For the past three weekends I’ve had a race on Saturday and Sunday.  I know, crazy me.  Too many races and not enough time in between to rest.  My results are proof.  I’ve done these races last year and my finish times this year are not any better.   So frustrating!!  I have no one to blame but myself.  However, I did place 2nd place my age group in one of the races. I’ve listed the races below first listing the finish time from last year then this year.

Wrigley Start Early 10K-1:06:16; 1:05:19, CARA Lakefront 10 Miler-1:49; 1:49:43, Alivio y Salud 5K-29:48; 30:38, Run to Remember-31:14; 30:17, Palos Heights Half Marathon– 2:26:16, 2:28:03, Y-Me Race At Your Pace-30:59; 29:52.

On Saturday I ran the Chicago Spring Half MarathonLast year I registered for the half marathon but then changed to the 10K.  So glad I did because it was cold and windy.  I should have changed it to the 10K this year too.  The race was along the lakefront and I knew it was going to be flat.  However, I did not pay too much attention to the weather.  Ugh!  Big mistake!  I arrived downtown at  about 6:30 am.  The half marathon began at 7 and the 10K at 7:30.  I used the bathroom, dropped off my bag, and used the bathroom again.  I use the bathroom a few times before a race.  I get nervous EVERY SINGLE TIME.

I was off to a good start.  Weather was great and no wind.  Mile 1 came quicker than I expected.  I looked at my watch and noticed that it was only .80 of a mile.  After each mile I looked at my watch and it was still off by .20 of a mile.  Oh well.  Just keep on running.  The turnaround point was a little before mile 7.  When I saw the mile marker, my watch showed 7.05.  OK.  Much better.  By then it was windy, cold, and raining.  I did not prepare for the rain.  I was wearing shorts and a semi-cotton shirt.  I am a big fan of Champions shirt and bought a shirt that was supposed to wick moisture.  Umm, I guess it is not the same thing as rain.  I was soaking wet.  I was cold too.  I knew I was not going to finish the race.

I saw an ambulance a little before mile 8 and asked the driver if he was heading over to the finish line.  Not yet is what I was told.  I got in the van and was given a blanket and heating pad to warm up.  Also, one of the workers gave me a plastic blue gown to wear.  I was close to a major street and thought that I could get a cab to get my car and go home.  Why bother running?  I was so cold and could not run anymore.  I realized that I had no cash nor a credit card.  I was so mad at myself because I usually run with one or both of them.  This time nothing!  I had no choice but to walk.  I saw mile marker 8 and realized I still had 5 more miles to go.  That is more than an hour.

Runners passed me up.  I was angry because I had not prepared for the rain; no jacket and was I wearing the wrong shirt?  I was even more angry because I had no cash nor a credit card for emergencies.  I had an emergency and I couldn’t do anything about it.  I had no choice but to keep on walking.  The rain stopped but I was still cold.  There were no other runners.  I was definitely the last one.  I realized that I’d better hurry up because I had left my bag at the gear check and I did not want to lose it.  Around mile 11 I alternated between walking and running.  I caught up with two runners from the race.

Finally I arrived at the finish line but did not cross it.  I had thrown away my bib because the plan was to not finish the race.  I was wrong.  I managed to finish it whether I wanted to or not.  I have no official finish time but I know it was about 3 hours after I started the race.  That was my first “DNF”.  I picked up my bag and went home.  Oh well, I guess runners have at least one horrible race.  I learned to ALWAYS, ALWAYS from now on run with cash and a credit card.  No buts.  I never want to go through that again.

Run Happy!

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  1. That sounds MISERABLE!!!!! You said you haven't improved, but there were a few of those races that this year DID have a better time. You've been at this long enough to know that the weather, stress level, EVERYTHING plays into part of performance. You've improved a ton, but maybe just need to rest up so that you can shine. YOU STILL ROCK!

Thank you for your comment!