Run 3.14 Pie Race

Today I ran for pie.  What an awesome race!!!  The race began at 8:30 am and luckily a friend called me a little after 7 or else I probably would have missed it.

I arrived at the race site a little after 8 and was happy to see that we had access to a high school which meant a warm area to wait and real bathrooms.  I dropped off my bag, went to the bathroom, and then waited in the gym for a little bit.  A few minutes later I made my way outside.  I LOVE, LOVE hearing the National Anthem!!!  I do not get tired of it.

We ran through the streets of La Grange.  Great course!  No inclines which made me happy.  I did stop a few times because I was running too fast.  🙁  I need to learn to pace myself.   As soon as I saw the finish line I ran as fast as I could.  I passed several people which made me smile.  I accidentally pressed the “start/stop” button on my Garmin before mile 2 so I don’t know my official finish time.

I was one of the first 500 runners to register so I got a free pie.  Since I did not win a medal I was happy with it.  Yummy!  Next year I will just have to run FASTER!

Run 3.14 Pie Race

Look what was outside?  Poor turkeys.



Of course I had to get pictures with them.


This year was the first time this race was held and I thought it went very well.  However, the only thing I question is how the finish time will be determined because they was no chip on the bib.  As I crossed the finish line I gave a volunteer a perforated piece of the bib with my number in it.  I was told that the volunteers were supposed to keep them in order for finish time purposes.  Huh????  Another volunteer told me that a scanner would scan my number at the finish line to determine finish time.  Well, regardless I hope I find out soon.  😀

Happy Thanksgiving!!!  Enjoy this special day.

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  1. Yeah, girl, that's the old school way of racing! That means they didn't have money for chip bibs. 🙂 Those turkeys are cute in a weird kind of way and that pic of you is toooo cute!

  2. They still time it officially, but the process is manual. There is a margin of error by up to 5 seconds, I have found, but sometimes it's worth it because those races are a lot of fun. The 3.24 Pie theme is super cute. I love it. Congrats on a great race!

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