1.  I have 7 days left of school (last day is Tuesday, June 5).  Well, maybe 6 since we are going to the Museum of Science and Industry the day before our last day.  I am so excited!  This has been my most difficult year with my students.  I’ve had so many problems with them.  I am hoping that next year is better.

2.  Once school is done I will be doing a Ragnar Relay from Wisconsin to Chicago.  I am excited and nervous too.  This will be the first one I do and have no idea what to expect.  I’ve met with one of the team’s captains and she explained a few things for me.  There is another meeting in June to meet the rest of the team and discuss final details.  I need to review my packing list and make sure I have everything.

3.  In mid June I will hike at Yosemite Mountains.  I purchased a 3 day camping adventure from San Francisco.  It will be definitely be an exciting adventure.  I hope I can keep up with the walking since this trip will be a few days after the relay race.  If I get too tired I can always head back to the tent for a nap.  🙂

Run Happy!

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  1. Reading about others' relay adventures makes me want to get in on the action. Also, jealous of your trip to Yosemite. I went camping there last summer and it was amazing. Sadly, we had to cut our trip a day short because we got rained out and our tents weren't as waterproof as they should have been.

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