Yes, I “signed” up.  I have pledged to run 1 mile every day from Thanksgiving to New Years Day.  Today was day #7 and I was at the gym at 5:20 am.  I ran one mile and cooled down for .20 of a mile.  Why didn’t I run after work like I normally do?  I had a meeting after school till 4:20 and then met a friend at 5 to grade papers.

Tomorrow is a 6 mile run, 3 easy and 3 at short tempo pace based on the book “Run Less Run Faster”.   I got my book on Saturday and spent Sunday working on my plan.  The ideal plan for a half marathon is 16 weeks.  I don’t have 16 weeks.  My first half marathon next year is in Mississippi on January 5th followed by Rock ‘n’ Roll  1/2 Marathon in Arizona in the 20th.  Let’s see how I do.  🙂

Run Happy!

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