That is the name of my cat.  She has been with me for almost 15 years.  She makes me laugh and smile.  I talk to her everyday and call her “Beautiful” because she is beautiful.  Lately she has not been feeling good.  She does not eat.  I took her to the vet and found out she has cancer.  I did not take it well.  Cancer?  But how?  Cats are like humans in that they can get every disease, infection, etc that humans get.  I am very sad about it.  She makes me smile and that is why I am writing about her here.  I don’t know how much longer she will be around but I just want her close to me as possible.

Below is a photo.  So cute!!!


I did not make it to the Athletico today because of the weather.  Holy macaroni!!!!  We got so much snow yesterday and today.  School was canceled today and tomorrow.  Ugh, that means we will be done by June 17th.  Below is a photo taken last night.


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  1. ugh i know this weather is crazy right?! i live in the chi-town area as well and it's just a mad house out there- at least for me, a student now and not a teacher anymore, i'm enjoying my snow day ha. good luck and hopefully you're staying warm!

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