At one point I owned three different pairs of gym shoes – Brooks Pure Cadence, Green Silence, and Ravenna 2.  I ran in the Pure Cadence from mid November to end of March. I felt fine running in the treadmill but experienced some pain running outside.  The hard concrete, flat feet and a somewhat developed bunion in my right foot is not a good combination. I need more support.

I returned the Green Silence.  I bought them on sale from Running Warehouse.  The company was nice enough to accept them back even though it was past the 60 day return deadline.

I ran once in the Ravenna 2 and knew they were not a right fit.  They felt too tight in the front.  It was weird because I tried them at the Chicago Marathon expo and they felt fine.  Is it possible my feet grew or they got more flat?  I went to Fleet Feet and they were nice enough to exchange them for me.  They no longer carried the Ravenna 2 so I tried the 3. Oh. My. Goodness.  The shoes felt so good.  I tried a size 10 but they felt kind of big so I tried the 9.5.  Much better.  I went home with the same size but in a different style.  I love the color! Brooks Ravenna 3 ROCKS!!

After a two week recovery, I ran 4 miles today in my new shoes.  It felt good to run.  I meant to run last week during my Spring Break but I just did not feel like it so I didn’t.  Every morning I told myself to get up and run.  Nope.  Did not happen.  Something snapped today.  I realized I had a race in two weeks and then one almost every weekend till possibly October.  Yikes!  Better start moving if I want to do well in each race.  Overachiever?  Ambitious?  Maybe, but it is driving me to get out there and run!

Run Happy!

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  1. I have heard so many great things about the new Ravennas. Can you believe I haven't tried them yet? That's especially crazy considering how much I love the Ravenna 1s and 2s. Looking forward to reading about your future training, racing, and traveling. Summer is on its way!

  2. Hi! I love my new Ravennas! I've looked at your blog and was jealous on the Chicago Ultra! Congrats!!!! Would you mind sharing the Lakefront 10 coupon code? i didn't renew my cara membership for a few reasons, but i guess my friends at Lincoln Square Fleet feet dont have the code! 🙁 Thanks and all the luck to you!!! keep running! …and teaching….! 🙂

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