This summer I began the “journey” to run a race in each state.  Well, I didn’t exactly begin but more like decided to actually do it.  I searched various races and put them in my calendar (I already had a few under my belt).  One of them was the ZOOMA Women’s Race in Florida.  I registered at a discounted race.  Yay!!  I like saving money!

Fast forward 3 months later and now I cannot race this race.  🙁  Just like most races, I cannot get a refund.  However, I can transfer my bib.  That makes me happy.  Interested in my bib?  Registration now is $105 but of course I will not sell it to you for that price.  Please contact me and we can work out the details as well as the price.

These races are being held in various states across the country.  Just recently the race was in Wisconsin.  I’ve read some great reviews about it from Run with Jess and Skinny Runner.

Hope to hear from you!

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