I cannot believe there are two months left in the year.  It is going by so fast!!

This month I ran 58.81 miles compared to 57.25 last month.  Very slow month.  Need to work on motivation.

I ran two races in October:  Baltimore Running Festival Half Marathon and the Indianapolis Half Marathon. They were back to back on two weekends and kicked my butt.  Despite the hills, they were great and beautiful courses.

Upcoming races in November include.
11/3      Carrera de los Muertos 5K
11/10    Chicago’s Perfect 10K
11/18    Magic City Half Marathon, Birmingham, AL
11/22    Rotary Run 3/14 Pie

I’ve been busy planning the various half marathons I plan to run next year.  It is not an easy task.  I need to check flights (preferably Southwest since Midway Airport is about 5 minute from my house) and hotels.  So far I’ve purchased a ticket for the races in Washington, DC and Nashville.

I was planning to have surgery in November but I’ve postponed it.  Because of the surgery I was going to stop running after the race in Birmingham.  Now that it is postponed, no need to stop.  Now to look for other races in December, January, and February.  Any suggestions?

I have a bib to the Zooma Florida Half Marathon in January that I need to transfer.  If interested, let me know.

Run Happy!!

Thank you for your comment!