Yesterday I ran a fun race.  Fun because it is close to where I live,  I LOVE seeing the participants dress up, and I get to see and run with my favorite running buddies.



It was weird that no one sang/played the National Anthem.  Maybe because it was only a 5K?  Mental note:  Pay more attention to it at the smaller races.I was tired that morning.  I went out to dinner the day before and got home around midnight.  I woke up at 6am (but did not want to get up) to get ready.  I had some stomach trouble and made sure I was OK before leaving for the race. I arrived a little before 7 and waited in my car till about 7:30 to meet up with my friends.

The race started and I took off.  I was not aiming for a PR but just to have fun.  I was cold at the beginning but then quickly warmed up.  As usual, I started off too fast.

Mile 1-8:06 – I was shocked when I saw this!!!
Mile 2-10:27 – Stopped to get some water and catch my breath.
Mile 3-10:19 – Walked a little bit.

Garmin official time for 3.25 is 31:10.  That’s a 9:35 pace!  🙂

Run Happy!

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