Yay!  A great race today but the weather was OK.  It was not cold nor hot but it was a little bit windy.  My goal was to beat 32:03 and I am so happy to say that I finished the race in 31:19.  Yep!  Not only did I do better than last year but I set a new PR.  I am beaming!!  Let’s hope I can repeat it tomorrow in a half marathon.  The time to beat is 2:20.  I remember from last year that the course was FLAT.  For real.  It was a really nice course with enough room to pass the walkers.  🙂

I told myself that from now on I will begin a race as close as possible to the start line.  Don’t get me wrong.  I am not really fast that deserves to be right at the front.  However, I am much faster than the walkers.  I am in no way trying to put the walkers beneath me but I am just saying that they are slower and most of them take up the running path and are in my way.  We know what the running etiquette is “If you are going to walk, move over to the right”.  Also, walkers should be BEHIND the runners.  Anyway, I spent the first few minutes passing up the walkers and weaving my way through the path and stopped when I finally caught up with a group that was running at a decent pace. 

Around halfway through the race there was a water station and not only was there water but there was also beer!  Yeah!  I got a cup of better and the volunteer so kindly reminded me that it was beer and not water.  Still I gladly took it from him.  It tasted so good.  I don’t LOVE beer but I can drink it once in a while.  Plus, it was so cold so it hit the spot at the right moment.

I hope tomorrow goes well.  Looking forward to it.

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