week.  He lives in Seattle but has been traveling these past few weeks (jealous!).  Right now he is in Austin then will be going to Miami before coming here.  I am excited to see them because I have not seen them in over 2 years.

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Tuesday Topics: Funniest fitness myths I’ve heard

This week’s Tuesday Topic is:  Funniest fitness myths you’ve heard.  You can write about this topic or feel free to post any running related blog post.   Feel free to post any running related blog post.  Remember to link up with Kim and Zenaida!  Visit at least two of the other linked posts – the more the merrier!  Remember to come back for later linkers!

We’ve heard them all.  Sometimes they’re good enough to convince us and other times we roll our yes.  I used to believe them but now I roll my eyes and/or laugh.  Read along to find out a few of the fitness myths that make me laugh!

🤣 Carbs are bad for you.  OK, so maybe too much might be.  My doctor once told me I was pre-diabetic and I blamed it on the carbs.  It could have been the sugar too.  However, carbs are needed in order to train and recover effectively.  I love carbs!  Remember my mashed potatoes and wine dinner?  

🤣 You cannot run if you’re sick.  It depends on the symptoms.  If the symptoms are above the neck (sneezing, runny nose, etc) then it is OK to run as long as you feel good.  However, if they’re in or below the neck (sore throat, diarrhea, body aches, chills, etc), then skip the run.  Kim and I wrote about this topic a few weeks ago.

🤣 If you are not sore after a workout then you did not work out hard enough.  During the week a few of my workouts are hard workouts.  My heart rate goes up and I hit paces that I don’t see all of the time.  Afterwards I am not sore but I do feel tired but also good! 

🤣 Running is bad for your knees.  I am sure you have heard this one many times.  My knees have hurt a few times but the doctor never told me running was bad for them.  In my case it was due to weak glutes and hips.  Clamshells, bridges, and lunges are a few exercises that he recommended I do to strengthen them.

Tuesday Topics

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Weekly Run Down: Feeling better and end of summer school

Hello there!  I hope everyone is doing well.  I am back running (well I never really stopped) and will continue since I got the OK from my doctor.  He also runs so he understands me.  🙂

I began feeling better on Monday.  I ran/walked with minimal pain.  The rest of the week I kept the runs easy and “slow” for about 20-30 minutes.  On Thursday I ran with no pain.  I was very happy!  My appointment was the next day and I debated on whether I should still go.  What convinced me to go is that it was too late to cancel my appointment.  My copayment is $30 and if I cancelled with less than 24 hours then I would incur a $25 fee.  Might as well go and I am so glad I did!! 

My doctor diagnosed me with strain of medial head of gastrocnemius and tibialis posterior and mild plantar fasciitis.  He sent me a few YouTube videos of exercises/stretches to do.  I also need to do calf stretches with hands against the wall every day and use Bengay/Icy Hot/Biofreeze on area of discomfort.  Finally, he said to use the foam roller to roll out my calf and the bottom of my foot.  I am glad it is nothing more serious!

I know July 4th is a special day but it is even more special day for my family.  On that day in 1978 my mom, sister, and brother emigrated from Mexico (my father was already living here).  Once in Chicago I remember being in a car and seeing the Sears Tower.  I think I also remember being on Lake Shore Drive.  I will always be grateful for my parents for bringing us to this country to have better opportunities.  And we did!!

Saw this on my run last week.  Cute!

I am done with Summer School.  How did the time go by fast?  I applied for another job (Jumpstart to Kindergarten) which starts July 26th but don’t know if I’ve been hired or not.  Regardless, I turned on my Out of Office and will not respond to emails till August 23rd (the first day of school).  I know I will still check my email and might respond to a few.  I signed up for a few PD sessions to get ready for the new school.  

One of the things I did to get ready for next year is I purchased a fun email signature.  I could not decide which one to keep so I ended up with both.  The girl that designed it for me and did not charge me extra.  She also told me that if any of the information changes (name, school, title, etc) that she will make the changes free of charge.

This week my students did some fun art projects.  They need a lot of practice to cut, color, and glue pieces of paper.  They still had fun!  For sure I will do these with my new students next year.

Excited to know what my coach will have me do this week!

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Tuesday Topics: My 2021 mid year review

Hello there and Happy Tuesday!  I took a week off from blogging.  I think this is the first time I miss all 3 linkups (Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday).  My mind went blank for Tuesday and Friday’s linkups and then on Sunday I started to write my post but then was busy with my niece who is visiting from Mexico, so no post from me.  But here I am and hopefully will not miss many more linkups.

This week’s Tuesday Topic is a FREE topic.  Feel free to post any running related blog post.  Remember to link up with Kim and Zenaida!  Visit at least two of the other linked posts – the more the merrier!  Remember to come back for later linkers!

How is it that we are already in July?  These past 6 months have gone by fast.  So many words to describe it along with many emotions to go with it.  Regardless, it was a good 6 months.  Let me tell you all about it.

Mileage:  Total is 503.03 miles. My goal to run this year is 1,200 miles.  I had a feeling I was not going to meet my goal and was thinking of changing it to 1000 miles.  However, I told myself that if by June 30th I’ve run at least 600, then I would leave it.  Someone told me that my mileage could increase during the Summer.  Well, time to change that goal.

Highest Mileage Month:  118.12 in June.  May was the 2nd highest with 111.79 miles.

Peloton: In November I paused my membership and renewed it in February.  I don’t know exactly how many classes I took since February, but I have reached a few milestones.

I was actually surprised that I made it to 5K minutes.  At the rate I am going then for sure I will get to 10K by then end of the year.

Current Challenge:  My running streak.  Today is day #312.  

Current Shoes:  Since January 1 I’ve run in the Launch 5 and Brooks Levitate 1.  

2021 Running Goal:  My new goal is to run 1,000 miles.  I am at 50 percent done with it with 503.03 miles.

Pain/aches/injury:  All was going well.  I had my usual aches/soreness but nothing painful.  On Friday during my run (I realize it was already July) I had some pain on my lower left leg.  I ran/walked the rest of the way home.  I knew I was in trouble.  Once home I made an appointment with a sports doctor for Friday.   I know better than to check Google but I did anyway.  Looks like it could be achilles tendonitis but I’ll know for sure on Friday.  I did a short run/walk (20 minutes) on Saturday and it wasn’t painful.  I did the same on Sunday and Monday (30 minutes) with hardly any pain.  I plan to continue doing this till Friday but might increase the time to 45 minutes.  

What am I looking forward to the next 6 months?  To run all of the miles!  Haha, JK.  Hopefully I get good news on Friday and can continue running.  I will be happy with at least running/walking.  Getting out in the morning is good for me.  I need it.

I also want to continue my run streak.  The stubborn runner in me does not want to stop.  I am so close to one year.  It will be one year in August.  Will I continue after?  Who knows?  I would like to train for a half marathon or maybe a marathon.  Also, I would like to incorporate cross training and strength classes to my schedule.  We’ll see.

Tuesday Topics

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Weekly Run Down: Rain, humidity, and a haircut

This week I had 5 days of easy runs and 2 speed workout days.  On Tuesday I ran 3 miles and then 4-1 minute intervals.   All negative splits!  Then on Thursday it was the same workout but with 4 miles and 4-1 minute intervals.  Almost negative splits again but faster times!

On Saturday I ran 7 miles in the rain.  It wasn’t that bad because it wasn’t raining the entire time but it was humid.  I was soaking wet when I got home but overall felt good on my run.

I was about to head out with my mother to get a haircut when my phone went off with a weather alert.  There was another tornado watch.  This time it was much closer to where I live.  My sister, mother, and I watched the news and put together a basket with basic necessities in case we had to take refuge in the basement.  We didn’t.  It stopped raining and it was sunny again.  My mother and I ate lunch and then went to get a haircut.  The last time I got one was in December and it felt good to get another one.  Mateo wasn’t too excited with what was happening.

I wished I had taken a picture before my haircut.  It could be the humidity or age but sometimes my hair isn’t all straight.  

I mentioned in Friday’s post (still catching up on reading everyone’s post) that now that I have students in the classroom, I can see how much schooling they lost last year.  Most of my students are 1st graders going to 2nd grade and they are struggling in reading, math, and writing.  Next year I feel like we will spend a few months reviewing that with them.  As of now I have 20 students in my roster and that number could change.  Let’s hope I don’t have 28 again!

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