Oh man, I struggled today.  I could not get up at 6 this morning.  I did want to get to school by 7 so I hurried to get ready and out of the house.  I made it by around 7:05am.  There was just so much to do that I still was not ready by 8:40 when the kids came in.  I am trying to cut down on drinking coffee (well more like stopping every morning at Dunkin Donuts for a coffee) that I decided to take my own.  I took one of those iced coffee from Costco.  It is actually pretty good but definitely did not have enough caffeine.   I felt it by 10 am.  I struggled the rest of the day.  At one point I asked my students to sit down and rest for 10 minutes.  Actually, it was an excuse for me to sit down and take a break.  Did I mention that I was tired?  The rest of the day went pretty quickly and I was out of the school by 3:10 pm.  I did not want to stay any longer since I wanted to go to the gym.

Fast forward 30 minutes later and I was at the gym.  It felt good to be there considering that I had not been there in 2 weeks.  I am sure the treadmill missed me.  I struggled to run 4 miles but stuck through it and made it.  Planning to be there again tomorrow.  I got a late start training for the SunTrust National Marathon taking place on March 26.  That is OK though.  It is not like I am starting from the beginning.  This will be my 4th marathon so I have a pretty good idea of what to do and feel that I have a pretty good foundation for my training.  At least I hope so!

 Send some motivation this way!  I definitely need it.

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