I’ve been reading several blogs and have been motivated by runners posting their goals and resolutions.  I gave it some thought and decided to make a list for me (running and non-running related).

1. Finish all of the races I sign up for
I am on a mission to run a race in all 50 states.  To date I’ve done 10 counting 2 full marathons in CT and LA.  In the past I’ve signed up for races (such as 5Ks) and then for whatever reason decided not to run in them.  This year I am determined to run each single one (unless injured).

2. Run a sub 2 half marathon
I’ve ran 28 half marathons with finish times ranging from 2:53:10 (worst time) to 2:20:00 (best time).  This year I will train smarter with three runs each week (speed, tempo, and long run) with two days of cross training so I am positive I will achieve this goal.

3. Run more than 1,000 miles
This year will be the third time aiming for this goal.  Ugh, this has to be the year right?  No more excuses!

4. Do more foam rolling and cross training  
I don’t like the roller because it hurts.  However, I’ve had some IT band issues so I know the benefits of the roller.  Did I mention that it hurts?  Many people write about how bored they get running on the treadmill.  I guess I am used to it because I don’t mind it.  However, I do get bored on the elliptical and bike.  Oh my goodness!!  I would like to cross train at least 2 times a week.

5. Be more patient with my students
I am a first grade teacher with 24 students.  Enough said.

6. Keep traveling
I love traveling!  I’ve been to several states and countries.  My latest adventure took me to Mexico, Ecuador, and Peru!  I am looking forward to this year because I will be traveling to various states to run a half marathon.  Plus, in April I will be in Riviera Maya during Spring Break for a wedding.

7. Eat more vegetables
I don’t like them very much.  I am aware I need to eat them every single day.  Does it count if I drink a Green Monster Smoothie every day?

8. Have breakfast/lunch/dinner with a friend each month
I love going out to eat with friends.  It gives me a chance to talk to adults (see number 5) instead of kids.  I want to meet up with friends that I don’t see on a regular basis.  Thanks to Facebook and Twitter, I know what is going on with them but I like the face to face interaction.  I love seeing the smiles and hearing the laughters!  

Just Keep Running!

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  1. Goal #8 made me smile. I live far away from most of my friends, so last year my goal was to send a letter or call a friend each month (if I couldn't visit in person). :)Also… I think Green Monster counts! 😉

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