I have signed up to do a marathon in March and decided not to do all of my training on a treadmill.  So yesterday I head out to run around the airport.  I live close to Midway Airport in Chicago and each loop is about 4 miles.  I knew it was cold so I had three layers of clothing.  Apparently it is not enough because I was still cold.  I made it once and kept on to run another loop.  I did have to stop a few times because it was windy.  It order to feel better I told myself that at least it was better than running along the lakefront because I’m sure it was even more windy.  I met my goal and ran 8 miles.  Will I do it again?  Absolutely!!!  I am looking forward to it next Saturday.

I have Spring Break March 28-April 1 which is the week before the SunTrust National Marathon.  My plan is to fly out to DC on Friday morning, run the marathon on Saturday and stay there for a few days.  I just LOVE DC!!!  I swear that in a previous life I lived there.  Anyway, my nephew lives there so I plan to spend time with him and then head out to Philadelphia and Boston.  Three trips in one week and I am excited about it.

Next week we start with ISEL testing at our school.  These are standardized (yuk) tests given to elementary school students to test them on reading, letter recognition, spelling, and letter sounds.  As any teacher knows it is time consuming and I don’t really like it.  However, I do like to see the progress made by my students and see how they advance throughout the year.

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  1. Good for you for getting out there and running! I did it today and man, running in the cold and wind and snow is TOUGH!! Not sure how many times I will be doing that this winter!! 🙂

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